Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

  • [NOTES: a typed list with a handwritten note on the first page reading ‘List of words etc. mainly from Tiree, collected by MacGregor Whyte, the artist. [? unclear initial] Maclean’. Some corrections in black ink, which may have been added by the fieldworker himself (see below for details).]
Gaelic Words and Phrases, etc.
[balg]Tha mi’ a choir a chorran cum balg a rathaid mhoir. [NOTES: originally ‘balgarathaid’, corrected to ‘balg a rathaid’.]
dlutheadhmaking corn stacks.
gasenachdimpudence. (Lorn)
bideachachd an duileach’(perhaps biodachadh an duilias) – budding time. (Lorn)
glaodh nan corrloud shout.
motharsound of voice.
brathadairred embers of fire. (A kindler.)
Tha leom orra shishigh-minded.
tuathach lion tathabinding, as lime in structure.
clenagachcurly bunch of hair.
giragachshort hair.
Ruin iad am bith udThey made that rule.
An t-ullach na drocharachheight of misfortune.
suithewater from roof.
froignewater from wall.
tighinn fobhawater uprising.
an ratha dorchadark quarter, no moon.
glaiceainwedge or pin.
deoch reidh iadachjealousy between husband and wife.
buil bheurentire, ‘lock, stock and barrel’.
aichbhalsuffer for wrong done.
Parts of the Spinning Wheel
roththe wheel.
gochthe hub.
na h’eichwheel supports.
cirbobbin (?).
iùranthe bobbin spindle. [NOTES: the accent added.]
cròdhthe hole in the bobbin spindle. [NOTES: the accent added.]
maighdeaganthe bobbin supports.
gruagachhorizontal piece joining the feet of the maighdeagan [q.v.].
stocthe base.
cran gleusaidhthe adjusting screw in the base.
casanthe legs.
caslachanthe treadle.
claidh damh (?)the connecting rod (?).
a seisibh air a ceann totadhon her beam ends.
Gaelic Words and Phrases, etc. Contd. Page Two.
faobhairttempering steel.
balaganclothes already worn.
aiticheanclothes already worn.
falbhaiteachgad about from place to place.
fiodhrach tarsuinntimbers of ship.
blaradh an fhiodhrach tarsuinntaking rough off timbers.
deobtalk, clatter.
fuisanach, fuisanrestless, moving about.
rongais tarsalanstep of ladder.
oidhche nam banagChristmas Eve.
milleadh finea small useless man.
[goillear]Ma bha a grinn bu naireach dha fear a ghoillear. Mu’n fhear aig an robh aodan mor goilleach. [NOTES: space inserted between ‘bu’ and ‘naireach’. The word ‘dha’ added.]
[ceann]Thainig moran nach do thog ceann idir. …did not succeed.
sgeamhaltradhnoisy excitement.
amairtstiff neck after sleep.
cas mar iteagupside down.
Tha e na dhitheane.g. potatoes good and bad in patches.
ga’n gabhail thar a cheiletaking them one by one. [NOTES: originally ‘that’, corrected to ‘thar’.]
[amaladh]Tha e air amaladh air ais ’s air aghaidh. About piucaich getting mixed about in heavy weather.
a spiorachadh airas a cat coming in on a bird.
runaga smuideana comet.
goir teasheat haze over the land.
Theid do chuin ris na talabardeanKeep a man to his promise. [NOTES: originally ‘n a’, corrected to ‘na’.]
moineasachslow. [NOTES: originally ‘moineaseach’, corrected to ‘moineasach’.]

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