Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald R. Morrison
Na Hearadh, Scalpaigh [Harris, Scalpay]
  • [NOTES: six word-lists paper-clipped together. See below for details.]
  • [NOTES: the words have been slipped and therefore, apart from the definitions provided by Mr Morrison, the definitions as they appear on the slips have also been included (unless the two were the same).]
1. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
riasglaichbarren land.
easgaichdanger spot in the ground not showing, boglach. [SLIP: Danger spot in a bog which is not at first apparent.]
curasupport. Deag [sic] charaid agus deagh chura. (Scalpay)
fuadhsomething to frighten, in other words bòcan. [SLIP: Something to frighten a person. – similar to ‘bòcan’.]
fàisnichean object that makes you shirk, move with fright. [SLIP: Something which sends shivers down a person’s spine.]
aislinnshadow. Vanity of life sometimes or always referred to as aislinn, perhaps another form of aisling (aislinn, Scalpay).
aisneisreport. Cha chuala mi aisneis. (Scalpay, old phrase)
bàrdainnadvice. Fo bhàrdainn – under an advice given to leave a house, as say eviction. [SLIP: Advice; (example) – having been ‘advised’ to vacate a house – equivalent of an eviction order.]
iomchoirmalice, droch rùn. (Scalpay) (I think it’s a dying word.)
giulancoffin and bearers. (Scalpay)
stocancabbage. Stocan càil. (Scalpay)
taosgachhalf measure.
piosdaldisrespected person. [SLIP: A person who does not command respect.]
coinneanwee ember, éibhleag bheag theine.
ràmhaicheanoarsmen. [NOTES: slipped under ‘ràmhaiche’ with plural: ràmhaichean. Definition: Oarsman.]
talc ùrbrand new, or newly done thing. [NOTES: slipped under ‘talc-ùr’. Definition: Brand-new, or something newly done.]
gràin an aman[sic] extreme hate (in connection with the soul). [NOTES: slipped under ‘gràin’ with a note ‘in phrase:–’ gràin an aman (sic – ‘anam’ meant?)’. Definition: Extreme hate.]
grain-cuirp[sic] [hatred] of a milder form [than gràin an aman [sic] q.v.]. [NOTES: slipped under ‘gràin-cuirp’. Definition: Extreme hate – but milder than ‘gràin an anma [sic]’ qv.]
2. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’) dated 1975
mailleadhearly morning. Obair mhailleadh. (Ann am facail eile neo ann am facal eile – moch-thràth.)
conghairheavy seas breaking against a rocky shore, roaring billows. (Scalpay, old)
gruimean‘prick’. Gruimean grànnda. (Scalpay)
earnachgalair cruith (black disease?). (old)
tairignail. (Scalpay) [NOTES: slipped under ‘tarag’.]
creachadhrobbing. A’ creachadh nan nead.
créicheadhGalair mo chréicheadh! – leaving me completely void. (Not a too heavy a stress on the accent.) [NOTES: the accent on ‘e’ is in brackets.]
robhassign. Cha robh robhas air – not a sign of him (he is lost). (Scalpay)
caoirneana flash of sparks, or sparks in the dark. Na chaoirneanan dearga.
rotadhforced. Cha [sic] a rotadh a mach ás an tigh. [NOTES: the quotation on the slip has ‘Chaidh…’.]
eitigskeleton form, a disease effect, disease (Scalpay). Derived or another form of eitigh. [SLIP: Like a skeleton, caused by disease. (uncertain as to whether this is an adjectival or nominal form or both)]
coinnleagscum of thick fat on broth. Nach ann air a tha choinnleag. (Scalpay) [NOTES: the quotation on the slip has ‘…a tha a’ choinnleag.’]
làr-an-lathadaybreak, (or at) sunrise.
gàin’-an-lathadaybreak, (or at) sunrise. [See làr-an-latha.] Perhaps the two terms originated from one another. (Unheard now in Scalpay, old terms.) [SLIP: Prob. < gainnead an latha – ‘scarcity of day’. > daybreak, sunrise.]
3. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’) dated 25/06/1975
siathairea person of ill repute.
siachairea person of ill repute. [See siathaire.]
molltairmould. Cumaidh sin ’na mholltair e. – That will keep him in his frame of mind. (Scalpay) [SLIP: Mould. Ex: That will keep him in his “frame of mind” (calm?).]
gàin’-an-lathaalready noted but to define it was pronounced accented. But the definition point is: gainne-an-latha, gainnead-an-latha – scarcity of day is my definition of it. Lànachd an latha – làn-neairt – deireadh an latha.
aithneachadh-an-lathaliterally knowing the day. [NOTES: slipped under ‘aithneachadh’. Quotation: aithneachadh an latha.]
bradag(also) hazy sun.
dioclaan exceptional [sic] heavy downfall of rain.
liathasan item received free like wood on the shore (say) and set aside for to be taken some other time: thence someone else coming and taking it. [SLIP: When an item has been in a place freely for the taking (eg. wood on the shore) and set aside to be picked up at a later date – and then someone else comes along and takes it!]
slabhraidh-ceannsaichcontrol chain as a chain running from the wheel house of a vessel to control the rudder. [NOTES: slipped under ‘slabhraidh’ with ‘slabhraidh-ceannsaich’ as the quotation. Definition: Control chain – eg. which runs from a boat’s wheel-house to control the rudder.]
4. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’) dated 27/06/1975
iarball-stùacha dragging annoyance. [SLIP: A “dragging annoyance” (a worrying annoyance?).]
earachaolI am not definitely sure of this word. I haven’t heard the word now since years. I take it to mean leanness of spring. I remember hearing it something thus: anns an earachaol – in the leanness of spring, referring to cattle or cow or sheep, beasts in particular.
earrachaol[See earachaol] leanness. Taking into account the bare tail [?] etc. showing signs of the leanness. Check from other sources. I can remember hearing the word used once on Scalpay, but since: no.
àmhuilttemperature. Another word I remember hearing but as to its true definition, I am afraid I cannot tell but with one definition as noted above, I think you may insert likewise unless you will find a contrary version, or you may have the meaning already. Doesn’t it show or sound to the effect of words or the word or one of the word groups of the ember family – but in this case Tha e fo àmhuilt, when referring to the sick person or patient.
tuamtaiseancoma. Again I am not really sure of this one, but its own context perhaps explains: tuam – tomb, taisean – bones. Cha’n ’eil ann ach na taisean.
5. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’) dated 27/06/1975
taiseancoma. I think this word also denoted ‘coma’, perhaps tuam-taisean – a heavy coma if it’s quite in order to express it likewise?
conachairlong lingering illness, or patient under such condition. [SLIP: Long, lingering illness or a patient suffering from one.]
dìle-bhàiteunusual heavy shower. [SLIP: Unusually heavy shower of rain.]
dearg‘witness’. Cha do dhearg mi air nì ri itheadh. [SLIP: To witness.]
deargadhpress? Cha deargadh fhiacail air dad. (I find words indicating meaning likewise. Don’t you?)
malcadhpressing with the hands. [NOTES: Slipped under ‘malc’. Quotation: a’ malcadh. Definition: To press with the hands.]
ganogsan iron crosswise fixed over a basket full of herring, with a hook on each end which is inserted into both handles of the basket, a ring in the middle of the bar into which a rope is tied or spliced, thus the basket full of herring being hoisted from the hold of the boat on to the pier – a common portrait years back – the word for this ‘contraption’ is unheard of now, I think; which was ‘ganogs’. Illustration or diagram (the diagram is not too good, it will give you an idea):
basgaid-sgadainherring basket.
burtonthe rope for hoisting or heaving the basket, hoisting rope. [SLIP: Hoisting rope (particularly for herring baskets?).]
sùilring. [SLIP: Ring (as in ‘iron ring’ etc).]
sgitearsoft mess, as of a soft mixture of clay etc, spilling, or mud being squelched. [SLIP: Soft mess, eg. mud being squelched in or soft mixture of clay spilling.]
steic-bhraghadvocal cord. [NOTES: the slip has ‘steic-bhràghad’.]
cainleanta(of) enormous (stature). A chainleantachd – having all his faculties, and of unusual proportion. [SLIP 1: Cainleanta. Definition: Of enormous stature.] [SLIP 2: Cainleantachd. Definition: Being in possession of all one’s faculties and being of great stature.]
