Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Rev. Norman MacDonald
North Uist [on AJ Smith’s slips]
1968, 1969 [on AJ Smith’s slips]
coirbteQuotation: casan-coirpte. Notes: shafts of light under the sun, usually at sunrise – indicates rain.
[lʹesbɾɤi]Quotation: a’ deanamh [lʹesbɾɤi] air duine. Notes: Skye word for partiality, or discrimination against a person.
lachan-bhlàrNotes: a dark grey duck with white tuft about the eye.
léideagNotes: a hop.
lag-maiseQuotation: lag-maise ’na ghruaidhean. Notes: a dimple on the cheek.
làir-mhaideNotes: a see-saw.
làmh fhuarQuotation: ’Se duine b’fheàrr ann an Uibhist air an làmh fhuar. Notes: tearing off limb from cow’s carcase by hand.
leabaidh-an-laoighNotes: enfolding membrane round calf at birth.
leaghadairNotes: melting utensil used for lead, horns, etc.
leath-tromachNotes: half-pregnant.
leathtromachNotes: in early stage of pregnancy.
leòigNotes: (Staffin) snow which melts into muck on road.
liagachQuotation: Tha e liagach fuar. Notes: a nip of cold in the air.
liamachNotes: oily [?] in taste: applied to something like tea.
lionn-cuthaichNotes: lemonade.
liunn-caothaichNotes: lemonade.
lóbhradhQuotation: air lóbhradh seachad. Notes: passing into unconsciousness, especially of sleep.
lomadairNotes: “lawn-mower”.
lorg-chriosNotes: orbit.
luathaireachNotes: restive.
lùbachNotes: hook, say of a blouse.
luidheanNotes: hoof of calf.
luidreadhQuotation: Na bi ’ga luidreadh. Notes: careless stirring of a liquid, especially a liquid which should not be stirred, e.g. cream.
lunadhQuotation: ’Se thoill ach a lunadh. Notes: belabouring with a stick.
lusanNotes: term of endearment to a girl.
lus-na-caitheamhNotes: meadowsweet. People afraid to take it into house – thought to disseminate TB.
lùthasachadhNotes: ordaining, designing.
lom-na-dalachQuotation: An òrdag mhór air lom na dalach. Notes: part of sole actually on the ground.
màdarNotes: human excrement.
maide-milisNotes: root that’s good for chewing.
marbhannachNotes: fleece of wool gathered from dead sheep.
meadhrachNotes: brilliant, of light or sun.
mealladh-mula-mhàgaigNotes: Chewn [? chewed?] against sting by frog. Put into water, as the mealladh-nathrach [q.v.].
mealladh-nathrachNotes: a piece of round perforated jet dipped in water, and water applied to udder of cow when stung by an adder. Made to Celtic measures.
meirgealQuotation: Gad a rachadh a mheirgeal cam. Notes: physical frame, body.
miapadhNotes: an unfortunate accident, mishap.
mobhsgaideachNotes: neglectful of duty.
mùdanQuotation: ag amharc fo na mùdan. Notes: looking up from under the eyebrows.
ragachadh-féitheNotes: cramp.
ramaigealNotes: contention, strife.
rapallNotes: a filthy person.
rasonnaNotes: cross-tempered, crotchety.
rathadachNotes: ingenious.
reul-fionnaidhNotes: a comet.
Reul IùilNotes: Polar Star, air a comharrachadh a-mach le bàrr corragan a’ chruinn-arain.
reult a’ bhuachaille= reult na maidne, Venus.
reultan siùbhlachNotes: planets.
reultan suidhichteNotes: fixed stars.
reultan sochraichteNotes: fixed stars.
riabhachQuotation: Tha iad cho riabhach. Notes: ‘at daggers drawn’.
riamanachNotes: tardy. South Uist pronunciation.
rian gréineNotes: solar system.
riasgNotes: rough moor-grass.
riasladhNotes: tousling.
riathallNotes: a rag. Cf. pl. in Applecross.
rudhainnQuotation: Cha tig e nall air an rudhainn. Notes: He’ll not cross over [?] the vicinity, environment.
rusganNotes: the genitals, either male or female, on attaining the age of puberty.
cothromQuotation: Fear a bha gu math air a chothrom. Notes: well to do.
spìdeagQuotation: spìdeag(an). Notes: small particles of anything.
teabaideanNotes: tauntings.
teòdhadhNotes: toasting.
thoirQuotation: Se siod a thug a là. Notes: wrecking or destruction of a person’s life.
tròdagNotes: “under the influence”. Used by Màiri Mhór.
tuathaisdeachNotes: eccentric, bizarre.
iargainNotes: dregs.
iola/iolacraichNotes: dancing.
