Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Martin MacKinnon
Skye, Kilmuir
05/1970, 06/1970
Quotation: Là gogaireachd. Notes: April Fool’s Day.
lagais[ɫɑɡiʃ] Notes: dung heap. “Bhiodh iad a’ deanamh lag anns an talamh gus an cumadh e an sùgh a bha san inneir.”
laogh-coiseadhNotes: calf at foot.
làrQuotation: Chaneil cho fad o chaidh sin mu làr. Notes: It is not so long since that came to an end.
leacQuotation: leac nam bonnach. Notes: flat stone put beside the fire for toasting scones.
léideagQuotation: léideag, ceum is leum. Notes: hop, step and jump.
leigeadh[lʹiɡʹəɣ] Notes: pus coming from a boil.
léine-bheagNotes: skin inside an eggshell.
leth-òinseachNotes: half-wit.
leth-sgriobQuotation: a’ treabhadh air leth-sgriob. Notes: ploughing only in the one direction, e.g. where there is a fairly steep slope.
leumQuotation: léideag, ceum is leum. Notes: hop, step and jump.
lianradhNotes: wool winder.
linn[lʹĩ:nʹ] Quotation: (1) Tha mi air linn a chuir sios. (2) Thàinig a’ linn as. Notes: (1) eggs put under hen. (2) eggs hatched.
linnseag[lʹĩ:ʃɑɡ] Notes: a film, a thin coating.
lionadhQuotation: lionadh toisich; lionadh deiridh. Notes: brace fore and aft in a boat.
lionadhNotes: the sheaves in the centre of the base of the cornstack.
liunnraich[lʹw̃:riç] Notes: fester.
lodairNotes: ladle.
lòineagNotes: snowflake.
lonaig[ɫɔ̃ṉiɡʹ] Notes: a beaten path, e.g. through the croft.
lòsan[lɔ:sɑṉ] Notes: window-pane.
losgannNotes: sledge – could be drawn by man or horse.
lunnQuotation: na lunnan. Notes: rollers put under a boat.
màganQuotation: a’ falbh air a’ mhàgan. Notes: going on all fours.
magharNotes: fishing fly, preferably made with dog’s hair.
maideQuotation: maide buinn. Notes: the “foot” of the cas-chrom.
maide-feannaigNotes: stick which projects at the end of the ridgepole to secure the rope tying down the thatch.
maide-tóin-eichNotes: stick fixed behind the horse with ropes from it attached to baskets or bags hanging on pack saddles to prevent them from swinging forward when going downhill.
manaNotes: the ghost of a person.
maorach-ealaidhQuotation: Tha mi a’ dol dhan an tràigh a dh’iarraidh maorach-ealaidh. Notes: limpets release themselves from rocks as it gets dark and start to move. Could be picked easily then. (?)
màthair-an-duilisgNotes: Irish moss.
meadalQuotation: Rinn an cù meadal rium. Notes: showed pleasure at seeing me, e.g. wagging tail.
meadalach[mɛ̃d̪ɑɫɑx] Quotation: Bha e a meadalaich rium. Notes: showing pleasure e.g. at meeting somebody (usually used of a dog).
mì-shealbhte[mĩ:hɑɫitʹə] Notes: mischievous.
minichgeag[mĩṉiçɡʹɑɡ] Notes: skin taken from newly born calf, stuffed with straw and put under the cow to induce it to give milk.
moighleanNotes: tied bundle of threshed corn.
móineQuotation: móine chòineach [xɔ:nʹɑx]. Notes: mossy peat.
muQuotation: Chaneil cho fad o chaidh sin mu làr. Notes: It is not so long since that went out of existence, came to an end.
muilinn-fasgnaidhNotes: winnowing mill. Heard of it – not sure of its construction.
mula-mhàgagNotes: frog.
ràc-an-arbhairNotes: corncrake.
ròicNotes: a feast.
rosgNotes: eyelash.
rùbhanQuotation: (1) rùbhan beag. (2) rùbhan mór. Notes: (1) first lifting of peat. (2) made if weather was wet.
ruighinneachadh[ru̜iəṉɑxəɣ] Quotation: Tha sin a ruighinneachadh air an teine. Notes: taking a long time to cook. [NOTES: slipped under ‘righnich’.]
rùsgadhQuotation: a’ rùsgadh a’ phuill. Notes: removing the divots from the peat bank.
