Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

L. MacLean
lach-mhórNotes: eider duck. Pl. – na lachaich mhóra [nəɫɑxiçvo:ɾə].
làir-cheabaNotes: a draining spade.
laistreadh[ɫɑʃtʹɾəɣ] Notes: sound of water against the side of the boat.
leigQuotation: Tha i a leigeil foidhpe. Notes: cow about to calf (letting down the milk?).
leumQuotation: leum cruinn-leum. Notes: or cruinn-leum. Jumping with both feet together.
liunnachadh[lʹw̃n̪ɑxəɣ] Notes: suppurating.
lòinidh[ɫɔ:nʹi] Notes: rheumatism.
lònNotes: pool.
losaid[ɫoswdʹʒ] Notes: a round wooden ashet for holding potatoes at mealtimes.
losgann[ɫosɡən̪] Notes: sledge drawn by horses.
loth[ɫo] Notes: young filly of 1-2 years.
luba-ghormNotes: the water, urine, etc. seeping from a dung-heap and collecting in a pool.
luidNotes: an untidy person.
lunnanQuotation: na lunnan. Notes: funeral bier.
màganQuotation: Bha e air a’ mhàgan air an ùrlar. Notes: on all fours.
maide-sròinNotes: stem-post.
maighdean-bhuanadhNotes: last shock of corn cut, adorned and hung up on the wall.
màldagNotes: a young lady.
maothagNotes: egg without shell.
martQuotation: mart gamhnach. Notes: a farrow cow – may have had a calf at one stage.
mèilichNotes: bleating.
meuranaich[mĩɑ̃ɾɑṉiç] Notes: yawning.
miagailQuotation: a’ miagail. Notes: mewing.
minidh[mɛ̃ṉi] Notes: awl.
mosachQuotation: Tha i mosach an diugh. Notes: only common in Tiree and Coll as a comment on the weather.
muingNotes: mane.
muingQuotation: muing na coise. Notes: the hair growing behind the horse’s leg.
muir-chlachNotes: shingly beach.
mulanNotes: a round stack.
mullachQuotation: mullach reothairt.
ràbhartachNotes: talkative, entertaining.
ràiteachasNotes: competition.
rapachQuotation: là rapach. Notes: wet, squally day.
réiteachQuotation: oidhch’ a réitich.
reothartQuotation: mullach reothairt.
riamalach[r[ĩɑ̃]məɫɑx] Quotation: duine riamalach. Notes: slow-moving, slow-acting. Or riamach.
riarachadhNotes: serving out drinks at weddings, funerals, etc.
rinndeal[rĩ:nʹdʹɑɫ] Quotation: “Tha e san rinndeal.” Notes: (Rental.) (Dw. – sphere, extent, limits, boundary, territory.) L. MacLean gave “rinndeal” as “rent roll”.
rithisdQuotation: a rithisd.
ròineagNotes: a hair.
ropa-ruadhNotes: brown rope used for lashing stacks.
ruabaisQuotation: (1) Tha ruabais air. (2) Ruabais de dhuine. Notes: (1) dirty face when eating. (2) a person who is dirty – more dirty than untidy.
ruadhanQuotation: gealach a’ ruadhain. Notes: same as “gealach an [ɑpɑxi]” – sic.
ruchdaQuotation: ruchda fheòir. Notes: a haycock.
rùideanNotes: billows coming in to the shore.
runnagQuotation: runnag air imrich. Notes: a shooting star.
runnag-le-earballNotes: shooting star.
sitear[ʃitʹəɾ] Notes: a neigh. (a’ sitearraich [əʃitʹəɾiç])
searrachQuotation: capall-searraich. Notes: a mare which has foaled.
seasgQuotation: capall seasg. Notes: a mare which has never foaled.
airQuotation: air chrith. Notes: loose.
iarrQuotation: Tha i ag iarraidh tairbh. Notes: cow in heat.
ioma-ghaothNotes: whirlwind, eddying wind.
iomaire-ceannachaidh[ĩməɾəɣcɛ̃n̪ɑxiç] Notes: end-rig. ([ç] often inserted for -idh ending.)
iseanQuotation: isean tunnaig, isean rodain.