Nighean Rìgh MheangainNotes: leads stars in the Pleiades. “Nighean Rìgh Mheangain – a triùir leannan [?] – a gille, a cù, ’s a sgalag.”
ór-mheasNotes: orange.
òrdQuotation: òrd de dh’iasg. Notes: a good portion of fish. Could be as much as half.
peanaic/-ean[?] Notes: pebble.
peithinneNotes: brat.
piosgaireachdNotes: tearing to shreds, laceration.
plamachNotes: soft, discoloured, fatty, like meat of poor quality.
pliathachQuotation: casan pliathach. Notes: foot that causes misshapen shoe/boot through extending outwards.
pliathachNotes: splay-footed.
plocanNotes: large wooden mallet for breaking down earthen clods after ploughing.
ploitrigeadhQuotation: Tha ploitrigeadh math orra. Notes: half-dried – of clothes.
plucanNotes: little tuft of wool or cotton.
plucanNotes: minute particle of cotton or wool.
poca-salainnNotes: boy down on all fours, two other boys put legs over his back; they reach out for each other’s feet.
prathaigQuotation: Cruinnichidh imirich prathaig. Notes: little things, odds-and-ends.
saghanQuotation: Bha saghan air. Notes: disgruntled, angry-looking.
sàileaganNotes: sour water on the stomach.
seachranaicheanNotes: planets.
seaghachNotes: purposeful or sensible.
seideantaQuotation: bodach mór seideanta. Notes: a fleshy person.
seipeanQuotation: siuga seipein. Notes: pint-sized jug.
sgaoilteachNotes: level top of the peat-bank, where peats are dried.
sgealtairNotes: jelly fish (Lewis word). (Skye lugais.)
sgeilNotes: prattle, small talk. Gabble in Dw.
sgeopNotes: gabble.
sgeòtQuotation: falbh far sgeot [sic]. Notes: to go off the straight when cutting cloth e.g.
sgiabadhNotes: (Skye word) taking the legs (e.g.) apart. Cf. sgapadh, but sgiapadh stronger.
sgiathQuotation: sgiath na faochaig. Notes: one black skin on top of whelk meat.
sgliamNotes: person with an unprepossessing appearance; inane person.
sgliofagNotes: a mere [?] rubbing of the skin through contact with hard surface.
sgliungaideNotes: catarrhal mucus.
sgopadhQuotation: Nach ann aige bha a’ sgopadh! Notes: person bought something in a weak moment which was very dear.
sgrabhNotes: disgust.
sgraingNotes: expression of disgust, anger, surliness.
sgrìobQuotation: 1. sgrìob pòige. 2. sgrìob drama. Notes: 1. an itching about the lip portending meeting somebody. 2. a dram of whisky.
sgrogagQuotation: biast na sgrogaig. Notes: huge animal in African forest with horn on its snout.
sgrogagNotes: an old battered hat.
sgrotadhQuotation: Na caoirich a’ sgrotadh. Notes: (Skye word) gathering to take shelter from inclement weather.
sìamachadhQuotation: ’ga shìamachadh. Notes: coveting.
sibheinNotes: wild moor-grass.
slaghacanNotes: inner horn of cow.
slaobaganNotes: shoes or boots worn in a slovenly way.
slat-shiùdainNotes: pendulum.
slat thomhaisQuotations: an t-slat thomhais. Notes: constellation in form of a line.
slathagNotes: small horns inside main covering [?] of horn of cow. Pl. – slathagan.
sligneachQuotation: Leth ma leth de shneachd is uisge. Notes: Dunvegan, Skye.
slóraganNotes: boots that are the worse of wear/age. Worn through – too fine to begin with.
slóbraganNotes: see slóragan.
smàdadhNotes: droch làimhseachadh.
smèileagNotes: a blow in the nose.
smiuchanNotes: a gnome, with pejorative connotation.
smuisealNotes: face in profile.
smuisealNotes: cheek in Skye.
snàithnean-riaghailtNotes: guiding stitches to keep an article in shape.
spadagNotes: a nasty aspersion; not quite as strong as defamation, alladh. Can also pass for innuendo.
speilmQuotation: Tha speilm agam air. Tha dà speilm agam air, etc. Notes: scoring a point over an opponent in sport.
