Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Angus MacLeod
Lewis, Back
A. O’Henley
carcairthe surface of a peat bog having been turfed.
cabhala fishing net in the shape of a deep bag. Held down by weights in the narrow part of a river.
fideachlow lying land near the shore which is covered by the tide at times. Salt marsh.
glomharlow lying land which is always wet and never dries.
meachranacha word used in the context of wood that is prone to cracking.
lighea steep decline. Rock is characterised by fertile spots and consequently is quite grassy.
pallaa shelf in a rock.
sàthaga taunt to embarrass someone.
liabhacha word used to indicate coldness of weather. “Latha liabhach fuar.”
tabhainneachoppressive, wearisome. Means the same as ‘sàraichte’. “Tha an t-eallach tabhainneach air sgàth ’s gu bheil an iris ro fhada.”
corr-fhàdthe first peat that is cut at the outside of each row. More rugged that other peats due to the crust being exposed to the elements.
coinnle-pianainvariation on ‘coinnle-blianain’, phosphorescence.
làgaraida swift current in a narrow strait or in a sea loch.
smeachanfoot rest on a peat iron.
ruathairthe spreading of a contagious disease.
cambara large rock. As applied to one of the rocks near the bottom of Tolsta Point.
innsireachdtale bearing, e.g. grassing on your mates at school.

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