Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald Gordon
Skye, Staffin
lònNotes: a stream (bigger than ‘sruthan’).
lonaigNotes: boundary path between crofts.
maide bhuntàtaNotes: potato masher.
miosaQuotation: Chaneil i cho miosa ris a’ ghaoth eile. Notes: It isn’t as bad as the other wind.
ràc-an-arbhairNotes: corncrake.
rùdaNotes: used in Staffin for ram.
riabhQuotation: riabh buntàta. Notes: row of potatoes.
ìreQuotation: A bheil sibh a’ faighinn ìre air an tigh? Notes: Are you getting on with the house?
siolachdQuotation: Tha ’n t-siolachd oirre. Notes: for a mare in heat.
staranNotes: 1. stepping stones across a stream. 2. paving in front of a house.
talamhQuotation: talamh mòineadh. Notes: peaty soil.
tòrrQuotation: tòrr buntàta. Notes: potato pit. (Bracken put on top of the potatoes, then a covering of earth.)
atharnachQuotation: buntàta atharnaich.
baraNotes: “nest” made for accommodating a boat. Built with stones on either side.
bidean[bidʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: sheaf tied with string put on the apex of a cornstack.
bòrdQuotation: am bòrd. Notes: used for the funeral bier.
braghaid[bɾ[ɤı]dʹ] Notes: horse-collar.
brìgQuotation: brìg arbhair. Notes: corn stacked inside the barn.
brùchdNotes: seaweed deposited on the beach by the sea.
buntàtaQuotation: maide bhuntàta. Notes: potato masher.
buntàtaQuotation: buntàta atharnaich.
cabhsairNotes: level area of paved stones.
cachaileithQuotation: cachaileir [kɑxəlɛɾ]. Notes: Gate for cattle, between crofts and cùl-cinn.
cuiseagQuotation: cuiseag buntàta. Notes: shaw.
daisQuotation: dais fheòir. Notes: loaf-shaped haystack.
damhan-allaich[d̪ɑ̃vɑnɑɫiç] Notes: spider.
dubadh[ḏɤbəɣ] Notes: dipping.
dubhadhNotes: blight.
farsabreac[fɑʴsəbɾɛxk] Notes: says it is a black-backed gull. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
frasachNotes: manger.
gailbheach[ɡɛlɛɑx] Notes: awful.
grampNotes: grape.
grianQuotation: buntàta gréineadh.

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