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Fuaimean agus Gairmean Chon

Fuaimean agus Gairmean Chon

Posted by Calum on 25th April, 2024
You will remember a blog that I made for Pangur Bán, and cat people of course, but, as you can see, it’s been a long time since I made a blog for the dog people. Dogs were, are, and will be forever important to the culture and folklore of the Gaels and this is clear with the sheer amount of words and sounds and dog calls. I have went through “Faclan bhon t-Sluagh” and other books to find words for usual dog sounds. I used the following books:

Faclan is Abairtean à Ros an Iar (Words and Phrases from Wester Ross), by Roy Wentworth (RanI);
The Gaelic of Islay: A Comparitive Study, le Seumas Grannd (GI);
Gàidhlig Dhùthaich Mhic Aoidh by Seumas Grannd (GDMA);
Edward Dwelly's Online Gaelic Dictionary (Facl).
  1. A’ Comhartaich (RanI; GI – Lewis, Skye, Badenoch)
  2. A’ deileann (Facl)
  3. A’ Gleobhsdaich (RanI) – loud
  4. Mothart (Facl)
  5. A’ tabhann (GI - Islay)
  6. A’ sgeamhann (GI - Badenoch)
Blabhdadh (Bòrnais, Uibhist a Deas); bladadh (UaD); Blabhdadh bladadh (UaD); Mileathairt (Ùig, Leòdhas) – Sharp or sudden bark of a dog.

  1. Ag acáin (RanI)
  2. A’ cneadail/cneadail air – lowing in a groaning way) (RanI)
  3. A’ grùmhan ri (RanI)
  4. A’ gnùsadaich/a’ leigeil gnùsadaich às (RanI)
  5. Ag oicheanach (GDMA)
  1. A’ dranndan (GDMA)
  2. A’ dreanndail (Horgabost, Na Hearadh)
  3. A’ durghail (Breacais, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach)
  4. A’ durraghan aig (Facl)
  5. Gorrchdáil air  (RanI)
  6. A’ gnùsdaich (Caolas, Tiriodh)
  7. A’ grùmhan ri (RanI)
Glamhadh – A snap, followed by a growl.

  1. A’ Gnòsadaich (Baile Sear, Uibhist a Tuath)
  2. A’ gnùsadaich (RanI)
Cnead (RaI) - A grunt.
  1. A’ donnalaich (RanI)
  2. A’ dunalaich (Barabhas, Leòdhas)
  3. Ag ialltáil (RanI)
  4. A’ tuireál/tuireál air (RanI)
  5. Ag uallán/ri uallán (RanI)
Blaodh (RanI); Sgal (Srath Glas); Sgalaille (Srath Glas); Ulutraich (An t-Eilean Sgitheanach) – Howling.

  1. Ag eumaich
  2. A’ geumnaich (Port Sgioba, Ìle)
  3. A’ geumraich (Breacais, An t-Eilean Sgitheanach)
  1. A’ Blabhdail (Facl)
  2. A’ cur greann air [fhèin] (RanI)
  3. A’ grùmhan (RanI)
  4. A’ dranndail (Facl)
  5. A’ dranndan (GDMA)
Glamhadh; Sgeimheadh – Lunge followed by snarling.
Adjectives: Blabhdach (Facl); Brangach (Facl).

  1. A’ dunalaich (An Tòb, Na Hearadh)
  1. A’ miolarán/miolgharán (RanI)
  2. A’ giùmhgaíl/ (RanI)
  3. Sgealbhadaich (RanI)
  4. A’ tuireál/tuireál air – loud (RanI)
  5. Ag iorrám – whine loudly (RanI)
  6. A’ meangail
Gnùthan – Low whining or humming.

  1. A’ tabhunn (RanI)
Ghib-ghoib – Yip-yap
There were have it. I hope you don’t feel “dogged” from this blog, that it wasn’t too “ruff”, or that you you didn’t mind me “yapping”on... (oh dear...) Do you recognise any of the words above? Do you have any of your own? Let us know on facebooktwitter and our own website!
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