Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D. Beaton
Skye, Stein
laighQuotation: a’ cur a laighe na càraid. Notes: bride and bridegroom undressed by close friends and put to bed. Drams passed round.
lonaidNotes: churn-stick.
luim[ɫ[ɤ̃ĩ]m] Quotation: Thàinig luim rodain. Notes: a horde. Often used of unwelcome creatures like vermin.
maide-laimheadh[mɑ̃dʹəɫɛ̃:əɣ] Notes: handle of flail.
rathadachQuotation: ’S e duine rathadach a th’ann. Notes: capable, able; go-ahead.
ròdQuotation: ròd buntàta, ròd thùirneap. Notes: a row of potatoes.
niucharQuotation: niuchar a’ speal. Notes: the wire supporting the blade. (Also, more commonly, “snàthad a’ speal”.)
pearrd[pɛ:ʴd̪] Notes: a heap of “rolagan” from the cards. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
plàt-fhasgnaidhNotes: layer of straw put on floor where winnowing was done to keep the seed clean.
putaireNotes: a dibble.
sèicil[ʃɛ:cəl] Notes: the “flyer” on a spinning wheel.
séise[ʃ[ɤı]ʃə] Notes: wooden bench with back and sometimes arms.
sìneachan[ʃĩ:ṉɑxəṉ] Notes: drag-chains.
siol-dubhNotes: the decayed seed that went through the riddle.
slocQuotation: sloc bhunàta [sic]. Notes: potato pit.
snaoth[sn̪w̃:] Notes: funeral bier, borne usually by eight people.
sòrnachQuotation: Bha a’ phoit-dhath air a’ sòrnach air taobh a muigh an doruis. Notes: stones built up round a fire so that the pot would rest on it.
stairean[st̪ɤɾɑṉ] Notes: stepping stones over a burn or over a patch of soft ground; a stone path.
sùisdQuotation: Parts: 1. buailtean. 2. iall. 3. maide-làimheadh [ɫɛ̃:əɣ]. [NOTES: slipped under ‘sùist’.]
sunnagNotes: seat made out of a barrel.
tallanNotes: wooden partition.
togQuotation: a’ togail uime. Notes: hoeing the potatoes; building up the earth around the shaws.
ubhalQuotation: ubhal a’ bhuntàta.
aithghearra[ɑçɑrə] Notes: a footpath which was also a short-cut, e.g. over a hill.
alaraidh[ɑɫɑɾi] Notes: whisky, biscuits and cheese at a funeral.
bachallagNotes: potato sprout.
baigeileis[bɑɡʹəlɛʃ] Quotation: a’ bhaigeileis. Notes: when the raw wool was teased, the dirty wool was put into a bag called a’ bhaigeileis. (Could also be used of a dirty, ragged person.)
balla-tarsuinnNotes: stone wall inside a house.
bana-bhreabadairNotes: female weaver.
braclach[bɾɑxkɫɑx] Quotation: (1) braclach an t-sionnaich. (2) Tha braclach tigh aige. (3) ’S e braclach duine th’ann. Notes: (1) den. (2) and (3) used for a state of dirtiness, untidiness.
branndairQuotation: branndair a’ bhùird. Notes: shelf under the table (usually slatted).
bratagQuotation: bratag a’ bhuntàta. Notes: white worm with a red head.
cabadhQuotation: a’ cabadh a’ bhuntàta. Notes: cleaning potatoes with a hoe.
càraidQuotation: a’ cur a laighe na càraid. Notes: bride and bridegroom undressed by close friends and put to bed. Drams passed round.
ceirle[cɛʴlʹə] Quotation: ceirrle [sic] shnàthadh. Notes: a ball of yarn. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
clàimhean[kɫɛ̃:vɛ̃ṉ] Notes: sliding wooden bolt put on doors.
crann-drilidhNotes: drill-plough.
crannachanNotes: churn.
criathar-thollQuotation: Tha ’n talamh na chriathar-tholl aca. Notes: riddled with holes (moles).
cuiseagQuotation: cuiseag a bhuntàta. Notes: potato shaw.
di-millQuotation: ’S minic a [jĩmɑl] fear aig Féill rud bu mhath leis aige fhéin. Notes: denigrate. (Is it di-mill?)
dorusQuotation: dorus-fasgnaidh. Notes: door in barn opened to create a draught for winnowing.
dubhadhNotes: blight in potatoes.
fanQuotation: a’ fanail. Notes: staying.
goirteachNotes: poor, without food.
grìleagNotes: a small potato.
guiseid[ɡu̟ʃɛdʹ] Notes: a gusset; a triangular shape.

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