Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

D. MacP
Skye, Harlosh
làidirQuotation: talamh làidir. Notes: ground which has lain fallow for a number of years.
lamaisdeachadhQuotation: Tha e feumach air lamaisdeachadh math a thoirt dha. Notes: a good “pummelling”.
lapanQuotation: Ghabh i lapan leis an fhuachd. Notes: She became benumbed with the cold.
lapanaichQuotation: a’ lapanachadh leis an fhuachd. Notes: getting benumbed with the cold.
lathachQuotation: Tha e air lathach leis an fhuachd. Notes: getting numb.
leQuotation: Chaneil Gàidhlig aige-san leis nach eil Gàidhlig aig athair.
leacachNotes: flat.
leas[lʹes] Notes: a covering of dirt or mud, e.g. on the rump of a cow after lying in a dirty stall or on the hem of a garment which has been trailing in the mud.
leòbQuotation: Bheireadh tu leòb a t-òrdaig. Notes: a sliver.
leumnach-uaineNotes: grasshopper.
lideir[lʹidʹəɾ] Notes: a slap.
lidreachadhQuotation: Fhuair e lidreachadh math. Notes: He got a good beating.
lidrichQuotation: Lidrichinn e. Notes: give a good beating.
lior[lʹwɾ] Quotation: lior de rodain, de dh’fhaoileagan, de ròcaisean. Notes: a collection, usually of animals or birds.
luathaireachQuotation: clann luathaireach. Notes: restless, always on the move and up to something.
lunnNotes: wooden roller put under a boat, also used for the wooden supports used under the sides of the boat to keep it upright.
lùrach[ɫu̜:ɾɑx] Notes: a slow, clumsy person.
lùrachail[ɫu̜:ɾɑxɑl] Notes: clumsy, slow-moving.
màdagNotes: a female crab.
màthair-mhóineadhNotes: the outside peat.
meilich[mɛ̃liç] Quotation: Bha mi air mo mheileachadh leis an fhuachd.
riasbail[riɤsbɑl] Quotation: Tha mi uamhasach riasbail. Notes: I’m in an awful guddle.
riaslach[riɤsɫɑx] Quotation: Tha mi uamhasach riaslach. Notes: untidy, the house in disarray, etc.
trogNotes: lift.
ioma-chathadhNotes: whirlwind.
neo-shunnd[nʹɔ̃hən̪] Quotation: Ghabh a’ bhó neo-shunnd. Notes: e.g. a beast which had eaten too much.
neo-shunndach[nʹɔ̃hən̪ɑx] Notes: in poor trim.
òbhainn[ɔ:vĩnʹ] Notes: oven.
òraisQuotation: Tha ’n òrais orm. Notes: the desire to vomit. (Also òrais-thilgeadh.)
òrais-thilgeadhQuotation: Tha ’n òrais-thilgeadh orm. Notes: the desire to vomit.
piocas[pjwxkəs] Notes: chickenpox.
prabagNotes: a small “coil” of hay with a hole through it to allow the passage of air.
sacNotes: asthma.
sgaoilteachNotes: area on top of peat bank where peats are spread out to dry.
sgeth-runnagNotes: shooting star.
sgreamh[sɡɾɑ̃f] Quotation: a’ gabhail sgreamh de rud. Notes: when one gets so tired of something that it becomes distasteful. (sgreamhal [sic] – adj.)
sgreamhail[sɡɾɑ̃fɛl] Notes: disgusting.
sgrotadh[sɡɾɔt̪əɣ] Quotation: a’ sgrotadh. Notes: taking shelter. (“Chaneil iad a’ deanamh càil ach a’ sgrotadh” – said of people who avoid work – shirking.)
sguiligeadh[sɡu̟liɡʹəɣ] Notes: sculling.
sianQuotation: Chaneil sian ann. Notes: sianadh also used.
sianQuotation: siantan de dh’uisge. Notes: sheets of driving rain.
siol-gobachNotes: sand-eel.
sleamhnan[ʃlʹɛ̃ũ̟ṉɛ̃ṉ] Notes: sty.
sliubachQuotation: sìde sliubach. Notes: very wet weather.
smalagNotes: saithe a little smaller than average herring.
snaoth[sn̪w̃:] Quotation: an t-snaoth. Notes: funeral bier.
spaoiligean[spwlıɡʹɑṉ] Quotation: spaoiligean sìl. Notes: a seed.
stair[st̪ɤɾ] Notes: stepping stones or temporary bridge, e.g. across a burn or peat-bank.
stalachdach[st̪ɑɫɑxkɑx] Notes: dense, dim-witted.
stamasan[st̪ɑ̃mɑsɑṉ] Quotation: a’ bhó a’ stamasan air feadh na stàla. Notes: restlessly moving about in the stall.
tàirmeasach[t̪ɑ:ɾmw̃sɑx] Notes: difficult to please.
talamhQuotation: talamh làidir. Notes: ground which has lain fallow for a number of years.
taomanNotes: baler in a boat.
teinntean[tʹĩ:nʹɛ̃ṉ] Notes: several peats built up to dry.
teò-chritheachNotes: warm-hearted.
tobhtaQuotation: tobhta thogalach. Notes: removable seat in a boat.
toitQuotation: toit choirc. Notes: a “hut” of corn.
tolg[t̪ɔɫɔɡ] Notes: a dent, a hollow.
tollach[t̪ɔɫɑx] Quotation: ’S ann tollach a bha e nuair a chunnaic e cho beag ’s a thug mi dhà. Notes: showing dissatisfaction.
traon[t̪ɾw̃:ṉ] Notes: corn-crake.