riabh[riɤv] Quotation: riabh buntàta. Notes: a row.
athainnQuotation: ann an athainne [ɑhĩnʹə]. Notes: in a position from which, say a beast would not be able to free itself.
ascaoinQuotation: caoin-air-ascaoin [kw̃:nʹɤɾɑʃɡʹĩnʹ]. Notes: inside out.
ath-theinne[ɑhĩnʹə] Quotation: An ann ag iarraidh iasad ath-theinne a tha thu. Notes: half-burnt peat. Said to a visitor, usually when paying a very short visit to a house.
spòg-rùisgteNotes: barefoot. Or cas-rùisgte.
tràighQuotation: cadalan-tràghad. Notes: starfish.
troch-dubaidh[t̪ɾɔxḏɤbi] Notes: dipping trough.
asQuotation: as t-oidhch’. Notes: at night.
iacladhQuotation: iacladh turaidh. Notes: short dry spell in a long wet one.
iobradhQuotation: iobradh beag turaidh. Notes: short dry spell on a rainy day.
iullaNotes: a spot where fish is plentiful.
nasgNotes: rim of “criathar”. Nasg caora: sheep’s skeleton, e.g. as found on the moor.
ochNotes: for ach – but. (Also gloc for glac – catch.)
oidhcheQuotation: as t-oidhch’. Notes: at night.
pàilidh[pɑ:li] Notes: a pet term used for a small creature.
peileagNotes: porpoise.
peiteanNotes: knitted cardigan. Peitean gorm: fisherman’s jersey.
pileag[pilɑɡ] Notes: the petal of a flower.
piurna[pju̜ʴṉə] Notes: reel. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
pleadhagNotes: dibble.
plocanNotes: wooden potato-masher.
pluban[pɫu̜bɑṉ] Quotation: “An robh e ciuin a muigh?” “Cha robh, bha pluban beag oirre.” Notes: presence of slight choppiness.
poitQuotation: poit phràiseach. Notes: cast-iron pot.
poit-ròiseidNotes: iron pot for melting resin.
pràiseachNotes: cast-iron.
putNotes: push.
seachQuotation: a’ dol ma seach leis an deoch. Notes: staggering.
seicQuotation: seic a’ bhuntata. Notes: skin.
seipleis[ʃɛplɛʃ] Notes: soapy water.
sgealbQuotation: sgealb de ghille. Notes: a “lump” of a lad; a youth.
sgethQuotation: sgeth na mulamhàgag. Notes: frog spawn.
sgonnQuotation: sgonn de ghille. Notes: a “lump” of a lad; a youth.
sgonnanNotes: the peg on the cas-chrom.
sgoradhQuotation: a sgoradh na h-eathar. Notes: putting supports under the boat.
sgòrrNotes: support put under a boat to keep it upright – usually a pile of stones. (sgoradh)
sgreab[sɡɾeb] Notes: crust on a healing cut.
sgreagag[sɡɾeɡɑɡ] Notes: small limpet-like shellfish which are found encrusted on the rocks.
sgriachan[sɡɾiɑxɑṉ] Notes: scraper for pots made from heather twigs tied with string.
sguabachQuotation: sguabach fhraoich. Notes: heather brush for sweeping the floor.
simide[ʃĩmidʹə] Notes: wooden potato masher.
siosacot[ʃisəkɔt̪] Notes: tailored waistcoat.
siosar[ʃisɑɾ] Notes: the sharper pincer on the lobster.
slamagNotes: a slug of liquid.
sleamhnaganNotes: sty.
slifeag[ʃlʹifɑɡ] Notes: spurtle.
slisne[ʃlʹiʃnʹə] Notes: earmark.
slisneagNotes: a sliver of wood.
slocQuotation: sloc bhuntata. Notes: potato pit.
sloightire[sɫ[ɤi]tʹəɾə] Notes: rascal, no-gooder.
sluasaid[sɫu̜ɤsɑdʹ] Notes: shovel.
smeigead[smɛ̃ɡʹəd̪] Notes: chin.
smeuradhQuotation: tuba smeuraidh. Notes: tub used when smearing sheep with a mixture of tar and butter.
smodair[smɔ̃d̪əɾ] Notes: crumbs, small useless pieces of anything.
snaidhmleadhQuotation: a’ snaidhmleadh dhubhanan. Notes: fixing the hook on to the line.
