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Title Fieldworker Contributors Year Location Keywords
A Discussion on Fishing Angus Martin Alexander Black b. 1893, Mrs Jess Campbell b. 1892, Hugh Macfarlane b. 1885, Caroline Martin b. 1904 1977 and 1978 Campbeltown conversation
Fishing Terminology from Tarbert Angus Martin Hugh MacFarlane b. 1884 1978 Kingsway, Tarbert conversation
Stories and Songs from Jim Charles MacNeil AJ Smith Jim Charles MacNeil Unknown Unknown conversation story song
Jim Charlie reminiscing about Barra Ancestry AJ Smith Jim Charlie MacNeil 1971 Cape Breton conversation
Angus and J. H. Gillis Telling Stories and Reminiscing AJ Smith J. H. Gillis 1971 Port Hood, Cape Breton conversation story song
Mr MacDonald, Mrs Maclean, Jim R. Morrison and Joe Gillis AJ Smith Michael MacDonald, Mrs Margaret MacLean, Joe Gillis, Jim R. Morrison (continuation of Cèilidh at Mrs MacLean’s House) 1971 Boisdale, Canada song
Ceilidh at Mrs MacLean's house in Cape Breton AJ Smith Mrs Margaret Maclean, Joe Gillis, Sadie MacIntyre, Mrs MacDonald, Mrs Angus MacKenzie, John Alex MacKenzie, Michael MacDonald. 1971 Cape Breton, Canada song conversation
Cloth-making, Shellfish and Baking Terms Unidentified Female Marion Montgomery & Mary Ross, both of Geòcrab, Harris 1962 Harris, Geòcrab conversation
Gaelic Terminology Duncan MacQuarrie Anonymous male informant 1969 Strontian, North Argyll conversation
Miss Day and Sister Beaton at the home of Mr and Mrs Angus R MacDonald Miss Day and Sister Beaton Mr Angus R. MacDonald (1884 - 1973) and Mrs Angus R. MacDonald 1969 New Waterford story song conversation
Conversation with William MacKay AJ Smith William MacKay 1969 Armadale, Sutherland conversation