cluais(also) handle. Cluais na bascaid – as the herring basket already referred to. [NOTES: the slip has ‘cluais na basgaid’. Definition: Handle.]
glogainrestlessness. Glogain na mara.
ciombolla collection of heather, burden amount tied collectively. Ciomboll fraoich. [SLIP: Bundle of heather – the amount tied collectively.]
geamlagiron bar, lever, used in quarrying stones.
aileiridhnight wake, ‘for the dead’.
garacha young raven.
maide-froisea bar of wood used to strike corn with for to remove the seed.
palla-tarsainndividing wall.
bun-stice-nan-stiallto the very foundation.
neipeige (pl. neipeigin)handkerchief.
sgioltatrembling with a sense of merriment, or emotional joy. [SLIP: Trembling with merriment or emotional joy.]
guirmeanblue [sic] used to whiten linen.
croislichdisagreement or quarrel between two persons.
roileisgconfused orally, uninterested ‘gabble’. [SLIP: Confused gabbling.]
pacaidferry boat.
crois(also) cumbersome.
baitsebatch. A batch of cement. [SLIP: Batch (eg. of cement).]
bàidsebatch. [sic] [badge?] A batch [sic] in the lapel of a jacket. [SLIP: Patch (in the lapel of a jacket).]
càirneinempty-headed, or empty skull. Càirnein Dhòmhnaill, bhuail an còmhradh air càirnein Dhòmhnaill – on his empty skull, showing no effect. Old term.
càireanroof of the mouth.
starabhaigheadhchipping off parts so as to fit the required thing. So to speak ‘starving’, to me it could have derived from such word by its sound. It is colloquial star a… [NOTES: second ‘a’ underlined.] [SLIP: Chipping off parts of an object so that it can fit into the container.]
raoighseid (pl. raoigseidean )[sic] raisin.
curan (pl. curans)currant.
ciochan-tràghadseen on the rocks of a pale reddish colour. [SLIP: Seaweed (?) – of a pale reddish colour and found on rocks.]
crotaga bent female, small.
cnaganachhard nut of a man.
cleit(also) wooden piece nailed to the inside part of a gunwale of a boat for fastening rope to – wooden rope fastener. In English – cleat. I may have given this definition of it somewhere else but it doesn’t matter. [SLIP: A piece of wood nailed to the inside of the gunwale of a boat – to which a rope is fastened. A cleat.]
durag or durragyoung pig.
bràigh-cillsecurity. Cuir fo bhràigh-cill e.
cartadh‘carting’, cleaning (and ‘carting’ the ‘manure’ from) the byre.
cairteadhbarking nets. [NOTES: originally slipped under ‘cairteadh’ but then changed to ‘cartadh’ with ‘cairteadh’ as the quotation.]
tearrachaila h-iomaghain tearrchail [sic] – of a dun colour (female), not the same as earachol already noted. I do not think it’s the very same although there may be slight connections.
teòsided. Cha do theò e riamh ris. – to the person who caused the hurt, or hurt him. [SLIP: ‘He never sided with him’ (with the person who caused him hurt).]
6. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’) dated 1975
bàrr-ròc(also) seaweed nearest the surface. [SLIP: Seaweed nearest surface of sea.]
plopimitating word for the sound of a cork pushed out or pulled out of a bottle. [SLIP: To express the sound of a cork being pulled out of a bottle.]
dad-dad!interj., hold on! hold on!
h-aoigh! h-aoigh!interj., hold on! hold on! Also: word of warning. [NOTES: slipped under ‘haoigh’ with ‘Haoigh-haoigh!’ as the quotation.]
geardpocket watch-chain, watch chain, from the breast pocket, worn by the male folk. Cha [sic] fhac thu duine riamh cho eireachdail ris, le geard òir. (old phrase) [NOTES: the slip has ‘Chan fhaca thu…’. Definition: Watch-chain, worn from the breast pocket. Word no longer used.]
logaidlocket, chain locket of a pocket watch.
prìne-banaltrumnurse pin.
bròineagpoor creature, termed to a female, word expressing sympathy.
praoidhteadhpiecing together in a temporary fashion.