ìsleQuotation: isle [sic] conntraigh.
neasgaid[nʹɛ̃sɡɑdʹ] Notes: a boil.
nodan[n̪ɔ̃d̪ɑṉ] Quotation: Tha e a deanamh nodan cadail.
NollaigNotes: Hogmanay.
nòsa[n̪ɔ̃:sə] Notes: the “dock” into which a boat is put up on the shore.
oircean[ɔɾcɑṉ] Notes: piglet.
òraisQuotation: Tha e a’ cur [ɔ:riʃ] orm. Notes: It almost makes me vomit.
òrd-ladhraichNotes: claw-hammer.
pàisdeQuotation: pàisd. Notes: a nursed child, male or female.
peallanNotes: home-made tar brush, made from a piece of stick with layers of cloth wrapped round it at the end.
peiteagNotes: a buttoned waistcoat.
pigeQuotation: pige na farairidh. Notes: “piggy” of whisky for use at a wake.
piocach[pjwxkɑx] Notes: cudainn, ceiteinneach, piocach, soithean, ucsa.
pìochanNotes: wheeze in the chest.
pliathach[pliɤhɔx] Notes: splay-footed.
pliutachNotes: ham-handed, having an awkward hand. Tha e pliutach as na casan: he stands on the insides of the feet.
plùch[pɫu̜:x] Quotation: a’ pluchadh; plùch am putan. Notes: squeezing.
poineach[pɔ̃nʹɑx] Notes: a young lad.
pollNotes: mud.
pollagQuotation: pollag bhuntàta. Notes: potato pit.
prabagNotes: a coil of hay.
prangasNotes: device put on a horse’s head to prevent it from uprooting the tethering pin. Wood on either side of the head, running noose stopped by knots.
prasachNotes: feeding trough in stable.
pronnasgNotes: sulphur.
putNotes: push.
putaganNotes: tholepins in a boat.
sàbh-crosaichNotes: cross-cut saw.
sabh-raondaich[sɑ:vrw̃:ṉḏiç] Notes: rip-saw. (from “rend”?)
saibhlean[sɤıləṉ] Quotation: Tha saibhlean math aige. Notes: used in general for a steading – byre, barns, stable etc.
saigeannachNotes: a stockily-built man. Also duine saigeanta.
saigeantaQuotation: duine saigeanta. Notes: a stockily-built man.
sàilQuotation: pl. sàiltean. Notes: heel.
seallQuotation: Tha thu a’ sealltainn gu math. Notes: You are looking well.
seamasan[ʃɛ̃məsɑṉ] Quotation: a’ seamasan. Notes: idle talking, gossiping.
sgroth[sɡɾɔ] Notes: turf divot.
sguabagNotes: a brush, formerly of bent.
sguman[sɡũ̟mɑṉ] Notes: baler.
sile[ʃilə] Notes: pl. na silichean. Pieces of flooring in a boat. Usually applied to the piece which fits into the stem.
sinnteachanNotes: plough drag-chains.
siosarQuotation: siosar chaorach. Notes: shears. (deamhais unknown)
slaodNotes: pull.
slaodQuotation: Bha a’ chòta slaodadh ris.
slaodadhQuotation: Tha iad a’ gradhainn gum bi e leigeil a làmh slaodadh ris. Notes: inclined to pinch things.
smàladhQuotation: Cuir smàladh air an teine.
smeuchan[sm[ĩɑ̃]xɑṉ] Notes: the piece of rope on a halter under the beast’s jaw.
smuisealNotes: the “muzzle” of the plough.
snagailQuotation: fiaclan a’ snagail leis an fhuachd.
snaoiseanQuotation: Chaidh e na shnaoisean air a’ làr. Notes: It went into smithereens on the floor.
snàthNotes: woollen yarn.
snàthainn[sn̪ɑ̃:hĩnʹ] Notes: a thread.
snodhaQuotation: Rinn e snodha [sn̪ɔ̃ə] gaire. Notes: a chortle.
snothach[sn̪ɔ̃ʔɔ̃x] Notes: shoots growing on potatoes before planting.
