Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

William Livingstone
Ross-shire, Lochcarron
lanaig[ɫɑ̃ṉɑɡʹ] Notes: a right of way through the crofts.
leadraichNotes: thresh, pound.
leth-ghàireNotes: smug, self-satisfied, cynical smile.
leth-tromach[lʹɛt̪ɾomɑx] Notes: pregnant.
lùm[ɫũ̜:m] Quotation: Cuir a’ lùm rithe. Notes: a wooden support used for keeping boats on an even keel on the beach (usually lunn).
maol-mhullaichNotes: bald patch on the top of one’s head.
marbhphaisgNotes: woollen cloth in which a corpse was wrapped.
mill-cheartanNotes: chilblains.
raithQuotation: Bha e làn raith. Notes: bombastic prating.
riseag[riʃɑɡ] Notes: a potato too small to be planted.
rodailQuotation: Seall a’ rodail a th’air an duine sin, nach e tha dìchiallach. Notes: applied to a person who works extra hard to provide well for his family.
roilleachNotes: slavering at the mouth.
roisean[rɔʃɑṉ] Notes: a frayed or dirty hem of a garment.
rothail[rɔhəl] Quotation: Tha rothail gu leòir ’san fhear sud. Notes: flattery.
rubh-ràthQuotation: Tha ’n àite na rubh-ràth. Notes: in disorder.
rutas[ru̜t̪əs] Quotation: Seall a’ rutas a th’air an duine sin. Notes: greed, e.g. a person trying to get more than his fair share of something such as when collecting seaweed.
athainn[ɑhɑ̃nʹ] Quotation: Tha athainn orm nach d’thàinig e. Notes: vexation, annoyance.
trannlainn[t̪ɾ[ɑ̃ũ̜]ɫĩnʹ] Notes: an ailment.
oidhcheQuotation: Dh’eirich agus dh’fhalbh i ann an corp na h-oidhche.
peitean-mórNotes: a sleeved vest of thick yarn worn by fishermen.
plotadh[pɫɔt̪əɣ] Notes: bad boiling.
seid[ʃedʹ] Quotation: “Tha e air seid.” Notes: a “shakedown” on the floor.
seòl-ràmhainnQuotation: Nach e tha dorcha – ’se seòl-ramhainn [sic] a dh’fheumas a bhith an seo. Notes: prodding about with an oar when in shallow water to find out how close to shore one was.
sgeth-a’ ròinNotes: jelly fish.
sgorNotes: used in Applecross for a thick slice of bread.
sgraingQuotation: Nach seall thu a’ sgraing a th’air a’ bhoirionnach a tha sin. Notes: a bad-tempered frown.
sgreamhail[sɡɾɛ̃ılʹ] Notes: a small spade-like instrument made from wood; used for gathering cockles, spoutfish, etc.
sgrìosan[sɡɾi:sɑṉ] Quotation: Ma tha ise a’ pòsadh bithidh a’ sgrìosan aice a nis. Notes: trousseau. (Dw. – sgriosan – Arran.)
smàglachNotes: a handful.
sos[sɔs] Quotation: Thoir a’ sos dhan a’ chù. Notes: scraps, mixed-up food, as for a dog.
speurQuotation: cuairt na speur. Notes: horizon.
spiùnn[spiũ̜:n̪] Quotation: Cho tioram ris a’ spiùnn. Notes: a tinderbox for catching sparks.
stapagNotes: in Applecross it consisted of oatmeal, sugar and whipped cream (taken from churn).
tàrrQuotation: Tàrr asad. Notes: Hurry up.
teairt[tʹɑʴstʹ] Quotation: Tha ’n crodh air an teairt. Notes: The cows have been sent out to graze before morning milking. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
teiris[tʹeɾiʃ] Quotation: Teiris a nis! or Teiris a mireag! Notes: said to a cow to soothe her at milking time.
te-theothaichQuotation: an te-theothaich. Notes: the hemlock.
tioramQuotation: Cho tioram ris a’ spiùnn. Notes: spiùnn – tinderbox for catching sparks.
ubhQuotation: ubh cliath feannaig. Notes: a hen’s egg that is much undersized.
abhrasNotes: the lower edge of a herring net.
