Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Roderick MacLellan
North Uist, Tigharry
A. O’Henley
aingealtaapplied to an unpredictable beast – “beathach aingealta”.
sporadhalanmaking a noise in the house. “Sporadhalan shios ’sa chlòsaid.” [Cf. sporra thiathadh.]
luipair (-ean)a sheet of paper.
garbh ghùcagundistilled whisky.
mealtrachsubmerged roots which when dry were used for scrubbing chairs.
sporra thiathadhsame meaning as ‘sporadhalan’ above.
sliosbhaladhto make an indirect reference to something.
suaithalas [sic]to resemble someone else. “Tha suaithalas agad ris an fhear ud.”
gun tionaradhwithout cease.
cainneala morsel, fragment. “Cha do ghabh i cainneal dhe biadh.”
aicheachbacha plot of land which is being ploughed for the second year running.
tobhta thogailshebeen or unlicensed pot house.
cròic (-ean)gaps between rocks where you would find seaweed.
croidanything valuable that you might find/receive. “Nach tu a fhuair a’ chroid.”
blianachthat part of a meat carcus [sic] known as the flank. Also a phrase associated with this word: “’S blianach Nollaig gan [sic] sneachda” – a Christmas is empty without snow.
slig(e) an amadainthe spleen.
nasgthe wooden rim of a sieve.
conaltradhsomeone else’s sheep straying onto your land.
caoraich fhuadainstray sheep.
ceaba làirused in the sense of a spade.
ceab staradhan obstacle, hindrance.
laomadhtoo much fertilizer on lazy beds.
geanga gang.
màthair ghùrproud flesh.
clach ghormbluestone. Used to treat proud flesh.
stapaga drink consisting of oatmeal and cream.
teannachdsasustenance. “Greim a chumadh teannachdsa rium.”
furaradhdoing the household chores.
inniswhere sheep would graze.
cuigealin the sense of speeding. “Nach ann air a tha an cuigeal leis a’ chàr sin.”

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