spiantag[spĩɑ̃n̪t̪ɑɡ] Notes: a forward young girl.
spigealanNotes: a small particle.
spiolgadhNotes: extracting food from whelks.
spìonag[spĩə̃ṉɑɡ] Notes: an undernourished creature (Skye). In Dw.
splugairneachNotes: a very untidy person.
spluitrigeadhQuotation: Dé an spluitrigeadh a th’ ort? A’ spluitrigeadh anns an oidhche. Notes: walking aimlessly.
spuraicQuotation: Bha spuraic air. Notes: He had an aggrieved, surly look.
spùtQuotation: Chan eil spùt aige. Notes: He has no sense.
staghadhNotes: after very heavy meal, discomfort can be felt. Undigested meal.
starapachQuotation: Cha robh iad ach starapach. Notes: can also mean strife and variance among people.
starbachNotes: dissension, quarrelling.
stéilleagNotes: (Skye word) ‘catch’ of lock, or ‘tongue’ of shoe.
steòpachNotes: slow and drawn out.
stìodQuotation: Air Latha Féill Brìghde théid na stìodan do’n choille chonnaidh. Notes: Latha Féill Bhrìghde [sic] supposed to change the weather. Noticeably milder. So mild that a creature as fond of fireside as cat is not afraid to go to wood. (stìod: cat)
stireinNotes: wisp of hair.
straighleachQuotation: An t-straighleach. Notes: delirium tremens, going berserk with drink.
straingealanNotes: in horses – galar srudhain [?].
streamadhNotes: folds in carpet or material caused by pressure, requiring to be levelled out.
subagachQuotation: Nach i tha subagach. Notes: lively or energetic.
suraladhQuotation: Chan e suraladh a th’oirre ach a’ bhùirseach. Notes: (Uist word) bright, sunny interval in bad showery weather – or permanent clearing of the rain.
seanagarraNotes: a person, especially young person, who appears old before his time – precocious.
stiùgailQuotation: a’ stiùgail air chùl creige. Notes: hiding, concealing.
suasQuotation: a’ dèanamh suas ris. Notes: courting [?] in earnest.
suasQuotation: Thug e suas iad. Notes: He took them to a law-court.
sogamasQuotation: Rinn e sogamas ris. Notes: greeting [?].
sleagh-dubhaQuotation: sleagh/sleaghan-dubha. Notes: leech, leeches.
saghanQuotation: Thàinig e ’s saghan air. Notes: an angry appearance.
stiùireannanNotes: schemes.
siubhal-rannNotes: metre of a verse.
slaopadhQuotation: a’ slaopadh a’ mhaoraich. Notes: heating limpets to remove them from shell.
sprachdailQuotation: duine sprachdail. Notes: duine bragail.
straoinQuotation: straoin fosgailte. Notes: wide open.
taghairmNotes: consulting invisible oracle. Offering of cats to devil in return for prosperity or worldly wealth. A reality, 3 forms: 1. taghairm nan cat, where cats offered; 2. taghairm nan radan, where rats used; 3. if people wanted to know the future, rolled up man in hide. Left between waterfall and rock, given the problem and left alone all night when he was supposed to have exact answer from friend in the Otherworld. See Occult Elements Common to Celtic and Oriental Folklore. Parallels in Classical lore.
tanalachNotes: thin ice.
taosgQuotation: taosg dhe’n a’ chàl. Notes: a plateful, ladleful – of anything.
tarsuinnQuotation: duine tarsuinn. Notes: a contrary person; disagreeable.
teabadaichNotes: swithering.
tionnsgnadhNotes: design.
tiormachdNotes: in cows – type of galar grudhain [?] found in them. Husk?
toirmeasgNotes: 1. what is prohibited. 2. mischievous person.
toisinnQuotation: Chan eil toisinn aige. Notes: sense.
tomaraidNotes: name for a duck.
traightQuotation: Chan eil traoight [sic] air. Notes: a rag.
treòlaidhNotes: Dw: “illness”, but far more than illness – an epidemic.
trùilleachNotes: lewd person, male or female.
truilleachQuotation: Tha truilleach air. Notes: when one gets obstreperous through drink. The blues.
tuaichearNotes: a sheep’s distemper. Going round.
tuairimNotes: conjecture.
turraraichNotes: rumbling or grating noise.
tùtNotes: a very offensive smell.
