Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Ewen MacMillan
South Uist, Bornish
A. O’Henley
  • [NOTES: some notes added (most probably by K. D. MacDonald?). See below for details.]
caora stiallacha sheep that was rather untidy and fast losing its wool.
blonaigbody fat. According to informant a sheep buried under snow will survive as long as it has enough body fat.
bristeadh airgidbankruptcy.
mùngaitan untidy kind of person who does not care too much about his appearance or about what people think of him. [NOTES: corrected to ‘mungait’.]
cloimhdirt gathering in horses’ hooves. This resulted in severe itching which often led to the stamping of feet, which could be heard from quite a distance. The hooves were cleaned with the substance used for sheep dipping – ‘dupadh’.
barrathis was a V shaped indentation made in machair land in winter. Boots would be tied here for the winter season. [NOTES: corrected to ‘bara’.]
plùmairthe large buoy which was at the end of the creel rope.
crosgaganstrong winds from the north east in spring and autumn.
suthailswell on the sea.
tarraing mhór air a’ lànthis refers to the tide rolling up the shore and rushing out again. The extent of the ‘tarraing’ is measured by how far the sea rolls up the shore.
stradagan de sneachdaa few snowflakes blowing in the wind.
[cow]An observation first mentioned to me by my father, R. O’Henley, was confirmed during this interview. This observation regards the appearance of a cow a few days after being serviced by a bull. If there are a few spots of blood on the cow’s tail the sex of the calf can be determined as female. However, if there is more bleeding then it can be taken that the cow has not been impregnated and needs to be serviced again.
gobachadh de fheur a’ tighinn troimhn’ talamhstubble of grass showing through.
stròn chochdtea cocked nose. [NOTES: ‘chochdte’ corrected to ‘chochte’.]
puighsa glimpse. “Chaidh mi a null a thaigh Iain ach cha robh puighs ann.” Further to previous definition this can also be applied to an immature person who has not yet seen the light. “Cha’n eil puighs aig an duine sin.” [NOTES: note added above ‘puighs’ – paidhs’.]
sneachda an cothromsnow spread evenly over a district, e.g. all of South Uist.
tàc a’ ghabhaila sailing term meaning that the crew would have to alter direction, either inward or outward according to weather conditions. [NOTES: ‘tàc’ corrected to ‘tac’.]
snaoda trail left on the water’s surface by an otter as it crosses a loch. Apart from its nose, which leaves this trail, the rest of an otter’s body is submerged. “Snaod na biast dhubh.”
bil a’ mhullainthis is the level of a cornstack/haystack prior to crowning the stack.
saighdsGaelic version of the English word ‘sides’. For the sides of a cart.
siugana pet name for a calf who was fed by bucket feed – ‘laogh pùcaid’. [NOTES: ‘pùcaid’ corrected to ‘pucaid’.]
luidainsomeone who would take anyone else’s advice.
luidaga rag. [NOTES: corrected to ‘luideag’.]
cìrein na stuaghthe foam, crest of a wave.
“Ma ’se ceol feadaireachd, foghnaidh beagan dheth.”a phrase meaning enough is enough, e.g. would be applied when mocking someone else.
fianndagmeans a scrap, morsel. Heard this in the context of cows not leaving a scrap of their feeding.
déireachdull, aggravating pain in your gums.
diu(gh)rais ri cheilea number of people whispering among themselves.
buaille mu’n gheallachhalo on the moon.
ceann dubheclipse.
geallach mhùgacha film of cloud over a moon.
GrioglachanMilky Way.
teine adhairthunderbolt.
gaoth peidhreachhurricane. [NOTES: ‘peidhreach’ corrected to ‘pei(dh)reach’.]
sìde spliucachdrizzly, snottery weather. [NOTES: ‘spliucach’ corrected to ‘spliugach’.]
cathadh làirwind driven powdery snow.
cathadh maraspindrift.
eileanan maratidal islands.
àrd bhùinnthreshold.
sòrnraised platform at a kiln.
siomana heather rope above the fire used to dry clothes or fish.
seapana quart measure equivalent of two pints? Quarter of 1 pint?
lìopaina dry measure of flour and grain.
deanna large plump of rain.
cnapa heavy cloud formation overhead.
fionnarfresh, crisp weather.
taisdamp weather.
ciurracha fine drizzle.
bog-balbhcalm weather, dead calm.
léibhidhnot totally sure of this but informant thinks this means either a soum of land or the amount of animals appropriate to pasture on amount of land.
duine eubhaiseacha large person.
leubhainna grain loft in a mill. Children not encouraged to play here in case they fell.
peursaa signal pole fixed on the highest hill in a village. Villagers gathered when it was lofted.

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