Blàthan-Leighis / Medicinal Plants

Jean (Jeannie) Gibson
Mull, Bunessan, Ardtun, Knockan
Christina MacGillivray
Mull, Burg
Angus Henderson
Mull, Tobermory
John Campbell ( Teonaidh Chailein )
Mull, Bunessan, Taoslainn
  • [NOTES: Mr Boyd uses different colours of ink to distinguish informants. In this file, in order to preserve the distinction, the informants’ names have been inserted before the sections they contributed.]
A. Plant medicines
1. Diseases in the head area
[Jeannie Gibson]
cairt a’ chaineilMint tea. Disease: headache (ceann goirt). Part used: leaf and stem. How prepared: boiled. Sources of information: aunt.
[Christina MacGillivray]
fuaran tuirneipTurnip poultice. Disease: abscess.
2. Respiratory diseases
[Jeannie Gibson]
fuaran-sgeallainWild mustard poultice. Disease: pneumonia, colds, pl [sic] [pleurisy?]. Part used: leaves and stems. How prepared: mixed with hot water to form a kind of paste, and then put between two cloths. Can also simply use cold mustard leaves and stems in a bandage (bànn-arad).
3. The blood
[Jeannie Gibson]
cama-mhilCamomile. Disease: chilblains (millicheartain). Part used: roots and flower and stem. How prepared: boiled to form camomile lotion (ola-cama-mhil). Lotion just rubbed on, not covered.
[Christina MacGillivray]
lìon an damhain allaidhSpider’s web. Disease: cuts, wounds.
4. The bowels and stomach
[Angus Henderson, blacksmith (retired), Tobermory (79)]
cuach PhàraigGreater plantain. Disease: piles. How prepared: whole plant (including roots) boiled in water until very little water left. Butter then mixed with finely ground oatmeal. Formed an ointment.
5. Bladder and kidneys
6. Other internal organs
7. Gynaecological complaints
8. Skin diseases not already mentioned
[Jeannie Gibson]
a’ chopagDocken. Disease: burns. Parts used: leaves. How prepared: leaf put against burn with bandage.
[Christina MacGillivray]
rusg buidhe nan creagYellow lichen on rocks by shore. Disease: burns. How prepared: lichen boiled until nearly dry, then mixed with fresh butter to make an ointment.
9. Acute diseases
10. The skeleton and muscles
B. Treatments which did not involve the use of plants
C. Veterinary medicine
[Jeannie Gibson]
seannasLike honeysuckle. For constipation in cattle and other stomach upsets. Leaves and roots boiled and then strained.
[John Campbell (Teonaidh Chailein), Taoslainn, Buneasain]
mart trì foilBog bean. Cattle – constipation. Boiled and then strained. Known as ‘tribhealach’ (also taken as tonic by people when mixed with lucozade and/or shandy, etc.)
D. What do you think is the English name for the plants called in Gaelic:
[Jeannie Gibson]
móthanLadynut. ‘Braonan’ in Mull. (Used to eat them.)
[braonan][See móthan]
cairmeal, carra-meilleCamomile.
E. Any further information about your sources
F. Other information not covered above

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