snaidhmlichQuotation: Bha na h-easgainn bheaga air an snaidhmleadh air dubhan airson fuaidreag a dheanamh. Notes: string or thread wound round the two.
snàithneanQuotation: snàithnean biathaidh. Notes: the string from top to bottom of a lobster creel which holds the bait.
snàthadQuotation: snàthad na spealadh. Notes: the wire supporting the blade of the scythe.
snàthadQuotation: snàthad cliùchdaireachd. Notes: net-mending needle.
sneathardaich[sn̪ɛ̃hɑʴd̪iç] Notes: sneezing. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
soganQuotation: Bha sogan math air. Notes: happy mood.
soganachNotes: joyful, happy.
sopQuotation: sop arbhair; sop fodair. Notes: a single straw.
spàrrQuotation: a’ sparr [sic] tarsuinn. Notes:
speach[spɛx] Notes: wasp.
spog-rùisgte[spɔɡru̜:ʃɡʹə] Notes: barefoot. (or cas-rùisgte)
sprachdail[spɾɑxkɑl] Notes: forward, bold.
sprúilleachNotes: a mass of useless bits and pieces.
spùtNotes: “scouring” in cattle or sheep.
sreathNotes: the outer row of sheaves in the base of a cornstack.
stailleard[sṯɑlʹɑʴḏ] Notes: a spring balance. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
stair[st̪ɤɾ] Notes: stepping stones across a burn. Also “clachan stair”.
stallagNotes: a slug of liquid.
starachdachQuotation: duine starachdach. Notes: a perverse man; a man not easy to get on with.
staranNotes: pavemented path.
steàirrdean[ʃtʹɑ:ʴdʹɑṉ] Notes: tern. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
steap[sṯɛp] Quotation: steap a’ chruinn. Notes: the piece of wood on the bottom of a boat where the mast fitted.
stocQuotation: stoc a’ lianraidh. Notes: upright rest on which the wool-winder revolved.
stràcQuotation: stràc spealaidh. Notes: swathe.
SuaineachQuotation: tùirneap Shuaineach. Notes: swede.
suidheachanNotes: where the steersman sits in a boat.
sunnagNotes: chair fashioned from a barrel.
taibhsQuotation: Tha taibhs aig an duine sin. Notes: That man has the second sight.
taisgeilQuotation: cluas taisgeil. Notes: left.
tallanQuotation: cùl an tallainn [sic]. Notes: The “lobby” in the thatched houses.
tànaisgeir[t̪ɑ̃:ṉiʃɡʹəɾ] Quotation: tànaisgeir na cruaicheadh. Notes: the widest part of the corn-stack (also crios).
taobhaisdean[t̪ɤıʃdʹəṉ] Notes: where the ithris is fixed to the creel.
taobh-stocNotes: strip around the sides of the boat under the seats.
taragQuotation: tarag sàileach. Notes: a large nail driven up through the heel of the cas-chrom and into the shaft.
taraisgeir[t̪ɛɾɛʃɡʹəɾ] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
tasgaidhQuotation: a’ thasgaidh; mo thasgaidh. Notes: form of address – my dear.
tionndaidhQuotation: a’ tionndrain [tʹ[ɤ̃ũ̜]n̪d̪ɾɑ̃ṉ]. Notes: turning, ploughing.
tionndaidhQuotation: Thionndramaid. Notes: We would turn.
tobhtaQuotation: tobhta throgalach. Notes: removable seat in a boat.
tóghaigeadhNotes: hoeing.
toiresgeir[t̪ɤɾəʃɡʹəɾ] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
toitQuotation: toit arbhair. Notes: a “hut” of 15-20 stooks.
tollQuotation: toll an fhasaig. Notes: bung-hole.
tolman[t̪ɔɫɔmɑ̃ṉ] Notes: a small hillock.
topanQuotation: topan na cruaicheadh. Notes: pointed top of cornstack.
trom-laigheNotes: nightmare.
tuasaidNotes: quarrel, fight.
tubaQuotation: tuba smeuraidh. Notes: tub used when smearing sheep with mixture of tar and butter.
tùirneapQuotation: tùirneap Shuaineach. Notes: swede.
tùirneapQuotation: tùirneap bhuidhe.
ubhalQuotation: Rug e air ubhal a’ sgòrnain air. Notes: Adam’s apple.
udalanNotes: swivel.
uir-sgeul[u̜rwʃɡʹɑl] Quotation: Tha uir-sgeul mór ma dheidhinn. Notes: There [is] a lot to tell about him.
aigeannach[ɑɡʹən̪ɑx] Notes: lively, in high spirits.
ailbheag[elevɑɡ] Notes: a mooring ring in a boat.
ailmNotes: the helm.