treasadach[t̪ɾesɑd̪ɑx] Notes: ground which has been ploughed twice after lying fallow for a number of years (1. talamh làidir. 2. athcheapach. 3. treasadach.)
triuthach[t̪ɾu̟həx] Notes: whooping cough.
tuimNotes: water inside a boat.
ucsaNotes: full-grown saithe.
uibhreachdQuotation: a’ cur uibhreachd air rud. Notes: seeing a difference in something. (Lewis – a’ cur umhail air rud.)
aogQuotation: a’ dol aog. Notes: deteriorating.
at-buinnNotes: swelling on the sole or heel of the foot from going about barefoot.
ath-cheapachNotes: ground which has been ploughed once after being fallow for a long time. (1. talamh làidir. 2. athcheapach [sic]. 3. treasadach.)
bachallagNotes: sprout growing on potatoes in spring (before planting).
banachdachQuotation: a’ bhanachdach. Notes: vaccination, smallpox.
bigean[bıɡʹɛ̃ṉ] Notes: used of small birds in general. (Na bigeanan – hen’s chicks.)
bigeireachdQuotation: a’ bigeireachd ri rud. Notes: “picking” at something, e.g. when doing a job, not working at it consistently.
bladh[bɫɤɣ] Quotation: duine gun bhladh. Notes: a useless person; one who hasn’t the ability to do anything properly.
blasQuotation: Ghabh mi blas a’ chnagain dheth. Notes: I got sick tired of it, e.g. eating too much of a thing.
bléideagQuotation: bléideag sùidh. Notes: a smut of soot.
blèireamQuotation: duine gun bhlèiream. Notes: a useless person; one who hasn’t the ability to do anything.
bradanQuotation: bradan leathainn. Notes: halibut.
breacNotes: salmon.
breacadhQuotation: a’ breacadh a’ phuill. Notes: lining the peat-bank and cutting divots without actually removing them.
brìgQuotation: brìg mhóineadh, brìg bhuntàta. Notes: a heap.
bruchdachQuotation: caora bhruchdach. Notes: a sheep having black and white patches on its face, one colour usually predominating.
bruchdach[bɾu̟xkɑx] Notes: showery day with sunny periods.
bruchdlach[bɾu̜xkɫɑx] Notes: dirty, ragged.
bùidsearNotes: butcher.
buille-thuig[bu̟lʹəhu̜ɡʹ] Notes: injury caused to the toes when walking about barefoot.
burgaid[bu̟ɾu̟ɡɑdʹ] Notes: a laxative as formerly given to cattle.
calcasNotes: stringy peat.
cas-bheagQuotation: ’ga cuir air a’ chas-bheag. Notes: one peat lying on its side and two others propped up against it.
ceanna-chnagNotes: braces at the ends of the seats of a boat.
cearbanNotes: basking shark.
céir[ce:ɾ] Notes: red, wax-like substance found in the belly of the lobster.
ceumQuotation: Bha ceum crùbaich ann. Notes: He had a limp.
ciùbhrachQuotation: ciùbhrach uisge. Notes: drizzle.
cleata[klet̪ə] Notes: wooden fixture put on the gunwhale of a boat for tying the sail ropes.
cléireachNotes: male crab.
cnaimh-runnach[kɾɛ̃:vrũ̜n̪ɑx] Notes: horse-mackerel.
crùbachQuotation: Bha ceum crùbaich ann. Notes: He had a limp.
cuachQuotation: Tha e cho math a dhol dhan a’ chuaich. Notes: bed. (cuach – nest)
cuaicheanQuotation: Tha ’n cat na chuaichean aig an teine. Notes: a ball.
crotNotes: flat piece of wood put on either side of an oar where it passes between the “cnagan” (tholepins) to prevent the oar from chafing.
cuirQuotation: a’ cur an greim [ɡɾɤım]. Notes: installing, fixing (used when talking about putting batteries into the wireless).
dile-bhogan[dʹı:ləvoɡɑṉ] Notes: soft, boggy place – same as “sùil-chruthaich”.
drollaNotes: handle of pail, pot, etc.
duanaidh[d̪u̜ɤṉi] Quotation: là duanaidh. Notes: a dull day.
dùndarach[d̪u̜:n̪d̪ɑɾəx] Notes: dour. Also used as an adj. “Chaneil ann dheth ach dùndarach.”
eiteach[etʹɑx] Notes: The bevelled joint between the planks in a boat. (See Dw.)
fairc (sic)[fɑɾçc] Notes: lobsters’ retreat among rocks.
faireQuotation: Chan fhaic mi fàireadh air an dràsda. Notes: I don’t see a sight of him just now.
flagais[fɫɑɡiʃ] Notes: dung heap.
foileigean[fɔlɛɡʹɛṉ] Quotation: Ciamar a tha thu an diugh a’ foileigean. Notes: a pet term for a small boy.
fraoch-crionachNotes: withered heather. (Lewis – fraoch-leath.)
frasNotes: eggs in the female lobster.
frithearnaich[fɾıhəʴṉiç] Notes: ragnails. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
fròghaidh[fɾɔ:i] Quotation: (1) guth fròghaidh. (2) Tha a’ wireless cho fròghaidh an dràsda. Notes: (1) a hoarse voice (with a cold). (2) lack of clarity in the sound – full of interference, haziness.
gaoisidQuotation: Tha an cù a’ cur na gaoisid. Notes: The dog is shedding its hair.
greimQuotation: a’ cur an greim [ɡɾ[ɤi]m]. Notes: installing, fixing. (Used when talking about batteries to be put into the wireless.)
groigean[ɡɾɔ̃ɡʹɛṉ] Notes: a small portion, lump.
guilbneach[ɡu̟ləbṉɔx] Notes: curlew.

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