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Lewis and Uist
Lewis and Uist
A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: in the note introducing the word-list, A. O’Henley writes: (...) seo cuid dheth na faclan a tha air tighinn gum aire bho chionn ghoirid. Saoilidh mi gu buin a mhòr chuid dhiubh do Leòdhas ach tha feadhainn Uibheastach ann cuideachd.]
folcaa Sabbath gown, colourful and frilly.
stala strapping on the head to relieve earache.
criomancotton shirt, grey with red or navy stripes. No collar. Thought to be connected with Crimean War.
bainne lòm [?]used to cure loss of feeling in body. Not sure what this constituted. Will check?
tutadean [?]used to describe people who wore a lot of clothes.
giteaga slap.
leideaga slap.
deoch bhànoatmeal drink to quench thirst.
stiureag [sic]sore, sprained wrist.
eideagsore, sprained wrist.
glacan cleibheadhstitch in side.
uisge beatha an t-suathaidhmethylated spirits.
ùrdannew born child.
miaradansomeone with no appetite.
mileineagsomeone with no appetite.
barachused to describe temperamental person.
scud a cur nan seòlbad weather followed by flat calm conditions.
ceann snamadhtree like cloud formation, indicating bad weather to follow.
fìreag (-an)stones used to keep thatch in place.
buadhanastrapping fellow.
stolaideireachdin old thatch houses used to describe action of woman who would empty a basin on lawn etc. in front of house.
soideanacha good, honest (?) man.
coradhfirst peat taken out of peat bog.
arlasbargaining for herring ladies. Again will check to see what this constituted.
dubhchollto describe severe loss of cattle stock.
stìbhairlarge dram.
crannaga party at Halloween.
leanabh focalach [?]used of a child who would not sit still.
cùlumdust at bottom of bucket, i.e. of peats.
cneamh a ròsanbone in lower back.
caolan breoteappendicitis.
cadal cearnachcat nap.
allar [?]wine token when someone dies.
urdeanwine token at birth.
iolach sheasgcutting peat deliberately short.
geilbeannanbethers [?].
sleachaireachdloafing about; ‘sleach ... mun taigh’.

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