uanQuotation: uan diolan. Notes: lamb appearing long before or long after normal season.
uthagraichNotes: ‘hooching’ at a dance.
abhcaideachNotes: humorous.
adhachQuotation: duine adhach. Notes: a bold, forward person.
aimlisgNotes: mischief.
aimlisgeachNotes: mischievous.
aisilNotes: axis.
aithinneQuotation: (1) half-burnt peat. (2) Chaidh a’ bhó/each/tarbh ann an aithinne. Notes: when applied to animals, it means that it has got into position from which it can’t rise, through rolling on its back.
amaisQuotation: Ma dh’amaiseas dhomh fhaicinn. Notes: If I chance to see it.
amullNotes: the first swingle-tree in a plough.
annaidNotes: proper Gaelic word for monastery. When faith came over from Ireland, annaid was the mother church. See Johnson’s Tour.
aonachQuotation: Thàinig aonach air. Notes: He was out of breath; from climbing, but could refer to exhaustion on straight stretch – “out of breath” through exhaustion.
armadhNotes: fat or butter mixed with wool.
bàilligeadhNotes: eviction summons.
barragQuotation: Thainig barrag air. Notes: a film of fat, e.g. on top of liquid, e.g. soup. Skin which forms on thick soup. Cf. coibhleag.
barrfhadNotes: first peat cut from bank. First cutting. As a rule only cut two.
bataQuotation: gu-bata. Notes: to boot.
beirgealQuotation: Cha tug greim bidh ged a rachadh a (b)mheirgeal cam. Notes: constitution in general.
beòthairQuotation: beoir, beòthair. Notes: beer.
bhòlaNotes: the first winning round in a game of cards.
bhurbaNotes: the second winning round in a game of cards.
biodaNotes: Mr MacDonald supports that this is euphemism for bod. Bioda an Stòir is known as Bod an Stòir. Bioda an Stòir, Old Man of Starr, Skye. Bioda a’ Chuirn below Culnacnock rocks east side of Staffin, Skye.
bìodachQuotation: duine beag bìodach. Notes: tiny.
biogaireachdQuotation: a’ biogaireachd air. Notes: said of hunter waiting to get good shot at bird. Conveys the idea of teasing a cross person or animal.
blàrasNotes: white spot on cow’s forehead. Adj. blàr.
bliochdNotes: the smallest possible quantity of milk, as when cow is about to go dry.
bodalanNotes: belemnite(s).
bogQuotation: air bhog. Notes: afloat.
bogadaichQuotation: a’ bogadaich. Notes: the motion of a body up and down; bobbing up and down. Applecross: “swithering”.
boinne taigNotes: persistent drop of rain. Also used in an erotic sense of fluid appearing from penis in state of sexual arousal.
bolgadhNotes: bulging.
braganachNotes: braggart.
brangachNotes: (Barra word) apt to take offence; touchy.
breac an rionnaichQuotation: Breac-an-rionnaich anns an adhar, là math am màireach. Notes: cirrus cloud formation.
breal-bhainnseNotes: Whistle Binkie. A person who attended wedding or social function uninvited.
brionglaidNotes: predicament.
brìdeaganQuotation: Chaidh i as a brìdeagan leis an eagal. Notes: She went out of her wits with fright. (See SGS XI, p. 41.) Brìdeag: doll maids made in image of St Bride. On St Bride’s night, maiden was supposed to have this doll or dolls, to go with it to an outhouse in darkness and alone, and stay there till she heard St Bride giving name of future husband.
bròg-an-eichNotes: marsh marigold.
bròg-na-cuthaigNotes: violet.
broileanQuotation: Tha goirteas ’na bhroillean [sic]. Notes: discomfort in bronchial tubes.
brothNotes: itchiness of skin.
buaicNotes: wick of a crusie.
buarblachNotes: cattle-pasture.
buinneachNotes: diarrhoea.
buirbeanNotes: cancer.
buirseachNotes: (Uist word) regular downpour of incessant rain.
bunabhasNotes: element.
bùthmanNotes: rough, uncouth person.
bideanachQuotation: caothach bideanach. Notes: highest point of rage.
cabadhQuotation: a’ cabadh a’ bhuntàta. Notes: weeding potatoes with hoe.
cachdaNotes: something very bad, unfair. An adjective.
caibeQuotation: caibe làir. Notes: a sharp kind of spade.
càileadairNotes: scientist.
cairt na cosgaisNotes: at funerals, in the islands, cart which took victuals/provisions – when long distance had to be covered.
