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Màirnealachd ann am Faclan bhon t-Sluagh

Màirnealachd ann am Faclan bhon t-Sluagh

Posted by Calum on 6th June, 2024
“What’s the weather forecast?” That’s the most common question on everyone’s mind every dayt. There hasn’t been people or a culture on earth that hasn’t been dependent on the changing weather, good or bad. However, to those that are accustomed to keeping an eye out for the changing weather “màirnealachd” has been recorded from them. It means a knoweldge of weather changes. To the Gaels “màirnealachd”, or “suraladh”, has been very important and still remains just as true and important today. Much “màirnealachd” has been recorded in “Fieldwork” – even though I know that were are just scratching the  surface with the amount of “màirnealachd” that can be found – and we shall inspect some in this blog.
Good weather  
Bad weather  
For those who hate to be “Ris an fhrois” I would advise you to heed the following:
Showery weather Windy weather
  • Casan cainnbe – If the rays pointed away from the sun then this presaged rain.)
  • Tarraing air a’ mhuir” – Roaring of the sea with a white foamy surface.
  • Tha a’ chraobh aice” – Cloud formation like a tree seen in the southern sky in the early morning (strong South wind with rain).
Stormy weather  
Changable weather  
I hope that you won’t be “ur meabaineachadh,” “air ludradh fhaighinn,” “air ur lamaisteachadh,” “nur slip-slap” or “bog bàthte” with the weather uptil now. I hope that you found this blog informative and and that you will be prepared for the weather to come this year now. Keep an eye out on the weather and keep an eye out for new posts on facebooktwitter and our website.
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