Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Mr J. Sutherland
Skye, Bernisdale
A. O’Henley
torradankept in milk vessels to preserve ‘toradh’. Figwort?
strathbhàillidha levelling blow.
stangarranstickleback. Also in sense of a cross person.
ràthan amount of seaweed bound and towed to a port.
mir gearra money tip given to a weaver when cloth was being paid. Payment usually in kind.
marraisgeacha big, ungainly person.
leothras1/16 of a davoch.
leaca teithe teinteanskimming flat stones across water surface.
lonrac (-an) [ionrac?]a malingering person, pretending to be ill in order to dodge work.
Di luain a’ bhrealainMonday for punishing those who had acted in a delinquent fashion on Sunday. Punishment usually meted out with sole of shoe or boot.
Tha e bharr a dhoghachmeaning that someone is in a huff.
ealacarachable, skilful.
dorn buarpulling the foreleg of a dead ox out of its socket. Also a game or contest in which the shankbone was put through a hole in a bit of wood/plank. Bone pulled by competitors to see who would let go first. “A’ toirt a mach dorn buar.”
eubhunna trailing plant with blue flowers. Used for barking when oak bark was not available.
failceadh feannaigedipping head in water up to ears.
deargann doininnspot of red, indicating storm to follow.
falpanheight (mountain), paps, alps.
fal shìdebad weather.
deiseaga sheep on its backside.
tuirleana new born babe.
sraondribble of ball in shinty.
dararaicha bombardment of noise.
smàgacha toad.
cuidhbhila sheltered recess for cattle.
fàrsanexile. (W. Ross)
crumpaa bowl or bailer.
cur am fiadhachadhstarting a courtship between man and woman.
sgobadh gàillichcutting off protuberances on gums of cattle.
cromaidha stag with antlers bent back.
cra fhaoileaga black-headed gull.
fochlachtbrooklime which you find growing in ditches.
cràigisgeana stick protruding at each end of the roof. Heather ropes fixed to these to secure thatch.
geadhaexpression of regret. “Cha bu gheadha leam gun tachradh càil dha.”
cormaa drink, consisting of barley mixed with honey. Apparently a favourite with early Celts.
gaoisnea horsehair halter.
Nach b’e ’n gioball eexpression of commendation.
an iar airif it came up his back.
iaradhnon stop. “Cha deach iaradh air riamh ach ag obair.”
buille choilleag‘hail’ in shinty.
cochullana hairy outgrowth on head of grain.
clodhanslit in sheep’s ear.
buaile mhiosdainwhirligig.
brisgeinthyroid gland.
barra stràcstrake full. (W. Ross)
baoit mhnathaa foolish female.
bainne nan eachwild clover.
saigheachbitch, female dog.
ruamredface, embarrassment, shame.
bacach-cearra fish belonging to the flounder family.
bacharainns shepherd or rustic type person.
ròiseala feast.
àsradhpining. Also a sheep disease in Sutherland.
a-standown, downwards. (Sutherland)
làn dithfill of. “Làn dith do bheatha.” Surprisingly not in Dwelly.
ainbhtea heifer. (W. Ross)
àbhaichdeer. (Sutherland)
buaileam ortlet us pick teams.
breamaiceadhsudden fit of irritability or high spirits. Also breamasgal.
blà laoghana fish with spiny fins and bright colouring. Found in tropical seas. Wrasse.
biast na sgrogaiga unicorn.
bichethe pelt of the hind.
golaglittle rounded mounds on moor.

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