caisean-uchdNotes: fatty part of cow’s breast.
caoinNotes: practically same word in Greek and Hebrew – cognates.
caolasQuotation: Caolas Od Odrum. Notes: sea between St. Kilda and Uist.
caothachQuotation: caothach bideanach. Notes: highest point of rage.
carachanNotes: a sweet root which children ate.
carbadQuotation: casan-coirpte. Notes: shafts of light under the sun – indicates rain – usually at sunrise.
casQuotation: Chas e ’fhiaclan. Notes: He bared his teeth.
casadhQuotation: Bha e a’ casadh fhiaclan. Notes: said of angry dog showing his teeth.
Cas a’ Mhogain RiabhaichNotes: a Glencoe or Kintyre witch.
casan-coirpteNotes: shafts of light under the sun – indicates rain – usually at sunrise.
cas-an-fhalbhainNotes: something given on loan which goes its rounds in a village.
cas-bheagNotes: dog’s leg which has been caught in a rope round its neck to prevent it from running.
cas-feannaigNotes: sewing in a crow-foot pattern.
cearcall meadhonNotes: the Equator.
ceardalanNotes: see Coladragan, SGS XI, Pt. 1, 44. Same meaning.
cearragNotes: the first finger after thumb.
céinNotes: astronomical distance.
ceistQuotation: a cheist. “Mo cheist air an ainnir [?] / ’S bean a’ chùil bhàin.”
cianQuotation: o chianaibh bheag. Notes: a short time ago.
clach-an-turramainQuotation: air cl.-an-t. Notes: vacillating, sitting on the fence.
clach-bhoinneNotes: lingering drops of rain at close of heavy shower.
cliseachNotes: a gate.
cluas-chiùilNotes: more than ear for music – faculty given to person to get the word behind tune.
clupadNotes: galar-sreadhain [?] – in sheep. A coughing [?].
cnocQuotation: Bidh cnoc ann. Cho glic ri cnoc. Notes: There will be a parliament, gathering.
coitcheachasNotes: pressing a thing on a person. Cf. coiteach.
comas tàlaidhNotes: gravitation.
comh-fhad thràthNotes: the Equinoxes.
comhardNotes: illustration; comparison (sermon).
conablachNotes: a carcase torn by dogs – sheep carcase.
connQuotation: conn an uaireadair. Notes: regulator of a watch.
corras-cìsNotes: code, tax-code.
còsachQuotation: buntàta còsach. Notes: a shrivelled, dried potato which has had more than its share of sun and air.
cosgaisQuotation: cart na cosgais. Notes: the cart which contained the spirits, biscuits and cheese, and tobacco, and which followed the remains at a funeral. (Uist)
craganQuotation: Chuir e cragan air a’ bhoin. Notes: ball of wool steeped in tar to blunten sharp horns of cows.
crann-a-deasQuotation: Crann-a-deas, Crann-a-tuath. Notes: the Poles.
crann-arainQuotation: an crann-arain. Notes: ‘The Plough.’
crann nan catNotes: constellation like The Plough. Position varies, sometimes standing – sign of bad weather.
crios thethNotes: tropic.
crithQuotation: a’ chrith. Notes: sheep’s distemper – shaking is main symptom.
cruibQuotation: Bha cruib air. Notes: He was doubled over.
cuairt-shlugainNotes: whirlpool.
cuairtean móraNotes: latitude, longitude.
cuibheasachNotes: average.
cuilcQuotation: a’ chuilc. Notes: wire frame for large dresses.
cuileanQuotation: A chuilein! Notes: used as term of respect < cù.
dàilgeinNotes: fàistneachd.
dàlaisteanNotes: delaying tactics.
dàilisdeanNotes: delays on an errand.
da-léirNotes: the eye-socket.
da-lìrNotes: part of forehead right above the eyebrow.
daordQuotation: Cha tàinig daord ás.
di-leumNotes: a halter to prevent horses from going into corn-field.
dìocladhNotes: cessation in heavy rain – short break; a short, dry interval between showers.
diosganachNotes: well-to-do alcoholic sent to an out-of-the-way place.
dogannaNotes: crotchety in ill-temper.
doirbNotes: diminutive person or creature; runt.
dòirneagNotes: a large rounded stone.
donnagQuotation: Thug mi donnag dha. Notes: a hard blow.
donnagNotes: large fish caught with linn-mhóra.
drabhan-eallaichNotes: dragonfly.
drabhasNotes: a loud person.
driseachNotes: a place of stunted bushes that never grow beyond a foot to food and a half: sometimes on flat ground, sometimes on slope of a hill.
druiteagNotes: a small amount of potatoes, etc.
dubh fhadNotes: second peat cut from a bank.
dubhar-gealaichNotes: eclipse of moon.
dubhar-gréineNotes: eclipse of sun.
duilleagNotes: stomach.
dunaidhNotes: misfortune, ill luck; mishap.
eangarraNotes: surly, churlish.
