Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Hector MacKinnon
Coll, Sorrisdale
lacha-mhórNotes: eider duck.
lainntearNotes: lantern.
liabh (sic)Quotation: [lʹiɤvər[ɑi]v]. Notes: blade of the oar.
losgadh-casNotes: caused by dried sweaty socks in summer.
meilicheartanNotes: chilblains.
meurQuotation: meur an troighsgeir. Notes: the cutting blade of the peat-cutting iron.
mileachadhQuotation: Bha mi air mo mhileachadh leis an fhuachd.
móineQuotation: móine chòsach. Notes: light, stringy peat.
móineQuotation: móine chruaidh. Notes: black peat.
rionnagQuotation: rionnag a’ dol air iomraich. Notes: shooting star.
rocNotes: a rocky patch where tangle grows.
roileanNotes: roller put under a boat.
ròsQuotation: a’ ròs. Notes: redness of the skin.
ruchdQuotation: ruchd fheòir. Notes: stack of hay.
ruige[rɤɡʹə] Notes: lamb born with only one testicle or not cut right.
sitinn[ʃitʹĩnʹ] Notes: used formerly for a dung-heap.
iasgarraQuotation: Tha a’ slat sin nas iasgarra. Notes: better for fishing.
iochdarQuotation: iochdar a’ bhlàir.
iomairQuotation: rionnag a’ dol air iomraich. Notes: shooting star.
iomallQuotation: na h-iomaill. Notes: edge, used when talking of the edges of a piece of turf.
iomramQuotation: ag iomram. Notes: rowing.
pliathachNotes: splay-footed.
prabagNotes: coil of hay.
proiteadhQuotation: a’ proiteadh a mach a’ bhuntàta. Notes: casting bait in handfuls to attract saithe.
sgeir-iasgaichQuotation: a’ dol a ionnsaidh a’ sgeir-iasgaich.
sgraingQuotation: Sin a’ rud a chuir sgraing air. Notes: loathing.
sgriosadhQuotation: a’ sgriosadh. Notes: cleaning the top of the skinned peat-bank.
sileNotes: piece of flooring at the stem of a boat.
siosarQuotation: siosar chaorach. Notes: shears.
slocNotes: a small gully.
smàladhQuotation: a’ smaladh [sic] an teine. Notes: banking the fire.
spiocaid[spjwxkɑdʹ] Quotation: spiocaidean buidhe. Notes: yellow rivets used in soling shoes.
spògQuotation: spòg ghiomach [sic]. Notes: claw of lobster.
stàdagNotes: a long step.
stallaNotes: a cliff.
stàthNotes: swathe.
steàrnal[ʃtʹɛ:ʴṉʹɑɫ] Notes: tern. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
stràcNotes: drake.
stubagNotes: patch of water in soft ground.
suil-chritheach[sic] Notes: quagmire.
susadh[sɤsəɣ] Quotation: a’ susadh. Notes: lining the peat-bank.
tàbhQuotation: tàbh chudainnean. Notes: hand net.
taomanNotes: baler.
tarraing[t̪ɑrĩnʹ] Quotation: tarraing chudainnean; a’ cur a mach tarraing. Notes: a fine-meshed net that was put out when the tide was in, trapping young saithe when the tide ebbed.
teine-sionnachainNotes: phosphorescence.
teinntean[tʹʃınʹdʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: four or five peats stacked to dry.
tinneas-cléibh[tʹĩnʹəskle:] Notes: asthma.
toireadhQuotation: auger.
tòisneachdQuotation: a’ tòisneachd. Notes: beginning.
troighsgear[t̪ɾ[ɤı]ʃɡʹɑɾ] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
trom-lighe[t̪ɾomˈlʹiə] Notes: nightmare.
uachdarQuotation: uachdar a’ bhlàir. Notes: peat-bank.
ailmNotes: helm.
asbhuainNotes: stubble.
atarQuotation: atar bhuntata. Notes: ground where potatoes were planted the previous year.
ath-cheapachNotes: land ploughed for three years in succession.
bàsaichNotes: sometimes used when referring to humans. “Shiubhail e” more usual.
blàrQuotation: blàr móine.
bod-saicNotes: snipe.
brogNotes: an awl with a flattened tip.
buachairQuotation: Far a bheil a chro ud a’ buachrach. Notes: dropping dung.
biorach[bɛɾɑx] Notes: dogfish.
ceapNotes: last.
ceapQuotation: ceap na glùineadh. Notes: knee-cap.
ceirle[cɛʴlʹə] Notes: ball of wool or rope. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
claise[kɫɑʃə] Notes: byre drain.
clod[kɫɔd̪] Notes: a big half-dried peat.
cnàmhlach[kɾɑ̃:u̜ɫɑx] Notes: large-boned man.
cnotag[kɾɔ̃t̪ɑɡ] Notes: curlew.
còsachQuotation: móine chòsach.
crachdQuotation: crachd arbhair. Notes: “hut” of corn.
croighleachQuotation: croighleach de mhart. Notes: poor, thin beast.
crùbanNotes: crab.
cuartlan[ku̜ɤʴsɫɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: a’ cur cuartlan. Notes: making a loop, a circuit. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
cudainnNotes: cuddy.
cuilc-FhrangachNotes: bamboo used as fishing rods.
deigheannach[dʹeən̪ɔx] Notes: ice.
dùnNotes: dung-heap.
easgannNotes: eel. (Tiree – feasgann.)
eun-dubh a’ sgadainNotes: puffin.
faoileagQuotation: faoileag a’ tighinn air an fhairge. Notes: white tops on the waves.
feannadhNotes: turfing (peat bank).
féithich[fe:iç] Notes: soft, boggy ground.
fileachan[filɑxəṉ] Quotation: Tha na fileachan orm. Notes: skin breaking behind the nails.
flagais[fɫɑɡiʃ] Notes: after a heavy haul of cuddies/saithe in October, a trench was dug and alternate layers of cuddies and peat dross were put into it. This was covered with turf divots. Renewed in late spring and put on lea land where corn was to be sown. This trench was called “flagais”.
fòid (sing)[fɔ:dʹ] Quotation: fòid móine. Notes: single peat. Pl. fòidean.
forcQuotation: forc móine. Notes: two-pronged fork used for forking peats. Flat prongs.
gearra-bhonnQuotation: gearra-bhonn leathrach. Notes: leather half-sole.
gearra-bhuinnichQuotation: a’ gearra-bhuinneachadh nam bròg. Notes: soling shoes.
geothadhNotes: a gully.
glas-talamhNotes: lea land.
gulmQuotation: gulm na móineadh. Notes: dross.

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