Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D.R. Morrison ( D.R. Moireasdan )
Harris, Scalpay
  • [NOTES: a letter and three word-lists paper-clipped together. See below for details.]
  • [NOTES: the words have been slipped and therefore, apart from the definitions provided by Mr Morrison, the definitions as they appear on the slips have also been included (unless the two were the same).]
1. Letter dated 26/1/1976
2. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
làmh chàrteachaptly handed as in the case of a handyman, who is readily capable of turning his hand to a job he can master in a tidy order, passable although unskilled may account as coming near the mark, so to speak. [NOTES: the slip has ‘làmh-cheartach (?)’. Definition: Used of person able to turn his hand capably to a variety of jobs.]
dallapsconsiderable draughts as of drink, beer or such like extra. Ghabh e dallaps mhath dhe. [SLIP: ‘Considerable quantity of drink, beer etc.’]
stalairtbalance, ‘spring balance’ for weighing.
bismeidbalance, ‘spring balance’ for weighing. (Lewis) [NOTES: the slip has ‘bismeid (biorsamaid)’.]
turaidboat (of a particular shape and more associated with oars, of bulging sides, and hips so to speak). [SLIP: Boat with bulging sides.]
suaipswab [sic]. [SLIP: ‘Swap’.]
dréin-a-chraoisface impression.
dréam-a-chraoisface impression.
spéileaganbits. Cha [sic] i na spéileagan dha’n iarmailt. [NOTES: slipped under ‘spéileag’. Quotation: Chaidh i ’na spéileagan dha’n iarmailt. Definition: ‘Small fragments’.]
3. Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
geineacheager. [NOTES: the slip has ‘geineach / gionach?’]
sguadsguad. [squad?]
clòimhtichfluff as on a fledgeling.
snath-còcrachnet twine.
slaparquite a fair amount.
pleintridhwood (plain [sic] tree). Ràmh plèindridh [sic]. [NOTES: slipped under ‘plèindridh’. Definition: ‘Plane tree’.]
ribheanaichskin peelings.
frileagwavelet. Gun fhrileag gaoithe. Not common on Scalpay, more associated with Uist.
altachasadjustment of feet in position from a sitting posture.
crutabhairword of surprise or denoting something coming to a person unaware.
ruaidhdisease (of the rheumatism form).
ruaidh-chaoichdeveloping process in this complaint [i.e. ruaidh], or galloping process (as galloping consumption term of expression). [SLIP: Rapid development of disease.]
gillidh-òrmsembroidery in frills.
4. Letter (23/2/1976) and word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
fiodag(interj.) as in the case of a person finding some other person not correct in a debate, or a dispute, will retaliate: fiodag! fiodag! Term more associated with children. [NOTES: the slip has ‘fiodag!’. Definition: Interj. of disagreement in debate or dispute – partic. among children.]
gala-bianainphosphorescent light in the sea. Scalpay rendering gala-bianain, whereas in other sources gula-bianain.
dagafors[?] dagger force; (corruption?) Cha chuireadh an daga fors [?] ás dha. (Scalpay) [NOTES: See also ‘dachdafors’ below.]
side. Dé an tù air a bheil e?
tutanadhill at ease, moved irregularly. [SLIP: Irregular movement of one ill-at-ease.]
dachdafors[?] dagger force. Also pronounced ‘more generally’ as spelt here (still used).
tinneasnagadhobscurity. Dé an tinneasnagadh a thàinig air co-dhiù? The probability of arriving from tinneas, or der[ived] likewise.
nagadhnagging. Could be some effect nagging.
caoirbhean‘measure of wind’, of a force 4 wind. Th’an [sic] aon chaoirbhean tha sud oirre. (Scalpay expression) Could have orig[inated] fr[om] ‘gaoir-bheann’. [NOTES: the slip has ‘Tha ’n aon chaoirbhean tha sud oirre.’ Definition: Used of the force of the wind.]
conablachbroken in two, broken. Rinn e conablach dhe. Could have der[ived] from co-ablach. [SLIP: Something broken.]
faoileag-bheag-a-sgadainherring gull. (Scalpay) [NOTES: the slip has ‘faoileag bheag a’ sgadain’.]
balgam(also) tea break; mouthful. Thig a steach ach a faigh thu balgam or strùpag. (Scalpay)
bloinigfat, blubber.
slopandangling fat; or loose flabby flesh dangling underneath the mouth of an extra fat person. Slopan ris an sgòrnan aige.
sliseag(dim[inutive]) wee shaving of wood.
h-ùrd, h-àrdcommotion, rumpus.
againnus. (Scalpay pronunciation)
fìsiglaxative, medicine used as in the case of constipation, physic.
fuail(also) urine.
bhalsadhparading, constant walking (waltz). Dé am bhalsadh ort. (Scalpay)
smeirseamnudge, as: Cha do leig e smeirseam leis. (still current on Scalpay)
loinneadhwallowing as in mire.
ceipsteancapstan for hauling on a boat.
sguit‘shelf’ in boat or seat, in the stern or in the fore part etc.
earrachaol(this is it) a dead carcase of sheep. Th’an [sic] t-earrachaol agad. A carcase of a dead sheep on the croft to bring ill luck from one’s croft it was transferred to another croft: therefore the ill luck also supposed to be transferred likewise (from an old Highland superstition etc etc.)

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