Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald R. Morrison ( Dòmhnall R. Moireasdan )
Na Hearadh, Scalpaigh [Harris, Scalpay]
[1975 on the slips]
  • [NOTES: the words have been slipped and therefore, apart from the definitions provided by Mr Morrison, the definitions as they appear on the slips have also been included (unless the two were the same).]
Word-list (‘Faclair’)
bàrr-laomaidhover manured crop: forcing the crops with too much manure. [NOTES: the slip has ‘barr’. Definition: Forcing the crops with too much manure.]
poll-dàmhairrutting-soil (deer), rutting-mire. [SLIP: Miry soil in which deer have rutted.]
liughagbaby lythe (fish).
liughag-òir(of the pout species) perhaps pout. Its back is of a golden colour. [SLIP: Perhaps “pout” (?) – a fish whose back is of a golden colour. Vid. ‘liughag’ – baby lythe.]
bleiceinpolish (from blackening I would guess).
sguiligeadhsculling (a boat).
taomadhbailing, digging.
tóaigeadhhoeing (the potatoes).
griobadhnibble (common as with fish).
giobarnachreference to a young cheeky boy.
slìgeachsneaky. (common) [NOTES: the slip has ‘sligeach’.]
bus airsulky. Bha bus air – he was sulky.
threòraisdeleft to his own discretion. Bha e air a threòraisde fhéin – he was left to his own discretion. [SLIP: ‘He was left to his own discretion. (< treòir + prep. pron.?).]
stgudadh[sic] struck. Cha [sic] a sgudadh a mach ás a làmhan. [NOTES: ‘Cha’ was corrected to ‘Chaidh’ possibly by a second hand. The slip has ‘Chaidh…’ Definition: It was struck out of his hands.]
figeirshape. Abair thusa figeir – in the case of a female’s shapeliness or form. [SLIP: Of female’s figure.]
tonagremnant of thread, the remains of a ball of thread or a bobbin. Cnap de dh’fhiùleach snàth.
cabachtell-tale character.
rùdhadh(verb) building or making small heaps of peat. A rudhadh na mònadh. (The way we say it.)
boiseaga lick of oatmeal from the palm or the amount of oatmeal the palm can hold. Boiseag mhine – a palmful.
teiseaga wee skelp on the bottom. [SLIP: A ‘skelp’ on the bottom.]
loirceana fat small baby or boy.
loirceagfemale. Could loircean [q.v.] be opposite – masculine. I remember hearing it being used and it was used in its proper context, I think it was. [SLIP: Heard only once – probably female equivalent of ‘loircean’ q.v. – small, fat baby or boy.]
gadlachcollection (perhaps from ‘gad’).
putaga little fat girl.
ronglife. Càil ach gu bheil an rong ann – am beò. [SLIP: = am beò. ‘Life’.]
gùcana round puny little boy. [SLIP: A rotund, puny little boy.]
Màireagperhaps derived from the name Mary.
fliut neo liuthaving details. Fliut aige air a h-uile càil – details of everything.
steimhanstunned. [NOTES: The slip has ‘steimhean’. Definition: Stunned (?). Vid. ‘steimheanach.]
steimhanachstunned. (Perhaps same meaning for both [i.e. steimhan and steimhanach].) [NOTES: the slip has ‘steimheanach’. Definition: Stunned (?). Vid. ‘steimhean’.]
liacradh or liagradhas putty is being pressed and spread with a knife onto a board.
truisealadha rub.
druthachwhooping cough.
chialagan expression of affection towards a young person or animal, when suffering of pain or discomfort.
tulgadhrocking (as of a cradle). A’ tulgadh na creathlach.
baibseacha cheeky, forward female.
rù-ràany old way.
reicluxuriously. Perhaps meaning something of the same or same [as ròic above].
seicealchackle. [sic] [SLIP: Heckle (for dressing flax). Morrison had: chackle – ?!]
torchan!interjection (call-name) for a bull. [SLIP: Used when calling for a bull.]
sgiolbare of flesh. Cha ’eil sgiol air. [NOTES: the slip has ‘Chan eil sgiol air.’ Definition: Bare (as of flesh).]
tunndraida female through overweight not having a fragile movement as say in the event of jumping etc. Overweight female if you like. [SLIP: Overweight female.]
bruiseagtouch of sweeping – slight touch, with a brush.
ramailair or ramlaira person jumping the queue.

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