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Mìosachan nan Gàidheal: Am Foghar (Pàirt 1)

Mìosachan nan Gàidheal: Am Foghar (Pàirt 1)

Posted by Calum on 1st August, 2021
The Summer is over and Autumn is upon us, starting with the first month of Autumn: August, We shall have a look at holy days, fayres and changes of weather that starts this month.
Yn-chied-vee jeh’n ouyr/An Lùnastal
01/08 – Lùnastal (Foghair)/Laa Luanys/Lughnasadh/Lammas.

This is a special day, it is as special and particular as Saint Peter’s Day (Midsummer) and Halloween. This day is the start of the harvest in Ireland, Scotland and Man. It was named after Lugh, an old Celtic god.

This is a quarter-day of the year this day and there is an abundance of practices to celebrate on this day. For dispelling evil from the house and from cattle tar was put on the tail and ears of the cattle, an incantation would be had to the udders and a piece of blue and red thread was fastened to the tail. Cream and butter were prepared for a ròic and a feast in the day.

They have many interesting practices in Man: One goes up the mountain South Barrule and people used to in the ninteenth century have a sermon there. People go up on this day in these days. People visit the “Chibberyn” (wells) and springs for their healing and health properties. In this day and age people go to these wells, especially “Chibbyr Vaaghal” (“St Maughold Well”).

The first Sunday of the month is celebrated with the name “Dòmhnach Chroim Duibhe” (“Black Crom’s Sunday.”) This story is connected with St Patrick and Crom Dubh, an old Celtic God.

“Latha Lùnstail caillidh [a’] chreithleag an leth-shùil.” (The gadfly loses one of its eyes on Lammas Day”) is said on this day.

02/08 – St Lonan’s Day.

This day is celebrated in Man only. This day was held close to “Kirk Lonan” a mile north of Groudie. The day is not celebrated anymore since centuries ago.

12/08 – Là Fosgladh an t-Sealg ["The Open Day for Hunting"]. This is the first day of the season for hunting.

"Là biathaidh a' Bhannaich" and "Là cuileagach" are said to be around this time of year sometime where the barley is ripening and the midgies are said to be very fierce around this time!

15/08 – Féill Moire (Mòr)/Là Meadhon an Fhogharaidh/Laa’l Moirrey Toshee (Mary’s Chief/First Feast day)/Là Fhèill Moire/Là Fhèill Àrdachadh Moire [Our Lady’s Day of Assumption](this year)

This day is much bigger than Candlemas in Spring, therefore this is “Fèill Moire Mhòr” (“Mary’s Big Feast Day”). Everyone will be busy with the harvest. The phrase “An Fhèill Moire Mhòr as t-Fhogharadh, sguab is ceangal ’s daoin’ às an lèintean. (“Big Mary’s Feast in harvest, sheaf and binding and men with their coats off”) is the idiom said. A fayre is kept in Man called “Laa’l Moirrey Toshee” on this day.

24/08 - Laa’l Parlane. (St Bartholomew’s Day). This day is celebrated in Man only.

We shall continue next month with the second month of Autumn, September. Do you know the days above? Do you have any stories about the practices above? Let us know on facebooktwitter and our own website!
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