Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D.R. Morrison ( D.R. Moireasdan )
Na Hearadh, Scalpaigh [Harris, Scalpay]
  • [NOTES: the words have been slipped and therefore, apart from the definitions provided by Mr Morrison, the definitions as they appear on the slips have also been included (unless the two were the same).]
Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
bubaideplunger. From the term bobbing up and down, or perhaps back and fore or horizontal.
spitchireachdspeeching [sic]. [NOTES: Slipped under ‘spitireachd’. Definition: Speechifying.]
spleadharsaich(also) acting, showy performance, (individually) antics.
geimhlichanchor chain (boat).
sgairt-phaìticha breeze of wind, blowing from the North or West, of a keen drying nature. [SLIP: A drying breeze from the north or west.]
sgairt-thuraidh[See sgairt-phàitich] causing draught. [SLIP: A drying breeze from the north or west which tends to cause draughts.]
aghachoimheachfalse face (spelt colloquially), what children use as marauders at Halloween, in Scotland. [SLIP: Mask (as said in Scalpay).]
aghaidh-choimheach[See aghachoimheach.]
tioranachdry period of weather.
cùnadhsparing. Tha i cho math air cùnadh. (Scalpay) [SLIP: Sparing (sic.).]
caisiregrumpy person.
sglamhairea person who retorts. [SLIP: A person who answers back.]
piocairemean person.
spiocaire[See piocaire.]
dùraigeadhdesire. I have heard it used: Tha ’n dùraigheadh air? – not in Scalpay, not from a Scalpach but there may be another meaning? [SLIP: Desire. Example given was heard by informant, but not from a native of Scalpay.]
spiachdlainnspectacles (colloquial).
ònaidsilly female.
Dolanpersonal name derived perhaps from Dòmhnallan.
gàgachhesitatingly. [SLIP: Hesitating.]
garaichdeadhloud rebuke or loud retort. Thug e garaichdeadh thuige – he send him… (Literally, Scalpay.)
sgeimheadha sudden sharp, irritable answer.
sgeimheana person prone to answer irritably.
cròsag or cròiseaga female of exceptional economy, eager to produce and save as much as possible.
put-iarbailltail-buoy of a fleet of drift nets, that is the one farthest away from the boat, when the nets are set.
cuirt or ceirttrade.
fuaidreagartificial fish lure, sand-eel.
piollachraged [sic]. [SLIP: ragged.]
griobarnacha cheeky, interfering person, a brat.
sgil(also) fluency.
fuasgladhrelief, eloquence. Tha “fuasladh [sic] facail aige tha comasach”.
fuasgailteagile. Duine fuasgailte.
sgairt[See sgairt-ghaoth.]
sgairt-ghaothdrying, sharp breeze.
sgùragfaint wind from the hills, derived from sgùr.
“sgoir-bheag”wee crevice. Notice the similarity we have in Scalpay: Beinn Sgòrabhaig, the highest part of the island of Scalpay, Harris.
sgiathcataract. Sgiath air a shùil.
gosuntil. Gos ’n d’fhuair e ann.
tàirneachhitting him effectively, as a knock-out punch in boxing. [SLIP: Hitting a person effectively, as a K.O. punch in boxing.]
buille-’b(h)àisfatal blow.
snag-bhuilleas of teeth in the cold.
theap or theipalmost. I spelt the former in this form I think (h-ip) demonstrating a little difference in pronunciation, which in this case matters little, for to note, and could perhaps be dismissed as the first is not grammatically spelt I think.

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