socag[sɔxkɑɡ] Quotation: Tha socag mhath a’ seo. Notes: said to be what is lifted by the grape from the one shaw of potatoes. A grapeful. (rocag mhath – good yield)
soitheachQuotation: soitheach an laoigh; soitheach an t-searraich. Notes: womb.
soitheanQuotation: cudainn, céiteinneach, piocach, soithean, ucsa.
soll[sɤu̜ɫ] Notes: mashed shellfish thrown out to attract fish.
solladh[soɫəɣ] Quotation: a’ solladh. Notes: breaking down shellfish for bait.
soplais[sɔplɑʃ] Notes: soapy water.
soranNotes: a small opening or door in the wall of a barn opposite the main door, to create a draught for winnowing.
spaidNotes: a shovel.
spaisdearachdNotes: striding about aimlessly.
spèicean[spɛ:çcəṉ] Notes: device for securing cattle inside the byre. Two upright posts, one fixed, the other hinged at the base to allow the head and horns to pass through. It was then put upright and fixed so as to lock the head in.
spideanNotes: a spike or any small pointed object.
spìocach[spi:xkɔx] Notes: mean, tight.
sporan-feannaigNotes: “mermaid’s purse”.
spuilgQuotation: Fhuair e an t-ubh spuilgte dha. Notes: He got something on a plate, without much effort. Sometimes “sgealpte dha”.
sreathartaich[sɾɛhɑʴsṯiç] Notes: sneezing. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
stadQuotation: Tha stad ann. Notes: He stutters.
stàdagNotes: a stride.
stadharQuotation: stadhar chaorach. Notes: beaten track made by sheep.
staigeannach[st̪ɑɡʹən̪ɑx] Notes: stout, stocky person or animal. Cf. saigeannach.
stàrach[st̪ɑ:rɑx] Quotation: Bha stàrach mhór air. Notes: He was very drunk.
starsnachNotes: sometimes for “starsach”.
stàthNotes: swathe.
stèirneal[ʃtʹɛ:rnʹɑɫ] Notes: tern.
stopadh[st̪ɔpəɣ] Notes: constipation in beasts.
strannQuotation: Bha strann aige. Notes: He was snoring.
strannsail[st̪ɾɑ̃ũ̟sɑl] Quotation: a’ strannsail. Notes: snoring.
stròtagQuotation: Bha stròtag mhath air. Notes: He was merry with drink.
stuadh[st̪u̜ɤ] Notes: a wave.
stubagNotes: a water-filled hole in the ground.
stuchda[st̪u̜xkə] Notes: a “hut” of corn.
súilearachdQuotation: De an t-súilearachd a th’ort? Notes: looking so as not to be seen.
sùirdean[su̜:ʴsdʹɑṉ] Notes: water on the brain in sheep. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
sùirt (sic)[su̜:rtʹ] Notes: flail.
sumanachadhNotes: souming.
sàthQuotation: 1. Sàth an cipean. 2. Shàth mi an capull cùl an taighe. Notes: 1. Drive the pin into the ground. 2. I tethered the mare behind the house.
talamhQuotation: talamh gainmhich [ɡɛ̃ṉɑiç]. Notes: sandy soil.
talamhQuotation: talamh làidir. Notes: lea land.
talamhQuotation: talamh trom. Notes: land having little sand content.
taomanNotes: baler.
tapaidhNotes: able.
tarbhQuotation: Na ghabh i tarbh? Notes: Has the cow been to the bull?
tarbhQuotation: Tha i ag iarraidh tairbh. Notes: cow in heat.
tartQuotation: an tart. Notes: disease in cattle. The skin became dry and the beast shed some of its hair.
tàthadhQuotation: a tàthadh [ət̪ɑ:]. B’urrainn da trì iaruinn [əhɑ:] leis an t-aon theas. Notes: welding.
teabantaNotes: eloquent, smart.
teàrrQuotation: teàrr dearg. Notes: Archangel Tar.
tein’-adhairNotes: lightning (used more often than “dealanach”).
teineQuotation: Cuir [tʹĩṉıç] air.
teineachair[tʹɛ̃ṉɑxəɾ] Notes: smith’s tongs.
