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About Calum MacNeil

Calum MacNeil, or Calum Dhòmhnaill Eòis a’ Phost, was born in 1935 in Eoligarry, Barra, before leaving the island as a teenager to find work all over the world, though always with other Gaels. Calum has spent time in many different countries, from Panama to Australia, from New Zealand to Canada, where he eventually settled. He had plenty fun along the way, but we’ll let him tell you these stories in his own words!

Calum and Zachary Wallace were put in touch in 2016 by Oighrig Keogh (Oighrig nighean Aonghais 'ic Nèill a' Ghàrraidh) of the Toronto Gaelic Society, who suggested Zachary visit Calum, and so, Zachary took off to Calum’s home with some friends in tow to Selkirk, Ontario, to speak to him about his life.

We are very fortunate that Zachary and Calum were willing to give their videos a home here at DASG so that it may be shared with the world, and so that you may laugh along with them!

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