Sìde / Weather

A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: is this a compilation of a few different word-lists? Was Mr O’Henley himself the informant? No information anywhere in the questionnaire.]
  • [NOTES: some notes added (most probably by K. D. MacDonald?). See below for details.]
1. General terms
1.1. Good weather
1.2. Bad weather
latha eadar dà shianweather that is between two extremes.
1.3. Temperature
muirteachcan hardly draw your breath.
1.4. Dryness, wetness
2. The sky and the weather
2.1. A clear sky by day
2.2. A clear night sky
2.3. A red sky
2.4. An overcast sky
sgleo air an adhar
2.5. Unusual appearance of the moon or the sun
2.6. The northern lights
fir chlis
Grioglachanplaids [sic] [Pleiades?].
2.7. Stars
3. Clouds
3.1. Light cloud
3.2. Cirrus cloud
3.3. Thick cloud
3.4. Rainbow
ruinne bòalso used.
4. Wind
4.1. Dead calm
4.2. Light breeze
4.3. Fresh breeze
latha fionnar
4.4. Gusts
4.5. Wind of variable direction
4.6. Strong wind
4.7. Gale
4.8. Hurricane
4.9. Rising wind
4.10. Dying wind
4.11. Winds associated with particular seasons of the year
5. Tides
5.1. Flowing
5.2. Ebbing
5.3. High tide
mullach làn àrdmoon at its height.
5.4. Low tide
5.5. Spring tide
5.6. Neap tide
5.7. Turn of the tide
6. Weather and the sea
6.1. A calm sea
6.2. A light swell
6.3. A heavy swell
6.4. A choppy sea
6.5. A stormy sea
6.6. Large waves
6.7. Breakers
6.8. Surf
6.9. Spindrift
7. Rain
7.1. Drizzle
uisge bog
7.2. Light shower
7.3. Heavy shower
7.4. Prolonged rain
latha druideach[NOTES: ‘druideach’ corrected to ‘drùiteach’.]
7.5. Driving rain
7.6. Getting soaked
bog fliuch
Dhruidh an t-uisge orm.[NOTES: ‘Dhruidh’ corrected to ‘Dhrùidh’.]
8. Mist
8.1. Light mist
8.2. Heavy mist
8.3. Sea mist
8.4. Other terms associated with mist
9. Thunder and lightning
9.1. Thunder
9.2. Lightning
peadhairthunderbolt. [NOTES: note added above – peithir.]
10. Snow and hail
10.1. Snowflakes
10.2. Sleet
10.3. Types of snow
10.4. Driving snow
cabhadh sneachda
10.5. Heavy fall
10.6. Snowdrifts
cidheachan sneachda
10.7. A few flakes floating in the wind
10.8. Snowman and rolled ball of snow
bodach sneachda
ball sneachda
10.9. Hailstones
clachan meallain
11. Frost
11.1. Hoarfrost
11.2. Hard frost
11.3. Ice
liath reothadh
11.4. Thaw
12. Signs foretelling weather
12.1. Foretelling good weather.
[còta]“An crochadh tu do chota orra [sic].” In reference to the moon. If you could hang your coat on the moon according to its shape then a good day was in prospect. If you could not then the opposite applied.
12.2 Foretelling bad weather.
13. General sayings or proverbs connected with the weather
[earrach]“Mios faoillaich, naoi latha gearran, trì latha sguabaig, suas an t-earrach.” Used to herald the beginning of spring.

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