àlQuotation: A’ bheil àl math aic’? Notes: can be used of the offspring of sheep, cattle, horses.
àlachQuotation: Bha àlach phocannon aca. Bha àlach ann dhuibh. Notes: a good many.
alladh[ɑɫə] Quotation: a’ gabhail alladh ri duine. Notes: watching a person and sizing up what he was doing.
amharcan[ɑ̃əɾkɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: amharcan na sùil. Notes: pupil.
aobarna (sic)[ɤ:bəʴṉə] Notes: ankle. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
aparanNotes: the flap under the crab’s belly.
àrcNotes: a cork.
ath-cheapachNotes: when lea land is ploughed one year, called ath-cheapach before being ploughed the following year.
bac[bɑxk] Notes: strip of wood fixed on top of the gunwhale to prevent chafing by the oar.
bacNotes: earmark.
badagQuotation: badag itean. Notes: feather brush used on the griddle.
balgQuotation: Tha a’ bho ’n deidh a’ bhalg a bhreith. Notes: at calving.
balg-snàmhNotes: air bladder found inside a fish.
banabhuisleach (sic)Notes: a witch.
banachdachQuotation: a’ bhanachdach. Notes: smallpox, vaccination.
bara[bɑɾə] Notes: a kind of “nest” made at the top of the beach to accommodate a boat.
bàrr-deargNotes: tangle.
bathallagQuotation: bathallag a’ bhuntàta. Notes: the sprout growing on potatoes in spring.
bearradhQuotation: bearradh a’ phuill. Notes: the edge of the top of the peat bank. “An gàradh air bearradh a’ phuill.”
beumQuotation: Beum os a cionn. Beum [fɛ:hə]. Notes: earmark.
biadhtachNotes: raven. Fitheach also used.
biathQuotation: a’ biathadh a’ mhuilinn. Notes: feeding the threshing mill.
bocsaQuotation: bocsa nan éildearean. Notes: the area in front of the pulpit where elders sit.
boidheachNotes: pron. buaidhach [bu̜ɤiɔx].
boillseadhQuotation: boillseadh dhan a’ ghrian. Notes: short spell of sunshine.
boiteagNotes: earthworm.
bonnach-grùthanNotes: same mixture as in ceann-cropaic.
bòrdQuotation: bòrd giùlain. Notes: funeral bier.
bota[bɔt̪ə] Notes: a broken, bare spot of moorland (where the surface has broken).
bragailNotes: forward, bold.
braghaidQuotation: braghaid cunnlach. Notes: straw-collar.
bràighQuotation: bràigh an tighe. Notes: bedroom in a blackhouse.
bràigh[bɾɛ:] Notes: a boat’s mooring rope.
branndairQuotation: branndair an dreasair. Notes: slatted shelf under the dresser where pails of water were usually kept.
bratagNotes: (1) caterpillar. (2) worm found in potatoes.
breacNotes: salmon.
briogaisNotes: breeching.
brùchdNotes: seaweed driven onto the shore.
brùghNotes: belly – usual term.
bugha[bu̟ə] Notes: pl. bughaichean. Used by M. of a soft marshy place from which the water doesn’t run.
buidseachdQuotation: Tha buidseachd aice. Notes: She has the power of witchcraft.
bùigire[bu̟:ɡʹəɾə] Notes: puffin.
bùireinQuotation: Tha ’n tarbh a’ bùirein. Notes: bellowing.
bùlasgQuotation: bùlasg poiteadh. Notes: handle of a pot in two parts, hooked at the top.
bunQuotation: a’ chluas man a’ bhun. Notes: sheep’s ear cut off.
buna-bhuachailleNotes: Great Northern Diver.
buntàtaQuotation: buntata [sic] tràth. Notes: early potatoes.
buntàtaQuotation: buntata [sic] atharnach. Notes: potatoes growing from these left in the ground the previous year.
bùrachQuotation: a’ bùrach. Notes: digging.
butarrasNotes: dirty weather.
biorachNotes: calf’s spiked muzzle.
