Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

A. Nicolson
laogh-biadhtaNotes: a stuffed calf.
liùghNotes: lythe.
losgannNotes: toad.
losgannsledge (horse-drawn).
màthair-an-duilisgNotes: Irish moss.
mula-mhàgagNotes: frog.
mún-deargNotes: redwater in cattle.
ath-theinnde[ɑhĩnʹdʹə] Notes: half-burnt peat.
iomair-taomaidhNotes: lazy-bed.
piunndNotes: mint.
puthagNotes: porpoise.
salacharNotes: afterbirth.
sgeth-mulamhàgagNotes: frog spawn.
sgonnanQuotation: sgonnan na coise-cruime. Notes: the foot-rest of the cas-chrom.
sgrogagQuotation: sgrogag na coise-cruime. Notes: the foot-rest on a cas-chrom. (also sgonnan)
slocQuotation: sloc bhuntàta. Notes: outside pit. (tòrr also used)
tàbhNotes: landing net.
tarsannQuotation: tarsannan na cléitheadh. Notes: cross-beams of harrows.
teum[tʹɤ:m] Notes: jerk.
tòrrQuotation: tòrr buntàta. Notes: outside pit. (also sloc bhuntàta)
treana-ri-trian[t̪ɾɛ̃ṉəɾit̪ɾĩɑ̃ṉ] Notes: corncrake.
truimean[t̪ɾɤ̃mɑṉ] Notes: a lead sinker.
tuaicheal[t̪u̟ɤçɑɫ] Notes: water on the brain in sheep.
uan-biadhtaNotes: a lamb covered by the skin of another.
bacach[bɑxkɑx] Notes: turbot.
baclag[bɑxkɫɑɡ] Notes: sprout growing on potatoes. See bachallag.
balachanNotes: dim. of “balach”.
bànagNotes: grilse.
bonnach-gropaidhNotes: same mixture as ceann-cropaic but not boiled in fish-head.
brac[bɾɑxk] Notes: fox’s den. (See braclach.)
bradan-leathainnNotes: halibut.
bratag-bhuntàtaNotes: white worm with a red head.
breacNotes: salmon.
brìg[bɾi:ɡʹ] Quotation: brìg bhuntàta. Notes: heap of potatoes inside, e.g. in the corner of the barn.
cailltQuotation: Tha iad uamhasach caillt air talamh. Notes: speaking of moles – destructive.
càrnagNotes: the dark-coloured eel found in near the shore.
carrachanNotes: Irish Moss.
ceanna-phollanNotes: tadpole.
ceann-cuiligean[cɑn̪ku̟liɡʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: heard this for the sheaf put at the very tip of a stack to make it pointed.
cearc-ghreannachQuotation: cearcan-greannach. Notes: a breed of small hens which had erect feathers.
claimheagNotes: a small eel found at the mouth of a river.
clupadNotes: fluke disease in cattle and sheep.
cnaimh-runnachNotes: horse mackerel.
coilleach-cràigean (sic)[kɤlʹɔxkɾɑ:ɡʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: sheaf put at the very top of a cornstack to make it pointed.
corrachan[kɔrɔxɑ̃ṉ] Notes: plant with an edible root – like a nut. Small red flower growing on it.
cragan-feannaigNotes: sea-urchin.
darach[d̪ɑɾɑx] Notes: line used for mackerel fishing – pulled up and let down.
druidteNotes: watertight.
duineachanNotes: dim. of duine.
easgannNotes: the conger eel caught out in deep water.
falmairNotes: hake.
geallagNotes: sea-trout.

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