tobhtaNotes: used for the top of the wall of a thatched house.
tobhtaQuotation: an tobhta toisich.
tobhtaQuotation: an tobhta deiridh.
tobhtaQuotation: tobht’ a’ chruinn.
togQuotation: a’ togail droma. Notes: making a ridge.
tonnQuotation: gob na tuinne. Notes: the water’s edge on the shore.
tràthQuotation: tràth eadradh. Notes: milking time.
tràthach[t̪ɾɑ:ɑx] Notes: weed with long, stringy roots. Removed after ploughing.
trì-bhliadhnachNotes: three-year-old colt.
triugh[t̪ɾu̟ɣ] Quotation: an triugh. Notes: whooping cough.
tuaileasQuotation: Thog iad tuaileas air. Notes: They gave a false report concerning him.
tuimNotes: water lying in a boat.
tùirneapNotes: turnip.
tuiteamasNotes: epilepsy.
tura-chadal[t̪u̟ɾəxɑd̪əɫ] Quotation: Tha e a turachadal [sic] as a’ chathair. Notes: nodding off and wakening.
turramanQuotation: Tha a’ chlach air thurraman.
ubhQuotation: ubh nid.
ucsaNotes: fully grown saithe.
ulpag[uɫpɑɡ] Quotation: ulpag de chlach. Notes: a boulder.
ùrlarQuotation: an t-ùrlar-bualaidh. Notes: threshing floor.
ùtraid[u̟:t̪ɾɑdʹ] Notes: track to permit the passage of cattle to the common grazings, between crofts or townships.
aileagQuotation: Tha an aileag air gu naidheachdan. Notes: said of a person desperate for news, gossip, etc.
ainteas[[ɑ̃ĩ]ntʹʃɛs] Quotation: Cha chuir ainteas na fuachd air. Notes: excessive heat.
àlNotes: general term for offspring of any animal.
alais[ɑlɑʃ] Quotation: ag alais ais duine. Notes: aping, mimicking.
aonagrain[w̃:ṉəɡɾɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: Tha an t-each dha aonagrain fhéin.
apaich (sic)[ɑpiç] Notes: ripen.
badagQuotation: badag ite. Notes: feather brush used on the griddle.
bàilinn[bɑ:lĩnʹ] Quotation: Fhuair e a bhàilinn. Notes: understood as meaning “He was expelled from the croft”.
bàinidh[bɑ̃:nʹi] Quotation: Bha e air a’ bhàinidh. Notes: He was wound up.
bàrr-deargNotes: seaweed growing on tangle.
bàrr-rocNotes: seaweed growing on tangle.
beàrn[bɛ:rṉ] Notes: a break in a wall.
bearradaireachd[bɛrəd̪ɛɾɑxk] Notes: making quick, cutting remarks, sharp banter.
beathaQuotation: Do bheatha an dùthaich. Notes: Welcome home!
beingeQuotation: beinge na leapa. Notes: the edge of the bed.
beulQuotation: Beul na h-oidhche. Beul an latha.
bigeanNotes: a young chick.
blaiseaganQuotation: Dé am blaiseagan a th’agad air? Notes: sampling by tasting.
bliadhnachNotes: one year old colt.
bocsa-sìlNotes: fixed to the side of the stall in the stable.
bòilichQuotation: a’ bòilich. Notes: boasting, exaggerating.
bolgNotes: rounded part of hull of a boat.
bòtainnQuotation: bòtainnean [bɔ:t̪ĩnʹəṉ]. Notes: leather sea-boots, knee-length.
branndairNotes: flat iron strips on which pot rests over the fire.
breaca-siana[bɾɛxkəʃĩɤ̃ṉə] Notes: freckles.
briobaQuotation: Nì mi e ann am brioba na sùla.
briogaisNotes: trousers.
brogNotes: shoe and boot. [lɔ:ʰṉs] used but not seriously (for shoes).
brògNotes: horse’s hoof.
brùideag[bɾu̟:dʹɑɡ] Notes: a very small shellfish like a whelk.
bruth[bɾu̜] Notes: rash.
buidealNotes: a firkin.
