Mòine / Peat-Working

Shawbost Junior Secondary
Lewis, Shawbost
1. Ag ullachadh na talmhainn airson mòine a bhuain
rùsgadhremoving the turf to get at the soft peat.
glanadhfurther clearing of the surface.
2. A’ buain na mònach; na h-innealan a chleachdar; ainmean nam fàdan, etc.
poll mònaa peat bank.
blàr mònaa large area of [peat] banks.
ath bhlàran area that has been cut [for peat] before and is being used again.
grobhaga very small peat bank.
riasgthe soft peat.
carcairportion of peat bank stripped of the top turf.
bàrr-fhàdtop tier of peats.
fàd a’ ghàraidhsecond tier of peats.
caoranlowest tier of peats.
corfhàdanthick peats cut from outer edge of bank.
gàradhrows of peats on top of each other at front edge of bank.
gearradhcutting the peats.
sadadhthrowing the peats.
sgiobaa band of workers for peat-cutting.
tairisgeira peat-iron for cutting.
spaidspade for taking the turf off the bank.
ceapa small turf, sod.
ris a’ mhòinecutting the peats.
3. A’ tiormachadh na mònach
rùdhadhstanding the peats on end to dry.
ath rùdhadhmaking them [i.e. peats] into bigger heaps.
rùdhana small heap of peats.
ath rùdhana bigger heap of peat.
4. A’ cruachadh na mònach
aiseaggathering the peats to one place.
stéidheadhmaking a wall of peats round the stack.
ceapadhcovering the stack with turf.
5. A’ toirt na mònach dhachaigh; an cliabh, etc.
6. Seòrsachan mònach
mòine dhubhblack peat.
mòine bhànlight coloured fibrous peat.
7. Faclan eile

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