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Eòlas air Euslaint Dhaoine: Pàirt 6 (Seuntan an aghaidh Tinneasan Dhaoine a bharrachd)

Eòlas air Euslaint Dhaoine: Pàirt 6 (Seuntan an aghaidh Tinneasan Dhaoine a bharrachd)

Posted by Calum on 19th May, 2022
We are back with more charms against human illnesses (I know, just what you were wanting to read, morning or afternoon, but here were are)! We shall have a look at some more charms, spells and incantations to fight against illnesses. The spells and charms were found in an article written by Mr A. MacBain in the Transactions of the Gaelic Society of Inverness, XVII.

Casg-Uisge [Strangury]
"Triùir a thachair orm a' tighinn às an Ròimh,
Peadar agus Pòl ...
'S e bu dùsgadh dhoibh 's iad nan codal suain.
Dh'iarr Moire mhìn a's aon Iosa Crìosda
Stad a chur le fhuil 's ruith chuir le fhual;
'S e 'thighinn gu mìn
Gun trioblaid gun strìth,
Mar uisge le gleann
["Three met me coming from Rome
Peter and Paul ...
What awakened them as they slept soundly.
Meek Mary for the sake of Jesus Christ
Desired that a stop should be put to his blood,
And that his urine should run;
So that it would pass smoothly
Without trouble or distress,
As water down a glen."]

At cìch [Swelling of Breast]
There is a set of instructions for this charm: "Find a stone about the size of your fist; it must be almost buried in the ground in its natural state. Take it out about sunrise, and rub it to the pap or udder; replace it carefully, and do the same at sunset. In the act of rubbing, repeat the following...":
"An ainm an Athar, a' Mhic 's an Spiorad Naomh!
Suathadh làimh Chrìosd air cìoch Mhuire, an Òigh,
Ghrad thagh an t-at,
Mar sin gun traoghadh a' chlach seo thusa!
["In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!
The rubbing of Christ's hand on the Virgin Mary's breast;
Quickly allayed the swelling;
Similarly may this stone abate the swelling for thee!"]

An Ruaidhe [Redness]
"Tha eòlas agam air an Ruaidhe,
Gur ann air buaidh 's air bliochd,
A chuir Moir' a tonnaibh a cinn,
'S a chuir Brìghde a roinn a fuilt:
'Chrìosda, faicibh sibhse 'chìoch sin air at:
Gu ma slàn a' chìoch 's guma crìon an t-at;
Trian an-diugh 's trian a-màireach,
'S uile gu lèir an-earar
["I possess a charm for the Redness,
It is for produce and milk,
Which Mary took from the crown of her head
And Bridget from the shedding of her hair.
Oh! Christ, see ye that breast swollen:
May the breast be healed and the swelling dissappear;
One-third today; one-third tomorrow;
And the remainder the day after."]

Foinneachan [Warts]
"Olla bhìdh gum beannaicheadh, Air a h-uile gin de na foinneachan."
["Oil of food, may thou bless, Each one of the worts."]

Dathagan [Worms]
Tha an t-eòlas seo ri lorg ann an "Beauties of Gaelic Poetry":
"Mharbhainn dubhag, 's mharbhainn doirbheag,
Is naoi naoinear dhe an seòrsa;
's fiolar crìon nan casan lìonmhor,
Bu mhòr pianadh air feadh feòla...
["I would kill a black one, and I would kill a bad one,
And nine nine ones of their sort;
And the little nescock of numerous legs,
That causes great pain mid the flesh..."]

That is us this week with more charms against illnesses. I hope you are not suffering with any illnesses of the sort above and that you are all well and healthy. Do you know any of the “eòlasan” or charms above? Do you know of any other ones? Let us know on facebooktwitter and our website!
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