biorachNotes: a horse over one year old.
cabadhQuotation: a’ cabadh a’ bhuntàta. Notes: cleaning potatoes with a hoe.
cachailean[kɑxəlɑ̃ṉ] Notes: (1) an opening in a stone dyke through which cattle passed. (2) wooden gate with wooden hinges on it. (cachaileith usually)
cadalan-tràghadNotes: starfish.
caibe[cebə] Notes: the iron tip on the foot of the cas-chrom.
caille-biananNotes: phosphorescence.
caisgQuotation: Chaisg iad na h-uain; laogh air a chasg. Notes: wean.
caitheamhQuotation: a’ caitheamh na cloicheadh. Notes: putting the shot.
calaQuotation: cal-fhaoileag [kɑɫw:lɑɡ]. Notes: flock of seagulls, as over a patch of sea where herring are present.
camard[kɑ̃mɑʴḏ] Quotation: Tha ’n camard orm. Notes: stiff neck. [NOTES: slipped under ‘camart’.] [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
caoinQuotation: caoin-air-ascaoin [kw̃:nʹɤɾɑʃɡʹĩnʹ]. Notes: inside out.
caoraQuotation: caora bhrògach. Notes: a sheep with tufts of black wool in her fleece.
carbhaireachd[kɑɾɑvəɾɑxk] Quotation: lodair air a carbhaireachd. Notes: carved.
casgQuotation: Chaisg iad na h-uain. Laogh air a chasg. Notes: wean.
cas-rùisgte[kɑsru̜:ʃɡʹə] Notes: barefoot (or spog-rùisgte).
cathadh-maraNotes: spindrift.
ceangal[cɑ̃ɑɫ] Notes: the rope tying the cow in the byre.
ceannQuotation: ceann-dubh a’ tighinn air a’ ghealaich. Notes: moon just beginning to wane.
ceanna-chnagNotes: knee-piece at the ends of the seats in a boat.
ceannard[cɑ̃n̪ɑʴḏ] Notes: where horses turned when ploughing. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
ceann-maradhNotes: the rope between the buoy and the anchor (cruaidh).
ceann-maothan[cɑn̪mw̃:hɑṉ] Notes: the joint between the two planks in a boat.
ceapQuotation: ceap bròigeadh. Notes: shoe last. [NOTES: slipped under ‘ceap-bròige’.]
cearban[cɛɾɛbɑṉ] Notes: basking shark.
cearcNotes: female crab. Also cleireach (m) and altruman (f).
ceistNotes: can be an arithmetical sum. (Lewis – cuistean)
ceumQuotation: léideag, ceum is leum. Notes: hop, step and jump.
cioch-shlugainNotes: uvula.
cipeanNotes: tethering pin.
cire-mirean (sic)[cıɾəmĩɾɑṉ] Notes: a spinning top.
ciùchranaichNotes: drizzle.
clach-baistidhNotes: baptismal font.
clachQuotation: clach bhleith. Notes: honing stone.
clach-bhrathainnNotes: quernstone.
clachQuotation: clach speal. Notes: honing stone for the scythe.
claimh[kɫɛ̃f] Quotation: a’ chlaimh. Notes: sheep scab – a notifiable disease. Sheep with this disease to be dipped every fortnight.
claisQuotation: clais na bathach. Notes: byre drain.
clàragQuotation: clàrag geòla. Notes: the square stern of a boat.
cliùchdadhQuotation: a’ cliùchdadh. Notes: going into hiding.
cliùchdaireachdNotes: mending nets.
clogadQuotation: clogad na creathail. Notes: the wooden canopy over the child’s head.
clòthan[kɫɔ:ɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: trì chlòthanan. Notes: earmark. “Rinn thu clòthanan dheth” – said of a piece of clothing torn to shreds.
cluaisQuotation: cluais a’ lion. Notes:
cluasQuotation: a’ cluas man a’ bhun. Notes: sheep’s ear cut off.
clupad[kɫu̜pəd̪] Notes: fluke disease in cattle or sheep. Swollen throat.
cnagNotes: wooden pegs used as rowlocks.
cnaimh-runnachNotes: horse-mackerel.
cneabaige[kɾɛ̃:biɡʹə] Notes: garter.
cneabailt[kɾɛ̃:bilʹtʹ] Notes: garter.
cocQuotation: coc fheòir.
