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Mios Crochadh nan Cliabh/ Mios Marbh

Mios Crochadh nan Cliabh/ Mios Marbh

Posted by Shona on Thursday 5th February 2015

This week, we are looking at two Gaelic names for the month of February: Mios Crochadh nan cliabh and Mios Marbh.

According to the entry in the DASG Fieldwork archive, Mios Crochadh nan cliabh was used as little or no work was done in February due to the severity of the weather conditions. (Crochadh nan cliabh meaning hanging up the baskets/creels).

The phrase Mios Marbh is referred to in Carmina Gadelica by Alexander Carmichael (1900), which also mentions St Bride (St Bride’s Day occurs on the first of February):

“Bride is said to preside over the different seasons of the year and to bestow their functions upon them according to their respective needs. Some call January ’am mios marbh,’ the dead month, some December, while some apply the terms, ’na tri miosa marbh,’ the three dead months, ’an raithe marbh,’ the dead quarter, and ’raithe marbh na bliadhna,’ the dead quarter of the year, to the winter months when nature is asleep.” (Vol 1, p172.)

These two phrases were both collected in Eochar, South Uist in 1987-88.

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