éigheach-tathaisgNotes: shout heard be people outside before a person died. A fairy called Caoineag in charge of it. Her laments heard in vicinity where death imminent. Last heard in Skye about 1910 in vicinity of Portree. Wailing heard in the immediate vicinity of Portree. Matter brought to attention of Rev. Norman MacLeod, most learned [?] of his day. Said that holocaust would follow. Fulfilled in 1914 War.
falbhanQuotation: cas-an-fhalbhain. Notes: something given on loan which goes its rounds in a village.
feannagQuotation: cas-feannaig. Notes: sewing in a crow-foot pattern.
fàgNotes: sound of duck.
failQuotation: fail-muc. Notes: a pen.
fàireachasNotes: peering furtively at a person or thing.
fàthNotes: principle of a thing.
fàth sgrìobhaidhNotes: appendix (to a book).
feannadhNotes: cutting top off peat-bank: elsewhere rùsgadh. Stripping the turf off.
feothalanNotes: a useless person, nonentity.
feurlannaichNotes: growths on cattle.
flionaNotes: what you see coming from the sky. Mixture of snow and rain.
flogachNotes: fawning, full of blarney.
fòdarNotes: pewter.
frachdNotes: refuse, esp. useless potatoes.
fraoch-easraidhNotes: heather taken in for bedding for cows.
frith-chraicionnNotes: corn on foot.
fuaradhQuotation: Chan eil fois no fuaradh air. Notes: He’s not relaxing or cooling down.
fuar-shlatanQuotation: Dh’fhalbh e ’na fhuar-shlatan leis a’ ghaoith. Notes: something blown to pieces by a strong wind.
fuasgladhNotes: diarrhoea. Euphemistically used for buineach.
galaghadNotes: from galla!!! See cuilean.
galar-greadhanNotes: a chest affliction common in animals.
gaothan malairtNotes: trade winds.
gèablaidNotes: name for a duck.
geadhachailNotes: applied to person actively or busily engaged in a lot of different activities. Skye and Islay.
geamNotes: third winning round in game of cards.
geanaichNotes: covetous.
geopNotes: gossip: small talk.
gille-mac-guirmeinNotes: field-scabia – small flower.
ginealachNotes: semen.
giùdNotes: a lewd person.
glamhadhNotes: snapping, e.g. by a dog.
glaodhanNotes: old potato, the inside of which has decayed, leaving nothing but outer skin.
glas-chnòNotes: padlock.
glas-chròNotes: padlock.
globastairNotes: foolish talker.
globsachNotes: female equivalent of globasdair.
glutachNotes: bloated.
gocanQuotation: gocan cuthaig.
gogaideachdNotes: excitement, also adj. gogaideach.
goilQuotation: goil chruaidh – potato still raw, goil bhog – potato ready.
gormadhQuotation: Bha ri [sic] gormadh fad na madainn. Notes: scanning horizon looking for individual or object. (Uist word)
gothNotes: a satirical remark or description.
gothadhNotes: biting or satirical remark.
greadanadhNotes: roasting. Also hot blaze of sunshine: greadanadh gréine.
greataQuotation: Cuiridh mi great air. Notes: a wash.
gréighearachdNotes: domineering or bossing.
grunnanQuotation: an grunnan. Notes: = grioglachan. The Pleiades.
gucagQuotation: Bha gucagan air bàrr an uisge. Notes: bubble.
gurrachdailNotes: mournful cry of wood-pigeon.
hùbhithillQuotation: Chaidh e gu hùbhithill. Notes: He went nowhere.
huisteirNotes: call for a horse: < O.N. hestr.
N. MacDonald (1975)
rothlaisQuotation: duine rothlaiseach. Notes: malapropism.
bailbheQuotation: Thàinig bailbhe air a’ chràdh. Notes: a brief interval of freedom from pain.
dobhNotes: doubt.
dùradanNotes: a tiny particle of dust.

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