Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Donald R. Morrison ( Dòmhnall R. Moireasdan )
Na Hearadh, Scalpaigh [Harris,Scalpay]
[1975 on the slips]
  • [NOTES: the words have been slipped and therefore, apart from the definitions provided by Mr Morrison, the definitions as they appear on the slips have also been included (unless the two were the same).]
Word-list (‘Cruinneachadh de dh’fhaclan’)
sgean-imleig‘navel knife’. (I am not sure if it’s the same instrument: I remember hearing it, but cannot say exactly what kind.) [NOTES: the slip has ‘sgian-imleig’. Definition: Navel-knife.]
spain-adhaircspoon made from a horn.
maighstirurine kept until it ferments, mùn goirt.
striteaganfinest components of water. [NOTES: the slip has ‘striteag’ as the catch-word with ‘pl. striteagan’. Definition: “Finest components of water” > globules?]
stratagansparks from fire. Perhaps I could always define striteagan [q.v.] as ‘sparks’ from water.
boca-na-buisrichean‘witches’ bag’. To me the term sounded as indicated. It may be a variation from the buidseachd form. Perhaps it is also found in various ways. We also use buidseachd or were using it here in Scalpay.
buisricheanspell. [NOTES: the slip gives the quotation ‘boca-na-buisrichean’. Definition: Witche’s [sic] bag; ‘buisrichean’ – spell.]
stol-sìthichetoad-stool (sìthiche – fairy). Now, I am not quite certain of this compound word; if you cannot find another definition, I could imagine it quite appropriate for you to accept it. I recollect it only very vague. [NOTES: the slip has ‘stòl-sìthiche’. Definition: Toadstool (but uncertain).]
spàglachbowly, bowly legs.
sguainea tall female.
sgramagcoating of fat on broth.
seibheilteachtall man.
duainidhunattractive. Nach i tha duainidh (dun).
sgitheadhsking [sic]. [SLIP: skiing.]
slat-iasgaichfishing rod.
banadhassure. Theid mis’ am banadh dhiut [sic]. [NOTES: the slip has ‘Théid mis’ am banadh dhuit’. Definition: I assure you…]
piolasgmetal disc.
gàdagshoulder strap, for carrying a burden. [SLIP: Shoulder strap for carrying something heavy.]
spioladhplucking. Spioladh na cearc.
loireachdrab colour, murky colour, muddy colour, discolour. Nach h-e tha loireach. (I am afraid I hadn’t made it quite clear as previously noted – loireach being colour description.) [NOTES: the slip has ‘Nach i tha loireach’. Definition: Dun-coloured.]
druga, drugaichean[pl.] drug.
cuileanused in an addressing term: Tha, a’ chuilein. – yes, friend? Mo chuilean gaolach. [NOTES: both on one slip. Definition: Puppy; also – a term of endearment.]
caonnagstrife. Tha’n aon chaonnag air…
ás-a-rianout of control. Mar duin’ ás a rian.
clàr-meigheshow-piece. Rinn e clàr-meighe dhe? [sic]
clàragwooden frame for a fishing line.
meigh(also) weight for a fishing line.
staca(chimney) stack of a house. Staca siucar dubh.
crogan-simileirchimney can.
coileach-gaoitheweather cock.
leòsanpane of glass.
feinsefence, lann.
rosgulblustery. Rosgul na Bealltuinn.
shuganjug. [NOTES: slipped under ‘siugan’.]
buarachcow fetter.
ceanglachansling. (I am not quite sure again at the moment. I think I am right.)
rabhlaichcrying, crying in the deep croaking sound. [SLIP: Crying – making a deep, croaking sound while doing so.]
sgioblaidean‘gatherings’. Cuiridh mi mo sgioblaidean ’na mo sgùirt [q.v.]. Perhaps from sgioblachadh (likely).
sgùirtlap-pouch, outer garment pulled in the front to the waist to serve as a carrier bag. Common custom in former years with women-folk. [SLIP: Outer garment pulled up to waist level to act as a pouch.]
griadhladh(an interesting amount), fair amount, meaning the same as radhladh as a reference to fish in a net. [SLIP: Referring to fish in a net, a ‘fair amount’.]
làmhagwee hand touch. Toirt làmhag an dràsda ’s a rithisd air – a wee touch, giving it a wee touch. [NOTES: the slip has ‘… a rithist’. Definition: A slight touch.]
spuineanserving by string, whipping.
spùtsense (diarrhoea). Cha ’eil spùt aige.
spreodanachadhpoking. Spreodanachadh ’n teine.
dubbadhdipping. [NOTES: slipped under ‘dubadh’.]
glais-sgeira rock with soil and grass growing on it. [NOTES: slipped under ‘glas-sgeir’.]
sgeir-dhubhblack rock, of black colour.
maide-mora heavy mallet, heavy log. [NOTES: the slip has ‘maide-mór’.]
sgaraiceadhan angry bout. Leig e sgaraiceadh thuige.
siolachill. Siol’ uisge bheatha.
ceòlana short musical programme.
salainn-rousaigidhsalt thrown on fish as a temporary preservation until the actual curing process is done or undertaken. [SLIP: Salt sprinkled on fish as a temporary preservation method.]
bonn-òirsovereign coin.
bonn-airgidsilver coin.
airgead-beòquick silver. [NOTES: the slip has ‘airgiod beò’. Definition: Quicksilver.]
snaim-fuadainrunning knot.
snaim-caillichgranny knot.
sùileaganthe eyes or holes through which the thread goes in a loom. [NOTES: slipped under ‘sùileag’ – pl. sùileagan.]
straing-tomhaisa measuring line.
guradhnegligence, going waste.
crausgachuneven, unshapely.
scrùtadhcursing, swearing.
scrùtadhscruting [sic].
gómadaichvomiting. [NOTES: the slip has ‘gòmadaich’.]
dithean-marasea-pink. I think there was another name for this flower besides dìthean-mara [sic]. I have only this as thinking of it termed like-wise. I am [not?] able to recollect further at the moment. [NOTES: slipped under ‘dithean-mara’. Definition: Sea-pink.]

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