Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D. A. MacVicar
North Uist, Grimsay
A. O’Henley
ceap mallaidhwhen turfing peat, this is the first strip of turf which is taken off. Turfing consists of two such strips along the peat bog.
poll iochdarafter about forty years or so a new peat bog can be opened on the original site of a prior bog. This is on a lower level than the original bog.
poll uachdaris the bog opened at a higher level to ‘poll iochdar’ [q.v.].
smiarach(d)rummaging about when looking for something.
smàglachan amount of seaweed which you can lift on a graip (gràpa). Could also mean an amount of hay lifted on a pitch fork used at harvest time – “Cuir smàglach neo dhà eile air a’ chairt.”
smìgleadha thin covering.
cullaidh uamhaissomething out of the ordinary.
sgiobto swipe, steal. “Bochd nach do sgiob mi e.”
cnodhanhoofs of a horse.
murrag (-an)driftwood or indeed anything that might be found on the shore. It is a tribute to the wiliness of Hebridean people that they always refer to such a find as a ‘murrag’, even when it was a crate of whisky or rum. No one elaborated on what they had found except to say that they had found a ‘murrag’.
deireadh bhuainnrefers to the custom of having a few drinks at the local inn after the harvest work had been done.
lìrigeadhto give, pass on.
lantruiginstruction, command.
liurastaprecious, valuable.
risteala type of plough used for ploughing notoriously tough land.
sliuchdnadhcutting, slicing through. Also used in ploughing context.
tuinnich (-eachadh)to settle.
fuarasgdamp, wet land.
fiadhairefallow land.
draoinichfarmers. “Chaidh mi dìreach gu na draoinich a bha a cuir [sic] an t-sìl.”
a’ sitheadhsloping land. Inclining.
priomhaina religious office. Pre-Reformation era. Prior?
firsginna strong body of soldiers.
uileasga marker used to define boundaries between fields.
ceann snaodhhead chief.
umadairperson who is appealing against a charge. Appealer.
iosantasto give judgement.
arradheavy beams of wood.
stòc cadhagachin old days these were wooden pins which were used for securing and fastening.
tàireilcontemptuously [sic]. “Fhreagair e gu tàireil.”
tuinnsea fatal blow.
fraidein days gone this was a stockade made with wooden stakes.
a’ bearradhcompeting with each other.
agiolta(ir)skilful, skilful person.
guilemanasnot losing control, your cool when at the mercy of a superior force. “Cha do chaill e a ghuileamanas.”

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