Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald MacGillivray
Benbecula, Muir of Aird
A. O’Henley
ròinaga hair lying on fresh meat.
drùdhadh buntatataking water off potatoes once they have cooked.
cnàmhdagpet name for a sheep.
cunntas sleamhnaina rhyme was said whilst a sharp object, usually a knife, was pointed at the eye. Apparently this removed the stye.
cailleold women were said to have this power known as the ‘caille’ by which she [sic] could control the fates of whoever she chose as victim. Should be stressed that not all women had this power although there are many husbands who would disagree with this. If something went against you, you would say that such a woman had put you under a spell: “Chuir i a’ chaille orm.”
[gum boil]Cure for gum boil – salt heated and placed in a cloth next to your cheek.
lannsadhoperate, to cut open a wound.
lion an dreaman eallaidhspider’s web used to stop bleeding.
cnotagspiteful young girl.
slammancurds which were given for stomach upsets. Had a cooling effect.
cù a’ glagadaichcontinuous barking of a dog.
sgal gàireloud laugh.
breinaina temperamental person.
farticwhen someone is put under a lot of pressure. “Thug e fartic air Seumas an oidhch’ eile.”
a’ tathachfrequenting.
sothamhapplied to a woman who has had a long courting. “Fhuair i deagh shothamh.”
streambaldifficulty. “’Se streambal a bh’ann toirt orra dhol chun a’ dannsa.”
rantair (-ean)applied to flighty, loose living young women.
sgathadaira greedy, ravenous dog who would eat anything.
duine làmhacha selfish person.
làmh fhadaa thief, pilferer. “Tha làmh fhada air.”
clachaireachd thiorram [sic]masonry without concrete being used.
a’ sgarthe gap between two adjacent furrows, i.e. where the crop grows.
talamh ganadachstubborn land which would not fall over naturally onto the adjacent furrow. Needed to be turned over with a spade.
[fàd]Tuilleadh ’sa choir de fhàd air a’ chrann – too much soil on the plough.
salacharin the literal sense of a dirty person. Also in sense of an unworthy, disgusting person.
ablacha useless person.
fùcadair (-ean)good worker(s).
fùidearachdsenseless, pointless work.
deidhreancoaxing. “Feumaidh mi bhi deidhrean riut daonnan.”
geingeadairsomeone involved in quarrying.
leanaBenbecula word for beer.
deoch esanthe juice of oats mixed with water. Refreshment.
tiubhradhsubsidy. Tiubhradh àiteachail – agricultural subsidy.
faolaidea chancer, amateur.
aolman fàsachailantiseptic ointment.
frith neimhanti toxin.
spad thinneasapoplexy.
bòrd raidhearbitration board.
alt thinneasarthritis.
lobhag (-an)bacteria.
gadag shiabuinbar of soap.
cabhailbody of a car.
a’ chomhaireachdthe opposition in Parliament.
dion làthaichmudguards.
maolan crathaidhshock absorbers.
traoghancar exhaust.
carbad suainovernight sleeper.
colbhan litreachpillar box.
an Reachdaireasfor the Parliament.

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