àghQuotation: ceann an àigh. Notes: one who makes himself notorious or undesirably prominent.
airidhQuotation: Chuir mi airidh air nach robh e ceart. Notes: I suspected that he wasn’t right.
àlachQuotation: a’ glanadh a h-àlaich. Notes: this was said of a boat when she cleared her own length with one stroke of the oars, in competition.
àlachdNotes: the carcase of a dead sheep.
anaisgNotes: nickname.
bainne-nan-eichNotes: white clover. (Applecross)
balcQuotation: balc uisge. Notes: a short downpour. (Applecross)
balganNotes: sack made from dried skin, two skins sewn together. Sometimes two long thin bags were carried on the shoulders to balance.
ball-bhùirtQuotation: Rinn e ball-bhùirt dheth fhéin. Notes: complete fool, object of derision.
bithQuotation: Nach ann aige a bha bith dha. Notes: malice. (Applecross)
braisicheNotes: a man past middle age but still lively and virile.
breabadair-làrachNotes: spider.
càiseQuotation: càise baile. Notes: home-made cheese.
càraQuotation: Bu chàra dhomh a dheanamh. Notes: It would be better for me to do it. (Sometimes heard as bu [xɑ:ʴsə].) [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
ceannQuotation: ceann an àigh. Notes: one who makes himself notorious or undesirably prominent.
ceap-tuislidhQuotation: Bha e na cheap-tuislidh dhan an teaghlach. Notes: a stumbling block.
cliathQuotation: ubh cliath feannaig. Notes: a hen’s egg which is much undersized.
cnèapan[kɾɛ̃:pɑṉ] Notes: a small, low stool.
corpQuotation: Dh’éirich i agus dh’fhalbh i ann an corp na h-oidhche. Notes: at dead of night.
crioslachQuotation: a’ chrioslach. Notes: a home-made spear of well-seasoned wood used for spearing fish, c. 5' long.
crùicealachdNotes: patching or mending old clothes.
cuairtQuotation: cuairt na speur. Notes: the horizon.
cuiseagNotes: a switch, e.g. of birch as used for hurrying a cow.
dorusQuotation: an dorus catha. Notes: the door leading into the living room.
dubhQuotation: Thug mi dhà gu dubh e. Notes: I gave him a good telling off.
dubhQuotation: ’S e an dubh éiginn a thug air sin a dheanamh. Notes: dire necessity.
eadar-dha-lìnNotes: suspended in water.
éiginnQuotation: ’S e an dubh éiginn a thug air sin a dheanamh. Notes: dire necessity.
feannagQuotation: ubh cliath feannaig. Notes: a hen’s egg which is much undersized.
fìdhleirQuotation: am fìdhleir. Notes: the sandpiper.
frith-ainmNotes: nickname.
fuarachdNotes: a more recent word for chilblains.
gàbart[ɡɑ:bəʴsṯ] Notes: a flat-bottomed wide boat used principally for transporting sheep and cattle. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
gearra-bhoc[ɡʹɑrɑvɔxk] Notes: sea urchin.
glanQuotation: a’ glanadh na h-àlaich. Notes: this was said when a rowing boat cleared her own length with one stroke, in competition.
gòrag[ɡɔ:ɾɑɡ] Quotation: Dh’fhosgail i ’n dorus ach cha d’thug i ach gòrag. Notes: a quick, sly look.
gròbagQuotation: Dh’fhàg mi gròbag bheag fosgailt dheth. Notes: a slight opening, of, say, a door or window.
grunndailQuotation: Tha e grunndail fuar. Notes: It is somewhat cold. (Used of the weather.)
guruchdag[ɡu̜ru̜xɡɑɡ] Notes: haycock.

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