Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Skye, Strath
Quotation: là do dhunaich. Notes: the day of your disaster.
lòineagNotes: a snowflake.
miolair(e)Notes: watercress.
mulla-mhàgagNotes: a frog.
singilteQuotation: Nach tu tha singilte! Notes: thin.
pruchag!Notes: a call to a pony.
sleamhnaganNotes: a sty.
straoineQuotation: dorus s.-fosgailte = wide open.
sgotQuotation: Chan eil sgot aige. Notes: He hasn’t a clue. (sgot, or scot)
toirtQuotation: a’ toirt lionaidh, a’ toirt tràghaidh. Notes: beginning of the ebb, and the flow of tide.
tulla-bhriaganQuotation: na tulla-bhriagan. Notes: utter lies.
tungaidhNotes: damp.
urra-laimheQuotation: Nach tu a fhuair an t-urra-laimhe. Notes: sarcastic remark to a person who bullied a much smaller and weaker person.
ailbhinn-dubhQuotation: Cho dorcha ris an ailbhinn-dubh. Notes: ? the dark abyss. [NOTES: in second hand – as dark as the pit.]
asQuotation: as a thomadach tàmh – all of a sudden.
bailcQuotation: bailc na Bealltuin. Notes: flood.
barr laomaidhNotes: very heavy shaws on potatoes.
a Bhrian, a BhrianNotes: asseveration.
blasQuotation: blas a’ chrogain. Notes: distaste.
blasadNotes: a small thing.
bùileasgNotes: pot handle.
a chaoit!Quotation: calling ducks.
cinn-dheargaNotes: dogtooth rainbows.
ciucharQuotation: ciuchar uisge. Notes: fine rain.
cloimheagNotes: disparaging term used for a small pony.
cnòidNotes: a luxury; (Dw) splendid present.
cuail-chnàmhQuotation: Tha e ’na ch.-ch. – It is reduced to dust (or atoms).
culaidhQuotation: Nach ann air a tha a’ chulaidh. Notes: fatness.
deileannNotes: pleading.
diasQuotation: Dias againn eòrna! Notes: an exclamation avoiding taking the name of the Lord in vain.
dìobradhQuotation: uisge gun (d)ìobradh. Notes: unceasing rain.
domhsNotes: a safe place for a boat above the tide mark.
dorainnQuotation: Nach tu tha ’nad dhorainn. Notes: panic.
dòrn fuarNotes: fhuar in Dw.
dràibhNotes: an untidy worker (a long è sound).
drollNotes: the wire hoop used by tinkers for carrying their pails and jugs on.
drolaSee droll.
druiteagNotes: a small load (peats, etc.).
each seabhaidNotes: a stray horse. Adj. sea(bh)dail/seo(bh)dail.
failmseNotes: chance, accident.
finnQuotation: fad finn shuaineach an latha. Notes: the live-long day.
gàdruisgNotes: a rabble of children.
gathan-ganaisgNotes: rough sedge grass. On Halloween night the young men went around with torches of g-g or put them under women’s skirts – where they could! Supposed to bring fertility.
giodalanNotes: a small disreputable boy. ? Cf. Welsh Gwyddelan = a little Irishman.
giorsNotes: “furious annoyance”. Dw. giorsadh.

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