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ròmhan, ròmhanaich

ròmhan, ròmhanaich

Posted by Abi on 23rd March 2017
Last week Kate discussed goats and today I’m keeping with the animal theme. In Dwelly’s dictionary the work ròmhan means ‘groan; wild talk, raving, rigmarole.’ In DASG’s Faclan bhon t-Sluagh, however, it can also mean a roar.

Quotation: Leig e ròmhan as. Notes: “ròmhanaich” used of the roaring of a bull. Above used of a man.

The word ròmhanaich was also gathered in Inverness-shire in 1969 for ‘the roaring of stags.’

There are many words in our database for ròmhan or ròmhanaich. The word langanaich was collected in Bayhead, North Uist, in 1980 with the meaning of ‘the bellowing of deer. The word bùireil was used in Carloway, Isle of Lewis, for bellowing, such as that of a bull. Sometimes, however, it was also used for someone crying, such as a child. A good word was collected for bellowing in Port Wemyss, Islay – nuallanaich.

Are there any words from your own area for ròmhan or ròmhanaich? We would be very happy to hear from you. We have pages on Facebook and Twitter but you can also leave your comments below our blogs
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