Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

James Clark
Ross-shire, Dornie, Morvich
Quotation: là roimh ’n dé [ɫɑɾɔ̃nʹe:]. Notes: the day before yesterday.
linneQuotation: linne thuathal. Notes: whirlpool, as at the bottom of a waterfall.
maide-ceangail[mɑ̃dʹəcɛ̃u̜ɫ] Notes: rafter. (?)
marbhQuotation: Tha e duilich a mharbhadh. Notes: it is difficult to digest.
miosaQuotation: Ach gu mìle miosa, ’s ann a bha an duine sin roimpe. Notes: but a thousand times worse (than that)…
raonapo[rɤ̃:ṉəpo] Notes: rainbow.
ròdQuotation: ròd buntàta [rɔd̪]. Notes: potato drill.
slatQuotation: cabar-slait. Notes: his name for a stag which had antlers with no points on them, except, perhaps, for one at the base.
neothadh[nʹɔ̃həɡ] Quotation: a’ cur an crann gu neothadh. Notes: when the plough is adjusted to turn a narrower furrow.
salacharNotes: afterbirth.
sannt[s[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪t̪] Quotation: a’ cur an crann gu sannt. Bha ’n còrr sannt air a’ chrann. Notes: when the plough is adjusted so as to turn a wider furrow.
seobhagQuotation: a’ seobhag-ghorm. Notes: peregrine falcon.
seòrsadhQuotation: a’ seòrsadh nan uan. Notes: sorting lambs according to quality for the sale. (gan topadh – 1st quality ’s gan seotadh – 2nd quality)
seotadhQuotation: a’ topadh agus a’ seotadh nan uan. Notes: separating the first and second quality.
sgathachQuotation: Tha móran sgathaich so an duine sin. Notes: boasting, exaggerated talk.
sgrùbhan[sɡɾu̜:ɑṉ] Notes: a “hut” of corn.
sguidsigeadh[sɡu̟ḏʃiɡʹəɣ] Notes: “switching” – cutting the top off the bracken.
slathais[sɫɑhɑʃ] Notes: strips of wood horizontally laid on the thatch and pinned down by the “dromanach”.
sléiteag[ʃlʹe:tʹɑɡ] Notes: sledge pulled by horses.
smàladhQuotation: a’ smàladh an teine. Notes: banking the fire.
smod[smɔ̃d̪] Quotation: a h-uile smod dheth. Notes: piece, particle.
spaigh[spɤi] Notes: swathe.
spealQuotation: a’ speal Ameireaganach. Notes: a scythe which just had the one shaft with two pegs on it.
spèicQuotation: na spèicean. Notes: the planks of wood used to carry the coffin.
stair[st̪ɤɾ] Notes: stepping stones.
stic[ʃtʹiçc] Quotation: droch stic. Notes: bad stick.
stuadhQuotation: stuadhan maola. Notes: end walls of thatched houses where the gable end only went as high as the front and back walls.
stuadh[st̪u̜ɤ] Notes: gable end.
tarbh-nathair-neimh[t̪ɑɾɑvn̪ɑ̃əɾnʹɛ̃] Notes: dragonfly.
teàrnadhNotes: descending.
tòrsginn[t̪ɔʴsɡʹĩṉ] Notes: tusker. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.] [NOTES: slipped under ‘toirsginn’.]
topadhQuotation: a’ topadh agus a’ seotadh nan uan. Notes: separating the first and second quality lambs.
tormachanNotes: ptarmigan; butterfly.
tromQuotation: trom a’ chadail. Notes: nightmare.
uan-reith[[ũ̜ɑ̃]rɛ] Notes: young tup lamb.
udalan[u̟d̪əɫɑṉ] Notes: swivel.
ùireadhQuotation: ag úireadh [sic] a’ bhuntàta. Notes: earthing the potatoes.
adQuotation: ad a chaibe-làir. Notes: the handle of the flauchter spade.
adharcan-luachrachNotes: lapwing.
alaire[ɑɫəɾə] Quotation: an alaire. Notes: whisky, biscuits and cheese given at a funeral.
bhann-uiridh (sic)Quotation: a’ bhann-uiridh [əv[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪u̟ɾi]. Notes: the year before last.
bòcanNotes: a ghost, a spectre.
braonNotes: drizzle.
buailQuotation: Tha a’ ghaoth a’ bualadh. Notes: the wind is being diverted from its true course by the mountains.
bun-dubhNotes: bracken pulled out by the roots.
buntàtaQuotation: Buntata [sic] atharnaich. Notes: potatoes which grew from some left in the ground the previous year.
cailbhe[kɑli] Quotation: pl. [kɑliəṉ]. Notes: wattle.
cana[kɑ̃ṉə] Notes: porpoise.
carbadQuotation: a’ charbad. Notes: base for a coffin with two shafts, one at the head and one at the rear, protruding from the sides. Four people carried it.
carcair[kɑɾkəɾ] Notes: byre drain.
càrn-slaodNotes: sledge.
cas-ruamhairQuotation: a’ chas-ruamhair. Notes: sometimes used for “a’ chas-chrom”.
ceanna-mhàgNotes: end-rig.
ceapaireQuotation: an ceapaire Glasach. Notes: Strathglass bannock – barley bread and mashed potatoes on top.
ciùrrNotes: hurt.
clòineagNotes: snowflake.
cona-mheur[kɔ̃ṉɑvĩɑ̃ɾ] Notes: the point at the base of an otherwise “unpointed” antler (see cabar-slait).
corra-sgritheachQuotation: a’ chorra-sgritheach [kɔrəsɡɾiɔx]. Notes: heron.
cródhadhQuotation: Bha mi a’ cródhadh a choirce. Notes: taking in the corn to the stackyard.
crùnQuotation: crùn a’ chaibe-làir. Notes: triangular cutter of the flauchter spade.
Quotation: an cù agus an gala. Notes: fox and vixen.
dalbhan-allaidh[d̪ɑɫɑvɑṉɑɫi] Notes: spider.
déadhann[dʹe:ən̪] Notes: hobble put on a horse.
diaball[dʹıɤbəɫ] Notes: the overhang of the thatch.
diùbhras[dʹu̜:ɾɑs] Notes: difference.
dorusQuotation: dorus na cadhan (?) [d̪ɔɾəsṉəˈkɑəṉ]. Notes: the door leading into the living room.
dromanachNotes: bent hazel wands (steamed) used for pinning down the strips which were laid horizontally on top of the thatch.
eibhleagNotes: ember.
faradh[fɑɾəɡ] Notes: hen roost.
fèithNotes: a quagmire where beasts get stuck.
feursaigean[fjɤ:ʴsıɡʹəṉ] Notes: warble flies. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
fóidearNotes: one who follows the plough with a spade turning over the parts left unturned.
fuaideanQuotation: fuaidean a chruinn. Notes: the plough handles.
gadQuotation: gad beithe. Notes: rope made from thin birch wands.
galaQuotation: an cù agus an gala. Notes: fox and vixen.
gaothQuotation: Tha a’ ghaoth a’ bualadh. Notes: the wind being diverted from its true course by the mountains.
glanQuotation: glan a bhó. Notes: when it has got rid of the afterbirth.
glas-talamhNotes: lea land.
gòrachd[ɡɔ:ɾɑxk] Quotation: a’ gòrachd a mach. Notes: peeping. (Or ag òrachd?)
gròmagNotes: oatmeal, whisky and sugar.

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