Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Penny Morrison
South Uist, Iochdar
A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: some notes added (most probably by K. D. MacDonald?). See below for details.]
gioslainteacha superstitious person.
balgan buarachmushrooms.
[Latha Fheill Padruig]“Latha Fheill Padruig, leth an earraich, thig an niomhair as an talamh, cha bhith mise ris an niomhair, ’s cha mhotha bhios an niomhair ruim [sic].” The reference to the serpent is unclear to me and the informant cannot shed light on its significance.
[sgarbh]“Biodh gach neach a’ toirt sgairbh a creagan dha fhein.” – let everyone fend for themselves.
cùpa tì na’d laimhhaving tea without sitting at a table, e.g. “An gabh thu tì na’d laimh.”
gàmhrana mischievous child who does not heed advice or censure.
bàs gun sgreaddeath without blemish.
Latha Naomh Steaphainnot sure of exact date but arises between Christmas and New Year.
[laogh]“’S ioma rud a tha an cois a’ laoigh nach saoill a mhàthair.” – a proverb which refers to the unpredictability of someone you might trust implicitly.
[ministear]“Nuair a bhios a’ pobull gann ni an gille càm ministear.”
[ni]“’S fhearr duine gun ni na ni gun duine.”
[comhairle]“Nuair a thig latha thig comhairle.”
taigh pobuilla church.
aran cuagacha bannock that was not properly shaped, not rounded.
[gabhail]“Fhuair e gabhail aige.” – he was well treated.
[crois]“’S fhearr suathadh ri crois na fuathal ri crois.”
[cù]“’S fhearr an cù a dh’fhalbhas na an cù a dh’fhuiricheas.” – the more versatile you are the better chance you have of survival.
[ròn]“’S leatha na ròn tònn eadar a thaigh.” – refers to the obesity which might strike someone who was eternally visiting houses. [NOTES: ‘tònn’ corrected to ‘tòn’.]
[bean taighe]“’S math a bhean taighe a bheir a nuas a rud nach eil shuas.”
snàth deargaccording to the informant red wool was needed to make a successful ‘snàthla’. For description of ‘snàthla’ see earlier notes.
eadar dà phort am beoilcorner of the mouth. [NOTES: ‘beoil’ corrected to ‘beòil’.]
comhachachadhto conquer. [NOTES: corrected to ‘cothach(ach)adh’.]
frialadhthrowing people off as in a skirmish.
talamh tolla quagmire of mud and dirt which could pull you down.
dìauluman old word which referred to strong liquer [sic] [liquor?] of any kind. Informant has a song on this. [NOTES: note added above – Di-abhlam.]
déasbhalachknowledgeable, skilful.
fuidhnoise, shouting, consternation.
[fuine]“’S fhearr fuine thana na bhi uile falamh.”
builliartaicha witch. [NOTES: a note added above – muileartach.]
cabhalaids’something that is cumbersome and difficult to operate. Actually this was in reference to my recording machine!
strùthan milleagacha rich, opulent stream. [NOTES: ‘strùthan’ corrected to ‘struthan’.]
seilaira cellar.
[aodach]“Cha be daoine an t-aodach, ’s cha be a cholunn bhreugach.” – a proverb which refers to the outward artificial appearance of someone. It is his inner personality which counts.
[bò]Tòmhseachan: “Ceithir a ruidh, ceithir air chrith, ’s dithis a’ deanamh an rathaid, ’s fear ag éigheach.” Refers to different parts of a cow – legs, teats, eyes and mouth.
muadhlanaichthe lowing sound of cattle.
tàpana small bundle, in this instance a small bundle of wool. [NOTES: corrected to ‘tapan’.]
peardachanwhen carding this was the amount of wool laid flat on the card.
lus nan laoghblack roots were boiled. Wool steeped in this to give a black colour.
ìm smiaraidhadded to the wool so that it would be easier to work with. This was done prior to carding.
gu dìlumforever. [NOTES: note added above ‘um’ in ‘dìlum’ – eann.]
feàirdeandebts. Could also be interpreted as sins.
gam iathadhsurrounding.
ag uaineachadhparticular type of humiliation as a result of intimidation by your oppressors.

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