Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

John Cummings
lagaisQuotation: (1) lagais inneir. (2) Nach tu a rinn a’ lagais dhiot fhéin. Notes: dung-heap.
lamaiseadhNotes: severe punishment.
làmhadh[ɫɑ̃:həɣ] Notes: axe.
làmhaid[ɫɑ̃:vɛdʹ] Notes: handle of cas-chrom.
leumnach-uaineNotes: grass-hopper.
lodairNotes: ladle.
losgadhNotes: phosphorescence in the sea.
mac-làmhraisg (sic)[mɑxkɫɑ̃:ɾiʃɡʹ] Notes: monkfish.
muc-bhiorachNotes: porpoise.
muc-chreigeadhNotes: wrasse.
mula-mhàgagQuotation: sgeth na mulaichean-màgag (sic). Notes: frog-spawn.
riabhQuotation: riabh buntàta. Notes: row of potatoes.
peinig[pɛ̃ṉiɡ] Quotation: pl. [pɛṉiɡʹəṉ]. Notes: small stones used for filling in gaps between larger stones in a dry-stone wall.
sàilNotes: “heel” of cas-chrom.
sgàth-fhrasNotes: a passing shower.
sgethQuotation: sgeth na mulaichean-màgag (sic) [mũ̜ɫiçəṉmɑ̃:ɡɑɡ]. Notes: frog-spawn.
sgonnanNotes: foot-rest of cas-chrom.
sgrùbhan[sɡɾu̟:ɑ̃ṉ] Notes: corn-rick.
sgùil[sɡu̟:l] Quotation: sgùil buntàta, sgùil lion mhóir. Notes: basket made from willow wands.
simid[ʃĩmidʹ] Notes: potato masher, shaped like a baseball bat.
spagh[spɤɣ] Notes: swathe, e.g. of corn.
steàrnan[ʃtʹɑ:ʴṉɛ̃ṉ] Notes: tern. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
tarbh-nathrachNotes: dragonfly.
tobhtaQuotation: an tobhta thogarrach. Notes: removable seat.
togarrachQuotation: an tobhta thogarrach. Notes: removable seat in a boat.
toirisginn[t̪ɤɾɤʃɡʹĩnʹ] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
tòrrQuotation: tòrr buntata. Notes: potato pit.
tudan[t̪ud̪ɛ̃ṉ] Notes: makeshift corn-rick. Smaller than a sgrùbhan (q.v.) – made hurriedly because of impending bad weather.
banaisQuotation: banais-chullaich. Notes: a collection of wailing cats at night (Kilmuir).
beartQuotation: beart mhór. Notes: tackle used for lythe fishing. It consisted of a line with a rubber eel and lead weight towed after the boat.
bior-chrithNotes: iron spike, e.g. for making holes in zinc.
bioranQuotation: Bioran-Ceit[?]-Mhóir. Notes: piece of wood with wool wrapped round the end of it, dipped in oil and used as a torch.
blianQuotation: pìos blian. Notes: a bit of flank.
bodach-baicNotes: the outside peat.
boiteag[bɔtʹɑɡ] Notes: earthworm.
breacadhQuotation: breacadh a’ phuill. Notes: lining the peat-bank for skinning.
buail-an-t-òrdNotes: a beetle which makes a striking noise. (Dw. Buail a’ chnag – Balm cricket.)
buala[bu̜ɤɫə] Quotation: buala a’ chruidh. Notes: cow-stall. [NOTES: slipped under ‘buaile’.]
bùlasg[bu̟:ləsɡ] Notes: can be used for iron hoop on a barrel.
buna-bhuachailleNotes: Great Northern Diver.
buntàtaQuotation: tòrr buntàta. Notes: potato pit.
buntàtaQuotation: riabh buntàta. Notes: row of potatoes.
bùthach[bu̟:hɔx] Notes: spiked muzzle put on a calf.
cabadhQuotation: a’ cabadh a’ bhuntàta. Notes: cleaning potatoes with a hoe.
cabhanach[kɛvɛṉɑx] Notes: a small brown trout.
cabhsairNotes: paving stones outside a house.
carcairNotes: byre drain.
ceaba[cebə] Notes: cutting part of the cas-chrom.
ceanna-phullanNotes: tadpole.
ceàrd-fhiullan[cɑ:ʴd̠iu̜ɫɑ̃ṉ] Notes: a brown insect with a hard body found on dungheaps. Has a “srann”. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
ciste-mhineadhNotes: meal-chest.
ciubhrach[cu̟ɾɔx] Quotation: Tha ciubhrach uisge ann. Notes: drizzle.
claban-muilleadhQuotation: Nach tu an claban-muilleadh. Notes: used for a gossip.
clàragNotes: square stern of a boat.
cliabh-taobhaisdeach[klwft̪ɤıʃdʹɑx] Notes: half-size creel for taking fish from cairidh. (Would it not be any kind of creel?)
cnag[kṉɑ̃ɡ] Notes: thole-pin.
cnot[kṉɔ̃t̪] Notes: piece of wood put on the gunwhale to save it from the chafing of the oars.
coileach-gaoitheadhNotes: a round basket with a hole in the top for holding wool for spinning.
coile-bianan[kɤləbĩɤ̃ṉɑṉ] Notes: phosphorescence at sea.
corra-chagailt[kɔrəxɑɡılʹtʹ] Notes: coloured glow from embers among ashes.
corra-chòsagNotes: slater.
crasgag-tràghadNotes: starfish.
cromanNotes: used for hoeing and lifting potatoes.
cullachQuotation: banais-chullaich. Notes: a collection of cats wailing at night. (Kilmuir)
dearc-luachrachNotes: lizard.
deiseagNotes: crab with a velvety back.
dìobradhQuotation: Chaneil dìobradh air. Notes: used of incessant rain.
dorbh[d̪ɔɾɔv] Notes: fishing tackle. Worked up and down.
feallag[fjɑɫɑɡ] Notes: a chopping-block.
geolaNotes: [ɡʹɔɫə] rather than [ɡʹɔ:ɫə] for a boat.
glanadhQuotation: Cha dean mi glanadh dheth. Notes: I can’t make head or tail of it. (From Caol-Rónach.)
gnoigean[ɡɾɔ̃ɡʹɛ̃ṉ] Notes: hand-grip on a scythe.
gobhladair-na-lampaNotes: daddy-long-legs.
góbhlagNotes: V-shaped twigs taken from small trees. Put through roof divots to secure them.

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