builgneachQuotation: feamainn bhuilgneach. Notes: light yellow seaweed with bubbles in it.
bùla[bu̜:ɫə] Notes: the handle of a pot.
bùraichQuotation: an tarbh a’ bùraich.
burgaid[bu̟ɾu̟ɡɑdʹ] Notes: laxative.
cabachNotes: talkative.
cabaileis[kɑbəlɑʃ] Quotation: a’ cabaileis. Notes: idle talking.
cachaileith[kɑxəlɑ] Notes: a gate or opening.
cagartaichNotes: whispering. [NOTES: originally ‘cagarstaich’ but ‘s’ was crossed out.]
cailleachQuotation: Tha thu a feuchainn ri cuir na caillich air do nàbaidh. Tha mise gu bhi ullaibh, bithidh a’ chailleach oirbh. Notes: form used when a person had finished the harvest before others.
cailleach-cheòsachQuotation: cailleach-cheòsach de dhuine. Notes: a very slow person.
cairb[kɑðəb] Notes: the groove on a saddle in which the rigwoodie lies.
caogQuotation: Chaog e rium. Notes: He winked at me.
caogachNotes: squint-eyed. (Also caog-shùileach.)
caog-shùileachNotes: squint-eyed.
capallQuotation: capall-searraich. Notes: a mare which has foaled.
capallQuotation: capall seasg. Notes: a mare which has never foaled.
carQuotation: Thug e an car asam. Notes: He tricked me.
càrnNotes: cart having no front or sides for carrying planks of wood.
carraigQuotation: Tha mi a’ dol gu’n charraig. Notes: I am going rock-fishing.
cas-poiteNotes: porpoise.
càthadhQuotation: a’ càthadh. Notes: winnowing.
ceabaNotes: a spade.
ceangalNotes: for tying cows in the stall.
ceirle[celʹə] Quotation: ceirle shnàth, ceirle chàil. Notes: ball of wool, cabbage.
céiteinneach[ce:tʹɛ̃nʹɔx] Notes: saithe of size next to the cuddy.
ceòbanNotes: fine rain, drizzle.
ciasgranach[cıɤsɡɾɑṉɔx] Quotation: “Tha na neòil ciasgranach.” “Tha coltas ciasgranach air na neòil.” Notes: threatening. (H. Meek – ciasgrach)
cireagQuotation: feamainn chireag.
ciutharan[cu̟həɾɑṉ] Notes: drizzle.
clabailQuotation: Dé a’ chlabail ghaireachdainn a th’ort.
clach-lìonainNotes: circular whetstone.
clàdanNotes: a snowflake.
claisNotes: byre drain.
clàragNotes: a crutch.
cnaimhQuotation: Tha na cnàmhan aic’ a tuiteam. Notes: said of a cow about to calf.
cnàmhlach[kɾɑ̃:u̜ɫɑx] Notes: a big-boned man.
cnotag[kɾɔ̃t̪ɑɡ] Notes: (1) the curlew. (2) stone with a hemispherical hollow in it used for beating corn or barley seed. (3) hollow in a rock for mashing shellfish for bait.
cobhartach[kohəʰstɑx] Notes: something of use which is washed ashore.
coinnlein[k[ɔ̃ĩ]:lʹɑ̃nʹ] Notes: stubble land.
comhardaichNotes: barking.
conntraighQuotation: isle conntraigh.
corra-biodQuotation: Sheas mi air mo chorra-biod. Notes: on tiptoes.
cosgaisNotes: whisky, cheese and oatcakes or biscuits given at a funeral.
cràdh-gheadhNotes: shelduck.
cràimhseag[kɾɑ̃:ʃɑɡ] Notes: a patch of corn or barley destroyed by hens.
crannQuotation: Cuir an crann air an dorus. Notes: a bolt on a door.
crithQuotation: air chrith. Notes: loose.
crò[kɾɔ:] Notes: knot in wood.
cròganNotes: calf muzzle.
crùbachNotes: lame.
crùbanNotes: crab.
cruinn-leumNotes: or “leum cruinn-leum”. Jumping, keeping both feet together.
cuagachNotes: having a peculiar way of walking.
crotachNotes: hump-backed.
