Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D. J. MacVicar
? [South Uist?]
[Glasgow], Hyndland
A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: some notes added (most probably by K. D. MacDonald?). See below for details.]
rabhaillextremity of an island. Rabhail a deas, rabhaill a tuath.
corransandspit. Caused by a tidal drift.
bealacha pass.
coilleag (-an)sand dunes.
sgorrfissure; a split in a rock. [NOTES: corrected to ‘sgor’.]
sgùrr (ù – oo)pinacle.
fodrainnfootering about.
geothaa sea cliff.
garbhlachstrewn boulders.
slugana small gulf as in the stretch of sea between Illeray and Kirkibost.
ath-chorraina ford with a sandspit on it. [NOTES: corrected to ‘àth-chorrain’.]
bearradhwhere the machair land meets the sand dunes.
raonaidha small grassy plain in front of a house where children played.
sliabhmoorland as well as meaning a slope.
gearraidhmoorland. [NOTES: corrected to ‘geàrraidh’.]
stròminlet, strome.
cachaillaidhan opening in a wall with a ‘maide cachaillaidh’ placed across the gap.
maide cachaillaidh[See cachaillaidh.]
fialochana lochs [sic] with lots of reeds, grass growing in it. [NOTES: note added above ‘fialochan’ – feurlochan.]
seasganreed grass. [NOTES: corrected to ‘seasgann’.]
glùtadeep pool.
làthachmud and sand.
boghtaa bank of peat.
camusa bay.
bearnaan opening, breach. [NOTES: corrected to ‘beàrna’.]
moraghanshells and sand. A kind of gravel but not the gravel found in quarries. This substance found on the shore.
boghaa submerged reef.
feadanunderground channel.
dìogin the sense of a sea channel. Usually found after the tide has gone out. [NOTES: corrected to ‘dìg’.]
ligea man-made canal.
druima ridge.
ciofainna little titbit. [NOTES: corrected to ‘ciofain’.]
slocana seaweed substance similar to ‘duillisg’.
annasa delicacy.
fuaragoatmeal and cream.
eabardescribes a surface that is muddy, wet. “Tha an talamh na eabar.”
drollandadepressed, unhappy.
clabantop of the skull. “Chaidh claban a chinn a chuir dheth.”
clabagan amount of money. [NOTES: note added – Fhuair e clabag.]
flagaisa layer of sand, maure [sic] [manure?], peat dust. This was left to rot and used for manure. A compost heap. Could also be used of a flirty woman.
sgùirda lapful. Women would carry things in their apron or in the lap of their dress, skirt… Since then could also be applied for a knitting bag, a bag for seed planting. Can also be applied for a satchel used to hold fish. A satchel which was strapped to the shoulders. “Làn sgùird de liapagan.” [NOTES: ‘liapagan’ corrected to ‘liabagan’.]
siutala vagabond.
seotala small compartment in a chest where valuable and sentimental objects were kept.
duall fuillta lock of hair. [NOTES: ‘duall’ corrected to ‘dual’.]
criathara sieve.
ruidealla riddle. [NOTES: corrected to ‘ruideal’.]
mogana covering on the feet. Also in the sense of a money bag.
bùthachcanvas cover put on a cow’s udder to prevent suckling. Could also be placed on a ram to prevent mating.
cotana fold for sheep.
tearbadhseparating the lambs at the end of August. Lambs would be placed in the fold (cotan [q.v.]).
sàththrust. Often used when launching a boat. “Bheir sàthadh math dhith.”
tiurrseaweed, flotsam, strand. [NOTES: corrected to ‘tiùrr’.]
cairidha wall built in the river estuary at low tide designed to capture fish at high tide. This would [sic] they remained upstream.
susaladhovercooked, shrunk. [NOTES: note added – Tha e a’ susaladh.]
Chaidh e na ghrùth ’s na mheang
deisgeannrennet. Needed this to make the milk curdle whilst still warm. Could then make ‘caise bainne blàth’.
taosghalf a cupful.
goileamloud chatter.
deisleaminfection on the fingertip. Whittle. [NOTES: corrected to ‘dèisleam’.]
roisinna flail.
slacanused by women to beat the blankets when washing them on rocks.
sguidseadhtaking the ears of the crop.
sguidseara bit of bamboo about two feet long, and used for the above process [i.e. sguidseadh].
ann an deagh riochdin good condition.
moullchaff. [NOTES: corrected to ‘moll’.]
sgeapchaff. [NOTES: corrected to ‘sgèap’.]
sùgana grass rope used for tying down corn ricks or small haystacks.
caidhea(rr?)coir yarn. From coconut hair. [NOTES: corrected to ‘caidheàr’.]
a’ cnamhanmoaning. [NOTES: corrected to ‘a’ cnàmhan’.]
crabhagbroken corn. [NOTES: corrected to ‘cràbhag’.]
gabhtan iron bar. A smithy would use this term.
goibhneachtsmithying. [NOTES: corrected to ‘goibhneachd’.]
fridheanna ripple of water.
fiodhana wooden box used to make cheese.
sliofaganother word other than ‘pleathag’.
siullachainhames for a horse.
dreallaga swing for children.
mireannachthe bit in a horse’s mouth. [NOTES: corrected to ‘mìreannach’.]
caigeanna pair of lambs. Also used for a fetter on a lamb’s legs.
sgreamhachadhfrightened. “Bha mi air mo…”
bra(th)crowd. [NOTES: note added – Thainig bràth orm. Bha an t-àite bràth le daoine.]
cairt-shleamhnalesser celandine used to bathe feet to heal broken skin. Used as a dye for wool. Also used for tanning skins, e.g. for a false face.
dùdandisease in seeds. Black in appearance.
ditheann-nan-calmanvetch. [NOTES: corrected to ‘dìthean-nan-calman’.]
seisea bench. Variation on ‘beinngidh’.
pràptecreased. [NOTES: corrected to ‘prapte’.]

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