cocadhQuotation: a’ cocadh an fheòir.
coileachNotes: male crab. (Also cléireach (m) and altruman (f).)
coimheach[kɛ̃əx] Notes: shy, timid.
colamadhQuotation: Bhiodh deise cholamaidh air na fir.
còmhlach[kɔ̃:ɫəx] Notes: gaff or landing hook.
conadalQuotation: or caora chonadail. Notes: a sheep which has strayed from its own township pasture to another.
corcais[kɔɾkiʃ] Notes: a cork.
corra-chòsagNotes: slater.
corra-shiomainNotes: rope-making tool.
corra-shùgainNotes: rope-making tool.
cothaichQuotation: Tha a’ bhó a muigh ’ga cothachadh fhéin. Tha i math air i fhéin a chothachadh. Notes: feed, graze.
cothromachQuotation: gaoth chothromach. Notes: a favourable wind.
cragan-feannaigNotes: sea-urchin.
cràigisgeanNotes: MMK says it is the spot at both ends of the ridge-pole where the roof begins to slope to the wall.
crannQuotation: crann na spealadh.
creathailQuotation: a’ tulgadh na creathlach [kðeləx]. Notes: rocking the cradle.
creileagNotes: cleg.
criosQuotation: crios na cruaicheadh. Notes: the widest part of the cornstack.
cròQuotation: crò bhuntàta. Notes: corner of the barn boxed in for keeping potatoes.
cròcan[kɾɔ:xkɑ̃ṉ] Notes: earmark.
crom-a-riachan[kɾoməˈɾıɑxɑṉ] Notes: snipe.
Quotation: an cù. Notes: dogfish sometimes referred to as “an cù”.
cruachQuotation: cruach fheòir. Notes: circular stack.
cruadalach[kɾuɤd̪ɑɫɑx] Notes: a hardy man.
cuain[ku̜ɤnʹ] Notes: a litter.
cùbaidQuotation: a’ chùbaid bheag. Notes: the precentor’s place.
cùbaidQuotation: a’ chùbaid mhór. Notes: the main pulpit as distinct from where the precentor stands.
cuinneagNotes: a small wooden tub with wooden handles.
cuiseagQuotation: cuiseag bhuntàta. Notes: potato stalk, shaw.
cùlQuotation: cùl an tallainn. Notes: the “lobby” in the thatched house.
curran-fiathaichNotes: wild carrot. Same shape, colour, smell as a garden carrot.
daileag[d̪ɑlɑɡ] Notes: hiccups.
daingealaichQuotation: Tha daingealaich na mo làmhan. Notes: numbness, due to cold.
daisQuotation: dais fheòir. Notes: loaf-shaped hay-stack.
damh[d̪ɑ̃f] Quotation: pl. daimh [d̪ɛf]. Notes: (pl.) the four strong main beams in harrows.
deallag[dʹɑɫɑɡ] Notes: a wooden chopping-block.
deireadhNotes: poor quality seed. Remains of winnowing.
deiseQuotation: Bhiodh deise cholamaidh air na fir.
deocNotes: suck (sweet, pipe, etc.).
deoghailNotes: suckle.
dearachd[dʹı:dʹəɾɑxk] Notes: peeping.
di-leum[dʹilʹe:m] Notes: a hobble put on the front legs of a beast.
diobhairt[dʹw:əʴdʹ] Notes: vomit. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
diollaid-sac[dʹıɔɫidʹsɑxk] Notes: wooden pack-saddle.
dionagNotes: gimmer.
disQuotation: Feumaidh mi am beathach sin a thoirt a steach – tha e dis [dʹiʃ]. Notes: prone to feel the cold.
dòrnanQuotation: dòrnan na spealadh. Notes: hand-grip on a scythe.
dracQuotation: a’ dracadh a’ phuill. Notes: lining the peat-bank along its length and cutting divots before removing them.
drèibh[d̪ɾɛ:v] Notes: a sluggard, slow-coach; e.g. someone who is always behind with spring work, autumn work.
drolla[d̪ɾɔɫə] Quotation: drolla na poiteadh. Notes: the handle.
druidte[d̪ɾu̟tʹə] Quotation: Rinn e druidte an tigh. Notes: watertight. (From druid – to shut up closely?)
druim-beagNotes: small of the back.
druiteagNotes: a small load.
dubhadhNotes: blight.
dubhaganaich[d̪u̟əɡɑṉiç] Quotation: dubhaganaich na h-oidhche. Notes: night-fall.
dustaidh[d̪u̟st̪i] Quotation: la dustaidh. Notes: a day of haze in very dry weather.
eadar-a-lunnQuotation: Tha am bata eadar-a-lunn. Notes: half-submerged.
eadradh[ɛd̪ɾəɣ] Quotation: eadradh maidne, eadradh feasgair; am an eadraidh. Notes: milking time; M says it also could be used of the yield of milk, e.g. morning and evening.
eagnaidh[eɡʹṉi] Notes: precise, exact.
