Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Alasdair Campbell
c. 63
Islay, Port Charlotte
[hɛçc]Notes: slatted wooden frame to hold hay for feeding horses.
leabaidhNotes: straw bedding.
leasaichQuotation: talamh leasaichte. Notes: redland. 3rd year in 5-year crop rotation. (See Gilbert Clark’s)
leibhreagan[lʹevɾəɡɑṉ] Quotation: leibhreagan a’ fhraoich. Notes: a small yellow flower which grows among the heather.
lìobhragach[lʹi:vɾɑɡɑx] Notes: green slimy growth found in wells, streams, etc. during dry weather. Also applied to green growth on slates or on wood cast ashore.
loireadh[ɫɔʔɾəɣ] Quotation: “Nach e a fhuair a’ loireadh.” Notes: a good pummelling.
mainnsearQuotation: am mainnsear. Notes: the manger (stable).
maolQuotation: caora mhaol. Notes: Cheviot.
maolag[mw:ɫɑɡ] Notes: small wooden vessel used for milking.
mathQuotation: Gu robh math [kɔrɔmɛ̃] (agad). Notes: Thank you.
marcaichQuotation: diollaid marcachd. Notes: riding saddle.
moch-eirighQuotation: Am fear ainm na moch-eirigh, faodaidh e cadal gu meadhon-la.
moltNotes: wedder.
mortaigeil[mɔrṯiɡʹəl] Quotation: am mortaigeil. Notes: a strap joining the haimes to the “giort”. Went down the breast and in between the forelegs. Was done up attractively for shows.
mucQuotation: gnos muice. Notes: sow-mouth. In sheep, cattle and horses where the lower jaw is short.
rèile[rɛ:lə] Notes: rails on a cart. Na rèilichean móra: the additional rails put on for high loads.
reitheNotes: ram.
rothNotes: wheel.
rùbail[ru:bəl] Notes: trouble. (n. and vb.)
rumach (adj)Notes: muddy, miry as a place where cattle have been churning the ground to mud with their stamping.
troch[t̪ɾɔx] Quotation: an troch. Notes: horse-trough.
adagachadhNotes: making stooks of corn. There would often be as little as six sheaves in it – two pairs side by side and one at each end.
iarunnQuotation: (1) an iarunn bonn. (2) an iarunn cliathaich. Notes: (1) the edge plate of the plough. (2) the bottom plate of the plough.
imleagQuotation: an imleag. Notes: the hub, or nave of the wheel (cart).
nodan[n̪ɔʔd̪ɑ̃ṉ] Notes: the lower joint in a horse’s leg.
òigeachNotes: stallion.
pabQuotation: a’ pabadh. Notes: giving blows.
pailleart[pɑlʹɑrt̪] Quotation: Bheir mi pailleart ort. Notes: a light blow.
pollag[poɫɑɡ] Notes: nostril.
sia-raitheach[ʃɛ:rɑʔɑx] Notes: 18 month-old heifer.
slatQuotation: a’ slat beòil. Notes: piece of wood, one on each side of cart. ??
smiùirQuotation: a’ smiuireadh [sic] [smjũ̟:ɾəɣ] na caoraich. Notes: tarring the sheep as a method of disinfection.
smuiseal[smũ̟ʃɑɫ] Quotation: a’ smuiseal. Notes: The “muzzle” of the plough. The chain from the main swingle-tree was attached to this. Had different settings to alter the position of the plough.
socNotes: the sock of the plough.
spàgQuotation: spàg, spàgan. Notes: handles of plough.
spéicQuotation: na spéicean. Notes: the 12 spokes of the cartwheel.
speir[speɾ] Notes: joint corresponding to the knee on a horse’s hindlegs.
spothQuotation: a’ spoth nan uan. Notes: castrate.
spuir[spu̟ɾ] Quotation: pl [spu̟ɾəṉ]. Notes: hard growth on the inside of a horse’s knee.
srianQuotation: srian gaosaid. Notes: reins made of horse hair.
stàile[sṯɑ:lə] Notes: stall for each horse in a stable.
staoth[st̪ɤ] Quotation: Bha iad a’ gearradh air a’ [st̪ɤ]. Notes: cutting the corn, hay etc. in swathes.
stiùireap[ʃtʹu̟:ɾɑp] Notes: stirrup.
strapQuotation: na strapannan. Notes: iron bands holding in the wood of cartwheel nave.
sùganNotes: horse-collar.
sùganQuotation: sugan [sic] àrd. Notes: high horse collar. Built up high at the top and dressed.
