Gairm was a Gaelic periodical that ran from 1952 to 2002, edited by Professor Derick S. Thomson. In total, 200 issues were printed, with more than 6,000 articles. This index allows you to search for article references. In due course we expect to have full-text digitised versions of each article.

DASG gratefully acknowledges the help of Jamie Gaukroger at Am Baile in assessing the scale of this project.

Gairm Online

DASG aims to put all issues of Gairm (1952–2002) online, including both images and transcribed texts enabling search by word, contributor, subject etc.

Free and accessible, this will allow readers and researchers to fully access the most important periodical in Gaelic literature.

In order to complete this, Gairm’s issues will be added online gradually over time. A considerable amount of work is still required to complete the full text transcription and we are continually working on our systems.




We would like to sincerely thank the Gaelic Books Council for their help and support; and the family of Derick S. Thomson (Ruaraidh MacThòmais), Gairm’s editor, for giving their blessing to this project.

We gratefully ackowledge the following inviduals/organisations: Carcanet Press for permission to reproduce selected poems by Sorley MacLean – Sorley MacLean: Collected Poems (2017), edited by Christopher Whyte and Emma Dymock, is available to purchase here; Fiona MacKenzie and the National Trust for Scotland for permission to reproduce the work of John Lorne Campbell; Donald E. Meek for permission to reproduce his own writings as well as the writings of the Rev. Dr Thomas Murchison (An Dr Urr. Tòmas MacCalmain) – Os Cionn Gleadhraich nan Sràidean: Sgrìobhaidhean Thòmais MhicCalmain (2010), deas. le Dòmhnall E. Meek, is availablity to purchase here.


We aim to contact as many of the contributors to Gairm as we can in order to obtain permission to keep their work online here.

Where this hasn’t been possible, we will follow a ‘take down’ policy – i.e. the periodical’s content will remain online but we will take down any article or other contribution if requested.

We strongly wish, however, that the periodical will be as complete as possible so that it can be accessed by anyone. Gairm Online is a non-profit, educational project.

If you contributed to Gairm in any way – or if you know a member of your family contributed – please let us know that you are happy for this work to be accessed online here.

If you can give us any other information about contributors or the content of the periodical, we would be interested to include this in our metadata so that others can read it.



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