Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

George MacLean
South Uist, South Boisdale
A. O’Henley
trannasgalodds and ends.
conablacha broken down person. Could be as a result of age or illness. Also self inflicted illness – “Tha mi nam chonablach an diugh as deidh deoch.”
mo chomatadhmy equivalent.
braclaigunorganised place, e.g. “Am braclaig taighe a tha seo.”
clach chlugainntonsils.
feamanadhexcessive kindness. “Bha e an sud a sior fheamanadh a mach airgiod do dhaoine eile.”
cireabthe edge.
fàrsaidheartelevision set.
caisoffence. “Feuch nach gabh thu cais.”
miunnd[See piunnd.]
lus na Fraingetansy.
cràisgeachfrizzy hair.
mapaida home-made mop made of wool and a bit of wood. Also in the sense of sticky hair – “Do ghruag na mapaid.”
cairt shleamhnaboiled and brushed onto sails with a ‘mapaid’ [q.v]. Used for weatherproofing.
fiannachmoor grass.
tusdraichrumbling noises in the distance, e.g. “Tusdraich ’s tarnainnich.”
cùil chumhaighemmed in.
geobadaichat a loss for words. Not speechless as such. Not finding sufficient words which are required.
pliùsgachlifeless. “Cho pliùsgach ’s tha i coimhead.”
iollaganrags, odds and ends.
buthta pucallapplied to a fat, useless person.
cullach duineapplied to a cumbersome, rather ignorant man.
sgreabachaffected sheep prior to the era of dipping. Skin came out in red blotches all over.
gille mìseadha mischievous young scamp. In our modern times this word would probably be used of a ‘toy boy’.

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