sùganQuotation: sùgan connlach. Notes: straw collar used in the old days.
sùganQuotation: sùgan ìosal. Notes: ordinary working collar for a horse. (See sùgan àrd.)
sùganaichQuotation: a’ sùganachadh a’ mhulan. Notes: lashing the stack.
sùil-chrithNotes: small area of bog.
talamhQuotation: talamh leasaichte. Notes: red land. 3rd year of 5-year crop rotation. (See Gilbert Clark’s.)
tanalachdNotes: (n) shallow piece of land or water.
tarraingQuotation: an tarraing. Notes: the chain from the main swingle tree to the plough.
thigQuotation: Nan d’thàinig e an uair sin... Notes: If he had come then.
togQuotation: a’ togail. Notes: when binding corn, the act of lifting the sheaf of corn or barley and tying it.
treabhailear[t̪ɾɛvəlɑɾ] Notes: the “runner” on the shaft of a cart.
urchaill[u̟ɾɑxilʹ] Notes: furrow board.
aisil[ɑʃəl] Notes: axle (cart).
ath-dhìonagNotes: if it doesn’t have a lamb in its second year, the “dìonag” becomes an “ath-dhìonag”. (See Dìonag)
bacman[bɑxkmɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: am bacman. Notes: strap over the back of the horse to keep the “drag chains” from falling down when the horse turns.
badQuotation: “Bheir dhith bad dheth.” Notes: a handful (of hay or straw).
badachQuotation: caora bhadach. Notes: a sheep with a small tuft on its forehead.
bàrrQuotation: barrannan a’ bhuntàt. Notes: potato shoots.
biolairNotes: watercress.
bloc[blɔxk] Quotation: am bloc. Notes: a square block of wood, hanging from a rope which went round the horse’s neck. The rope passed through a ring attached to a post. It allowed a limited freedom of movement.
Quotation: bó chleideagach. Notes: when a cow has been in all year and her coat is hanging tasselled with dirt.
Quotation: bó ghibeach. Notes: shaggy cow.
Quotation: bó odhar. Notes: dun cow.
Quotation: bó riabhach. Notes: brindled cow.
boghaNotes: plural – boghachan. The rope going over the top of the stack.
bolgQuotation: [əvɔɫɔɡ]. Notes: the belly.
bóta[bo:d̪ə] Quotation: am bóta. Notes: the bolt going down through shaft, clogs and axle of a cart.
braid[bɾɑidʹ] Notes: haimes.
brangas[bɾɛ̃ŋɡəs] Notes: headpiece put on horses when tethered. It consisted of a piece of wood coming down each of the horse’s cheeks, with a rope joining them underneath. The tether rope was attached in such a way that when the horse pulled at the tether the pieces of wood tightened on its cheeks and forced it to stop pulling.
brigeis[bɾıɡʹəs] Notes: breeches.
brocachQuotation: caora brocach [vɾɔxkɑx] or brochdach. Notes: a sheep having a speckled face.
brògQuotation: a’ bhròg. Notes: the hoof.
broilleach[bɾɔlʹɑx] Notes: breast (of a horse).
buail[bu̟əl] Quotation: buail na bà. Notes: cowstall.
buarachNotes: cow-fetter.
bàthachQuotation: a’ cartadh a’ bhàthach. Notes: cleaning out the byre.
biorachQuotation: a’ bhiorach [əvıɾɑx]. Notes: cow at first calving (2½ years).
cailleach-bhuaineadh[kɑlʹɑxvu̟ɤṉəɣ] Notes: the last handful of corn at harvest-time was taken in, made into a St. Andrew’s Cross, decorated with ribbon and hung inside the house on a nail. The two horses got a half-share each of this before they started the ploughing in spring.
caoraQuotation: caora bhadach. Notes: a sheep having a small tuft on its forehead.
caoraQuotation: caora bhrocach [vɾɔxkɑx] or bhrochdach. Notes: sheep with a speckled face.
caoraQuotation: caora croimheagach [sic]. Notes: a sheep with maggots. [NOTES: slipped under ‘caora chroimheagach’.]
caoraQuotation: caora dhubh-cheannach. Notes: a black-faced sheep.
caoraQuotation: caora mhaol. Notes: Cheviot.
capullNotes: mare. [NOTES: slipped under ‘capall’.]
carbadQuotation: carbad an diollaid. Notes: metal channel set in wood across the saddle for the chain from the shafts to slide in.
cartadhQuotation: a’ cartadh a’ bhàthach. Notes: cleaning out the byre.