garabhaidh(also) boyfriend. (old term)
carabhaidhcaraway seed (already referred to is spelt with the ‘c’ but colloquially there is the distinction).
sgoltadhdisembowelling (fish) but Cha ’eil sgoltadh aige de a their e – he does seem to break apart from telling such ‘fictitious’ matter or untrue verbal matter. [NOTES: the quotation on the slip reads ‘Chan eil sgoltadh aige dé their e.’ Definition: 1. Disembowelling of fish. 2. (above) “he does seem to break apart from telling such ‘fictitious’ matters”!]
diùthaidhharmful person.
tat-tat!interj., wait! wait!
tut-tut!nothing! nothing!
od-od!now! now!
h-o-ho!a converse impression.
ai! ai!showing interest, or indication [of] appreciation from what is heard.
och! och!expression, or words collaborating with sadness etc. = series. [SLIP: Interj. conveying sadness.]
rauladhrolling. (rauladh – colloquially spelt) [SLIP: Rolling (phonetically spelt).]
sgiolsense. Cha’n ’eil sgiol sgur aige.
cuachag(also) wee dish.
tuaim-adhlaicburying tomb.
sàillaibhfor the sake. Cha [sic] mi ann air sàillaibh m’athar. (Scalpay) [NOTES:  slipped under ‘sàillibh’. Quotation: Chaidh mi ann air sàillibh m’athar. Definition: For the sake of.]
poit-dhubhstill towards the production of whisky.
scràbaglot. Abair thusa scràbag.
crotaichehumped back.
crùbaichepliable to bends [sic]. [SLIP: Humped back. [sic]]
sgrothachruggedness. Aodann sgrothach. [SLIP: Rugged.]
sgraitseach‘telling off’, rebuke. Thug mi sgraitseach air or Thug mi sgraitseach dha.
stóthadhstowing, packing.
stiomstrip. Stiom anairt. [SLIP: Strip (of cloth).]
stùrs(also) ‘chivers’ [sic] [shivers?].
sgaoirtsquash. Cha [sic] e na sgaoirt. [NOTES: the quotation on the slip reads ‘Chaidh e ’na sgaoirt’.]
fraochanthe leather ornamental or decorated impression strip across the toe of a shoe. [SLIP: Leather cap across toe of shoe.]
francas(also) rumpus.
buicean(also) little bag. Buicean cloimhe – little bag of wool. [NOTES: the slip has ‘buicean clòimhe’. Definition: Little bag (eg. of wool).]
bracsaidha disease, sheep disease. [NOTES: slipped under ‘bragsaidh’ with ‘bracsaidh’ as the quotation. Definition: Braxy.]
tinneas-caitheamhwasting disease. [SLIP: A “wasting disease” – prob. T.B.]
tàradhchance. ’N uair a gheibh mi tàradh. (Scalpay)
briogais-ghlùineadhknee breeches.
briosgais-mhòisglin[sic] ‘muslin’ trousers. [NOTES: slipped under ‘briogais-mhòisglin’. Definition: Moleskin trousers.]
dongalaidbig, exceptionally big. Fhuair e dongalaid mhor. – in connection with stones. (Scalpay) [NOTES: the slip has ‘mhòr’. Definition: Big stone.]
shumpairjumper, drill. Do ghiaraich e ’n shumpair ud. – hand drill. (Scalpay) [NOTES: slipped under ‘shumpair (sic)’ but the slip also suggests ‘tumpair (?)’. Definition: Jumper, drill.]
seàrsachinteresting amount. Fhuair e seàrsach mhath dhe. [SLIP: A good amount.]
scàrsachinteresting amount. [See seàrsach.]
suithean-cruaidhte[?] preserved sillock, salted and then dried hard. [NOTES: slipped under saithean-cruaidhte. The first vowel in the first word is a bit unclear but it could be ‘u’ rather than ‘a’.]
casa-góblaigeanopen legged, as riding a horse. Bha e casa-goblagain [sic] air a mhuin. [NOTES : slipped under ‘casa-góbhlagan’. Quotation: Bha e casa-góbhlaigean [sic] air a mhuin. Definition: Astride.]
suidsencouragement. Bha e cur suids ris. (Scalpay)

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