èibhiseach[ɛ:viʃɑx] Quotation: Bha e èibhiseach math. Bha e èibhiseach mór. Notes: unusually.
éirighNotes: wool rise.
faoileagQuotation: cal-fhaoileag [kɑɫw:lɑɡ]. Notes: flock of seagulls, as over a patch of sea where herring are present.
failich[fɑliç] Quotation: Dh’fhailich e orm a dheanamh. Notes: I failed to do it. (fairtlich)
faobhag[fɤ:vɑɡ] Notes: squid (squirts ink).
faraidhQuotation: faraidh nan cearc.
fàsagNotes: bung.
fàthQuotation: A h-uile fàth a gheibhinn [joĩnʹ] bhithinn na pògadh. Notes: chance, opportunity.
fathallanNotes: a field mouse.
feannagNotes: a small plot of cultivated land.
feuraich[fıɑɾiç] Quotation: a’ feurach a’ chrodh anns a’ mhaduinn agus feasgar. Notes: letting the cows out to graze before and after milking.
fideag[fidʹɑɡ] Notes: a hobble put on the front legs of a beast.
fitheachNotes: raven. Biadhtach also used.
fiullanQuotation: fiullan nan ceud chas. Notes: centipede.
fiullan-góbhlachNotes: earwig.
flin[flw̃ṉ] Notes: sleet.
fliuch-bhordNotes: the plank next to the keel.
foQuotation: Tha a bhó a leigeil [fɛ:hə]. Notes: the cow’s udder filling when about to calf.
frac[fɾɑxk] Quotation: frac de fheur; frac de fhiodh. Notes: rubbish, useless stuff.
friodhachdNotes: the barb on the fishing hook.
fuaidreagNotes: rubber eels used now. Used to be small eels, skinned, salted and tied to a hook. Lythe fishing.
fuarachdNotes: chilblains.
furmQuotation: furm smeuraidh. Notes: stool used when smearing sheep with mixture of tar and butter.
gaothQuotation: gaoth chothromach. Notes: a favourable wind.
garadhQuotation: Chaidh e do’n cheardach a gharadh. Notes: welding.
garbhanNotes: gills of a fish.
geàrrQuotation: a’ gearradh le gaoith. Notes: cutting seaweed when there is a stiff breeze to drive it shorewards.
gèibheil[ɡʹɛ:vəl] Notes: The rope running down the side of a net.
gibeagQuotation: gibeag luachair. Notes: a sheaf of rushes, bound with rushes.
glainicheanNotes: spectacles.
glais-cheapNotes: the flat divots put on top of the wall inside the thatched house to seal joint of wall and roof.
glamaradhNotes: vice.
glaothan[ɡɫw:hɑ̃ṉ] Notes: the pith of a rush.
glas-talamhNotes: lea land.
gloc[ɡɫɔk] Notes: for “glac” – catch. (Also och for ach – but.)
gniomhQuotation: a’ gniomhadh [əɡɾıɤəɣ] a’ chruaich. Notes: building up the outer shell like brickwork.
góbhlagNotes: catapult.
góbhlagNotes: a “coil” of hay.
gogaireachdQuotation: là gogaireachd. Notes: April Fools Day.
grampa[ɡɾɑ̃ũ̜mᵇə] Notes: a grape.
gràp[ɡɾɑ:p] Notes: grape mostly used for lifting.
greimQuotation: greim cluaiseadh. Notes: earache.
grìleag[ɡɾı:lʹɑɡ] Notes: a very small potato.
gucagQuotation: gucag uibhe. Notes: egg-cub [sic].
guilbearnach[ɡʹıləbɑʴnʹɑx] Notes: curlew. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
gulmach[ɡu̜ɫu̜mɑx] Notes: gloomy, depressed-looking.

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