ceangalQuotation: pl. ceangaltaichean [ceʔəɫt̪ıçəṉ]. Notes: tether rope attached to the side of the stall. Usually had two cows in every stall.
cearcallNotes: iron rim of cartwheel.
cearcallQuotation: cearcall a’ ghrìs. Notes: circular plate on the hub of a cartwheel to keep the grease in.
ciall[ciʔəl] Notes: a cheek; also applied to part of doorpost opposite the edge of the door when it is closed.
cisteQuotation: an ciste shiol. Notes: for storing grain.
claimhQuotation: a’ chlaimh [əxɫɑıf]. Notes: “The Scab” in sheep. (See Donald Ferguson’s.)
cleideagachQuotation: bó chleideagach. Notes: when a cow has been inside all year and her coat is hanging tasselled with dirt.
clogsQuotation: na “clogs”. Notes: wooden block about 9" deep and 2ft long resting on the axle at each end (to raise the box of the cart).
cnocachNotes: full of small hillocks.
coltairQuotation: an coltair. Notes: “coulter” of the plough.
crèileag[kɾɛ:lɑɡ] Notes: miniature creel or basket for holding potatoes.
cripidh[kɾipi] Quotation: an cripidh. Notes: three-legged stool used for milking.
cròcach[kɾɔ:xkɑx] Notes: apparatus with spikes attached to it which was fitted over a calf’s mouth (or head) to prevent it from suckling its mother.
crogNotes: an old sheep, after 4th or 5th lamb.
croimheag[kɾɔıɑɡ] Quotation: a’ chroimheag. Notes: maggot (as in sheep).
croimheagachQuotation: caora chroimheagach. Notes: sheep with maggots.
croinneanQuotation: [əŋᵏɾɔ̃nʹɑnʹ]. Notes: cloven hoof.
cuillean[ku̜lʹ:ɑ̃ṉ] Notes: stubble land. (See G. Clark’s.) 2nd year of 5-year crop rotation.
cuip[ku̜ıp] Quotation: an cuip. Notes: whip.
damhNotes: castrated male once it is a year old.
deireadhQuotation: an deireadh. Notes: the board at the back of the cart.
deisealan[dʹʒeʃəɫɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: Bheir mi dhuit … mu’n chluais. Notes: cuff.
diollaidQuotation: diollaid marcachd. Notes: riding saddle.
dìonagNotes: a sheep in its second year. Put to ram about November of second year and becomes a “caora” when it lambs the following spring. (See ath-dhìonag.)
druimQuotation: druim a’ chrann. Notes: the main shaft of the plough.
drumach[d̪ɾũʔmɑx] Notes: chain going over the saddle from the shafts.
dubh-cheannachQuotation: caora dhubh-cheannach. Notes: black-faced sheep.
dùnanQuotation: an dùnan. Notes: the dung heap.
éirighQuotation: Tha éirigh mhath air a’ chloimh. Tha droch éirigh air a’ chloimh. Notes: terms used when clipping sheep. Applied to the growth of new wool next the skin.
feur[fiɑɾ] Notes: lea land. 1st year of 5-year rotation. (See G. Clark.)
feurlochan[fɛ:ɾɫɔxɑṉ] Notes: grassy pond.
fìor-uisgeNotes: a spring.
gath-muing[ɡɑmũ̜ĩ] Notes: mane.
geàrrQuotation: a’ gearradh nan uan. Notes: castrate (euphemism).
gearrachuill[ɡʹɑrɑxu̟lʹ] Quotation: an gearrachuill. Notes: the master-tree or main swingle tree.
gibeachQuotation: bó ghibeach. Notes: shaggy cow.
giort[ɡwrt̪] Quotation: an giort. Notes: saddle belly strap.
glacachNotes: full of small hollows.
gnosQuotation: gnos muice. Notes: sow-mouth: in sheep, cattle, horses, where the lower jaw is short.
gnos-muicNotes: sow-mouth. In sheep, cattle, horses, where the lower jaw is short.
gobhalQuotation: ann an gobhal a’ chrann. Notes: between the handles of the plough.
goileQuotation: goile cearc. Notes: hen’s stomach (“giaban” in Lewis?).
greallagQuotation: na greallagan. Notes: the two smaller swingle trees for a pair of horses.
greallagNotes: a shoulder frame used when carrying full pails.
guallainneach[ɡu̜əɫĩnʹɑx] Notes: the chain from the collar to the shafts of a cart. “Drag-chain”.
guitearNotes: a gutter (in byre).

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