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Current Team

Roibeard Ò Maolalaigh

Professor Roibeard Ò Maolalaigh

Rob(by) is originally from Dublin where he studied as an undergraduate and postgraduate at University College Dublin. He graduated with a PhD in Celtic Studies from the University of Edinburgh. He has worked at University College Dublin, the University of Edinburgh and the School of Celtic Studies, Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, where he was Assistant Professor. He has worked as Professor of Gaelic at the University of Glasgow since January 2005 and was appointed to the established Chair of Gaelic in April 2010. He set up the project Digital Archive of Scottish Gaelic in 2006 and Corpas na Gàidhlig in 2008. Other digital projects in which he has been involved include Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature and People of Medieval Scotland 1093–1314. Visit his page here.

  • Stephen Barrett

    Stephen Barrett
    Research Systems Developer

    Stevie is responsible for creating and maintaining DASG's web applications. He has 18 years experience as a developer and has created sites and systems for a wide range of organisations including The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Glasgow Housing Authority, and Deutsche Bank.

  • Niall Bartlett

    Niall Bartlett
    Corpus Assistant

    Niall is from Brue on the isle of Lewis. In 2011 he completed an undergraduate degree in Scottish History at Glasgow University where he returned in 2012 to pursue Masters and Doctoral research in Gaelic cultural history with particular reference to the 19th and 20th centuries. In addition to this he has spent several years working in arts marketing. He also contributes to various cultural and political broadcasts on the BBC.

  • Garry Cooke

    Garry Patrick Cooke
    Corpus Assistant

    Garry was born in Glasgow and brought up nearby in the historic town of Kirkintilloch. He studied Gaelic at the University of Glasgow and at the University of the Highlands and Islands (Sabhal Mòr Ostaig); and he has a particular interest in the grammar of the language. Before embarking on the study of Gaelic, Garry studied the languages and the cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans, also at the University of Glasgow.

  • Eilidh Cormack

    Eilidh Cormack
    Corpus Assistant

    Eilidh was brought up in Portree on the Isle of Skye, in a family of Gaelic speakers. In 2018 she graduated with an MA in Gaelic and History at the University of Glasgow, and joined DASG soon after. A singer herself, she has a great interest in Gaelic songs and the history behind them.

  • Euan Dickson

    Euan Dickson
    Corpus Assistant

    Euan Dickson was raised in Fife. He learned Gaelic at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and at the University of Edinburgh where he graduated in 2017 with an MA in Celtic Studies. He is greatly interested in the development and usage of minority languages, particularly amongst new speakers of Gaelic. He started at DASG this year where he is working as a corpus assistant.

  • Ali Forbes

    Ali Forbes
    Corpus Assistant

    Ali grew up on a farm in Farr, Strathnairn and went through Gaelic medium education in Inverness before graduating from the University of Glasgow in Gaelic in 2013. He then spent four years working for two different Christian charities before returning to the university to work.

  • Kate Langhorne

    Kate Langhorne
    Corpus Assistant

    Kate is from Baldernock, to the north of Glasgow. She learned Gaelic at Aberdeen University. After graduating in 2012, she did the Diploma in Gaelic Media, at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, and since then has been working for Radio nan Gàidheal and BBC Alba. She also produced her own radio programme, which was broadcast on Radio nan Gàidheal in summer 2014. It was called ‘Justice for the Left-hand.’ Kate is involved in promoting Gaelic language and song through various community heritage projects across the country. She began work with DASG in December, 2014.

  • Abi Lightbody

    Abi Lightbody
    Senior Audio Archive and Corpus Assistant

    Abi Lightbody is from Fintry, near Stirling. She learnt Gaelic at the University of Glasgow and graduated in 2014 with an MA in the department of Celtic and Gaelic. She started working at DASG in September 2014 and started an audio archive in 2015, which will be available in due course.

  • Tòmas MacAilpein

    Dr Tòmas MacAilpein
    Research Assistant

    Tòmas was brought up in Renfrewshire and the Black Isle. He studied Gaelic at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig, and then carried out postgraduate research in History at the University of Glasgow. He started at DASG in December 2016 where he is working on digitising the periodical, Gairm.

  • Mark McConville

    Dr Mark McConville
    Researcher / Project Manager

    Mark’s role in the DASG project involves advising the team on technical and linguistic issues. He completed his PhD in Informatics at the University of Edinburgh in 2006 and worked as the Soillse Research Fellow at Glasgow University from 2010 to 2015. He is currently building a new kind of dictionary for Gaelic: Lexicopia.

  • Fraser McRobert

    Fraser McRobert
    Corpus Assistant

    Fraser is from Kilmarnock, Ayrshire. He started learning Gaelic at the University of Glasgow, where he graduated with an MA in French and Celtic studies in 2017. After graduating, he moved to the Isle of Skye where he studied at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig. Fraser has a particular interest in the Gaelic diaspora and the use of the language internationally.

  • Calum Ross

    Calum Ross
    Corpus Assistant

    Calum hails from the south of Aberdeen where he was born and raised. He was a student at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig where he received a degree with honours in Gaelic and Traditional Music in 2017. Calum’s main interest is based in Gaelic dialects and their unique features. He often attends traditional music sessions in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

  • Caitlin Russell

    Caitlin Russell
    Corpus Assistant

    Caitlin hails from Ayr, a town just south of Glasgow. She learnt Gaelic at The University of Glasgow where she did a degree in Gaelic and Celtic Studies. As well as that, she completed An Cùrsa Comais, a year-long course, at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig in 2014 as part of her degree. She has just returned from a year spent working and travelling around Australia and South East Asia and has begun working at DASG this year as a corpus assistant.

  • Katie Seal

    Katie Seal
    Corpus Assistant

    Although originally from England, Katie studied towards a joint Gaelic and French MA at the University of Aberdeen. After graduating in 2014 she came to Glasgow and worked part time whilst building up her own business, Sealy MacWheely. Katie is looking forward to helping the team at DASG as a corpus assistant.

  • Anndra Wiseman

    Dr Anndra Wiseman
    Research Assistant

    Hailing from Fort William, Lochaber, Andrew is a graduate of the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. He has published many articles on various aspects of Gaelic cultural history. With a great interest in the digital humanities, he has previously worked on the Calum Maclean and Carmichael Watson projects, and is now currently working at DASG.

  • Eleanor Wood

    Eleanor Wood
    Corpus Assistant

    Originally from Dundee, Eleanor learned Gaelic at the University of Aberdeen and at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and has been working in the Gaelic world since she graduated, working for Sabhal Mòr Ostaig and Comann nam Pàrant, among others. She enjoys translating and is currently on a part-time MSc course in the subject. She joined the DASG team in November 2017, where she is working as a corpus assistant.

Past Staff

  • Shelagh Campbell
  • Andrew Dunn
  • Wojtek Dziejma
  • Kerr Gibb
  • Dr Aonghas MacCoinnich
  • Ian MacDonald
  • Alana MacInnes
  • Ruaraidh MacIntyre
  • Calum MacLeod
  • Linda MacLeod
  • James MacParland
  • Shona Masson
  • Cailean Masterson
  • Susanna Naismith
  • Rosaidh Phillips
  • Ealasaid Pyper
  • Mairead Roberts
  • Daibhidh Robinson
  • Olga Szczesnowicz
  • Edit Wenelius
  • Dr Alasdair Whyte