Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Charles MacLean
c. 50
Skye, Kyleakin
laic[ɫ[ɑi]çc] Notes: a short nap.
laoichgeann[ɫw:çɡʹə̃n̪] Notes: the carcase of an old beast; an old useless thing.
lasganQuotation: lasgan gàire. Notes: or lachan gàire.
leam-leatNotes: two-faced.
leannan-òinsichNotes: an easily led person.
liasNotes: a glowing peat used as a torch.
lus-na-FraingNotes: tansy.
miolaire[mju̜ɫəɾə] Notes: watercress.
rac-arbhairNotes: corncrake. (Confusion between names for corncrake, snipe, jacksnipe.)
pionn[pj[ɤ̃ũ̜]n̪] Notes: mint.
poll-búireanNotes: area of ground churned underfoot by deer in the rutting season.
seilleanQuotation: seillean dubh, seillean ruadh. Notes: two types of bee.
seópal[ʃo:pəɫ] Notes: wet mud clinging to the hem of a long skirt. (K. Fraser, Breakish – siubal [ʃu̜bəɫ].)
sgallachNotes: bald.
snòdNotes: the length of thin line attaching the hook to the main line.
solusQuotation: solus biorach. Notes: phosphorescent light seen in soft places on the ground.
tobarQuotation: tobar ruadh. Notes: spring or well with iron in the water.
toireisgil[t̪ɤɾɤʃɡʹəl] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
trian-ri-trianNotes: corncrake. (Confusion between names for snipe, jacksnipe and corncrake.)
trì-bhileachNotes: a plant with three leaves on it found in soft places. Boiled for calves. Said to purify the blood.
tuaicheal[t̪uɤçɑɫ] Notes: disease in sheep, involving dizziness.
tuainealaichNotes: dizziness.
artagQuotation: artag cladaich. Notes: ground which is under water at high tide but on which short grass grows.
baobh[bɤ:v] Notes: a “rascally” female.
bodach-baicNotes: outside peat.
bonnachQuotation: bonnach donn. Notes: cake made from oatmeal and fish liver.
bratag-thomhaisNotes: brown caterpillar.
bumailear[bũ̟məlɑɾ] Notes: bungler, big stupid man.
cearcallQuotation: cearcall màis, cearcall meadhoin, cearcall mullaich. Notes: hoops on a barrel.
clisneach[klıʃnʹɑx] Notes: home-made, rough wooden gate.
crith-bheilleag[kɾıvelʹɑɡ] Quotation: Tha crith-bheilleag orm. Notes: when one’s teeth are chattering with the cold.
crom-riabhach[kɾɤu̜mriɤɤx] Notes: a snipe (?) (Confusion between names for corncrake and snipe.)
cuachQuotation: cuach geàrr. Notes: a hare’s nest.
daobhaidh[d̪ɤ:vi] Quotation: duine daobhaidh. Notes: perverse.
dialtagNotes: a bat.
garrach[ɡɑrɑx] Quotation: Suidh, a’ gharraich. Notes: an obstreperous boy.
glamaradhNotes: a vice.
gobhar-adhairNotes: jacksnipe. (Confusion between names for snipe, jacksnipe and corncrake.)
gobha-uisgeNotes: water-ousel.
grath[ɡɾɑ] Quotation: Nach ann oirre bha’n grath. Notes: said of the weather when there’s a very cold wind.
greannanNotes: a short-tempered man.
guitearNotes: a small, narrow culvert.

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