Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

lìpinnNotes: miller’s share of each full [ɔ:pəɾ].
lochQuotation: loch-tàmh. Notes: a pool from which water doesn’t run.
lònNotes: a small stream.
lugaisNotes: lug-worm.
maghairQuotation: a’ maghaireadh airson liughannan. Notes: fly-fishing for lythe.
malaQuotation: a’ mhala. Notes: forehead.
meileidhean[ˈmɛ̃lɛəṉ] Notes: eyebrows.
mugach[mũ̟ɡɑx] Notes: hazy, dim.
muirsginnNotes: razorfish.
mulachagQuotation: mulachag chàis. Notes: a round of cheese.
rasgNotes: eyelash.
ràthQuotation: ràth feamainn. Notes: heap of seaweed towed after the boat.
osananNotes: term used now for oilskin leggings.
pollaireachd[poɫəɾɑxk] Quotation: Is toigh leis a bhi a’ pollaireachd. Notes: used in connection with a person who liked to muck about on the loch, fishing, but not venturing too far out.
pràiseachNotes: cast-iron.
pronnNotes: coarse meal, with husks among it.
saipleis[sɛplɛʃ] Notes: soapy water.
sgilQuotation: a’ sgileadh an t-sìl. Notes: “shelling” the grain in the mill.
sguabach-fhraoichNotes: heather brush.
sìor-uisgeNotes: drizzle.
sleamhnanNotes: sty.
smàllagNotes: bigger than cuddy, smaller than a saithean.
snaodh[sn̪w̃:ɣ] Quotation: Bha snaodh mór ann an sud. Notes: a lot of people, a throng.
staoin[st̪w̃:nʹ] Notes: shallow.
stapag-uachdairNotes: oatmeal and cream.
staranNotes: stepping stones across a burn.
sùilNotes: fireplace in kiln.
taobh-stocNotes: strap running along sides of boat as supports for the seats.
teasQuotation: coileach an teas. Notes: the glitter from rocks when the sun shines on them.
teinntean[tʹĩ:nʹɛṉ] Notes: a few peats lifted together to dry.
tinneas-maradhNotes: seasickness.
torra[t̪ɔɾə] Notes: a far-off peal of thunder.
trian-ri-trianNotes: corncrake.
tubhailtNotes: tablecloth.
tughQuotation: Bha e air a dheagh thughadh. Notes: well clad.
àrach[ɑ:ɾɑx] Quotation: Tha àrach mhath as a’ bhainne. Notes: nourishment.
àradh[ɑ:ɾɑɣ] Notes: ladder.
àtha[ɑ̃:hə] Notes: kiln.
bacNotes: strips of wood fixed on gunwhale of a boat to prevent chafing by oars.
bainneQuotation: gruth a’ bhainne mhilis. Notes: as opposed to gruth a’ bhainne ghoirt.
banabhuisleachNotes: witch.
beulQuotation: beul a’ chòmh-thràth.
bonnach-fhlùirNotes: flour scone.
botaQuotation: pl. botaichean. Notes: piece of broken land either on the moor or where the sea comes in.
bùileasg[bu̜:lʹəsɡ] Notes: pot handle, split at top and hooked.
butha[ˈbu̜ə] Notes: a flat patch of ground.
cabhanach[kɛfɛ̃ṉɔx] Notes: small brown trout.
cabhsairNotes: paved area outside a house.
ceanna-phiullan[cɛ̃ṉəfju̜ɫɑṉ] Notes: frog.
ceòQuotation: cho lag ris a’ cheò.
ciotach[cit̪ɑx] Notes: left-handed.
claimheag[kɫɛ̃:vɑɡ] Notes: small brown eel (?), also used as bait for lythe.
clàragNotes: square stern of a boat.
cnag[kɾɑ̃ɡ] Notes: tholepin.
coileachQuotation: coileach an teas. Notes: the glitter from rocks when the sun shines on them.
coileach-gaoitheadhNotes: said by them to be a mock sun, seen above the horizon. Could be seen at sunset or sunrise. Said to indicate a change of weather.
comhdach-cinn[kɔd̪ɑxc[ɤ̃ĩ]nʹ] Notes: head-gear.
cosannach[kɔsə̃n̪ɑx] Quotation: cosannach math. Notes: a good earner.
cragan-feannaigNotes: sea urchin.
cuallachQuotation: Thug mi leam cuallach math. Notes: a considerable amount.
deanQuotation: a’ deanamh ri gorm. Rinn mi ri gorm cho luath ’s a b’urrainn mi. Notes: seeking a safe place.
dearc-a’ luachairNotes: lizard.
deathach[dʹɛhɔx] Notes: smoke.
déideadhNotes: toothache.
dìdearachdNotes: peeping.
ducair[ḏu̟kɑɾ] Notes: dooker (sea-bird).
eacarsaich[ɛkəʴsiç] Notes: struggling in difficulties, e.g. when a horse is in difficulties after the cart has upturned. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
èibhiseachNotes: out of the ordinary.
farsbachNotes: black-backed seagull.
feadanNotes: a hole in the wall to allow the passage of water.
fline[flĩṉə] Notes: sleet.
forca[fɔɾxkə] Notes: cramp.
froinneachNotes: bracken.
fuathQuotation: Bha iad a’ faireachadh fuathan. Notes: ghosts, alien spirits.
gàdagQuotation: gàdag is ceann sgaoilt’ air (sic)*. Notes: heather rope. (* A rumour, the authenticity of which one is not sure of.)
gaoth-chuairtlean[ɡw:xu̜ɤʴsɫɑ̃ṉ] Notes: eddying wind. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
gormQuotation: Rinn mi ri gorm cho luath ’s a b’urrainn mi.
gruthQuotation: (1) gruth a’ bhainne mhilis. (2) gruth a’ bhainne ghoirt. Notes: (1) from fresh milk. (2) from sour milk.

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