cudainnNotes: cuddy.
cuideachadhQuotation: Là a’ chuideachaidh. Notes: i.e. “cuideachadh na bainnse”. Friends and neighbours helping before the wedding.
cuilean[ku̟lɑ̃nʹ] Notes: puppy. (With -an ending “n” is usually palatalized.)
cuingNotes: asthma.
cuir-amachQuotation: Tha cuir-amach ann. Notes: He is an entertaining talker.
cuirQuotation: Bha e a’ cur dheth. Notes: He was ranting.
cùirn[ku̜:ʴṉ] Notes: churn. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
culaidh-bhùirdNotes: an object of pity.
curracagNotes: lapwing.
curranNotes: carrot.
deQuotation: Bha e a’ cur dheth. Notes: He was ranting.
deanadach[dʹĩɑ̃ṉɑd̪ɑx] Quotation: duine deanadach. Notes: a thrifty, careful man.
deireadh-bhuanadhNotes: usually a small celebration held after the harvest had been taken in.
deoghalNotes: suck or suckle.
dinnQuotation: Dinn sin ’s a’ phoca. Notes: press.
dionach[dʹʒĩ:ṉɔx] Notes: watertight.
diosgan[dʹʒiiʃɡʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: a boarded-out alcoholic. Also applied to a foal which lost its mother and was pail-fed.
dò-bhliadhnachNotes: two-year-old colt.
dòrrlachQuotation: dòrrlach choirce; dòrrlach eòrna. Notes: sometimes for “a sheaf”.
dorusdNotes: door.
dosanNotes: forelock.
dreallagNotes: a swing.
driùdhadhQuotation: Chaneil driùdhadh ann. Notes: There isn’t a drop left in it.
drùidhNotes: drain.
druimQuotation: a’ togail droma. Notes: making a ridge.
druimeal[d̪ɾĩmɑɫ] Notes: rigwoodie.
duibheamanNotes: long, thin black type of tangle.
dùthaichQuotation: Do bheatha an dùthaich! Notes: Welcome home!
eabar[ebəɾ] Notes: mud.
eadar-da-fhroisQuotation: Theid mi null eadar-da-fhrois.
eadar-da-sholusNotes: twilight.
eadradhQuotation: tràth eadradh. Notes: milking time.
éigheachQuotation: Chaidh éigheach oirre. Notes: proclamation of banns in church.
eun-mór a’ sgadainNotes: gannet.
facalQuotation: Bha facal aige. Notes: applied to a witty person, good at repartee.
fadadh-cruaidhNotes: dog’s tooth.
failm[fɤlɤ̃m] Notes: helm, tiller.
faoileann[fw:lə̃ṉ] Notes: seagull.
far-ainm[fɑɾɛ̃ṉɛ̃m] Notes: nickname.
faraireQuotation: Pige na farairidh. Notes: whisky for use at wakes.
farmail[fɑɾəmɑl] Notes: a wooden tub with handles in which water was kept for household use.
feamainnQuotation: feamainn bhuilgneach. Notes: light yellow seaweed with bubbles in it.
feamainnQuotation: feamainn chireag.
feannagNotes: lazy-bed.
fearannQuotation: “Cuir barrachd fearainn air” or “Thoir dheth fearann”. Notes: term used when adjusting the width of the furrow by means of the “smuiseal”.
feisdeNotes: tethering rope.
feusdag[fe:sd̪ɑɡ] Notes: warble fly.
figheadairNotes: spider.
fìleadhQuotation: Tha fìleadh fo’n dorusd. Notes: a draught.
fir-chlisinnNotes: Aurora Borealis.
fleasgachNotes: best man at a wedding.
foileadh[fɔləɣ] Quotation: a’ foileadh. Notes: rummaging, e.g., a pig working with its snout, or a person hunting for something e.g. in a drawer and leaving it untidy.
fosail[fɔsɑl] Quotation: duine fosail. Notes: a go-ahead type, always striving.
froiseachan[fɾɔʃɑxɑṉ] Notes: a tied bundle of threshed corn (usually two sheaves).
froiseachan[fɾɔʃɑxɑṉ] Quotation: “Chaneil sinn ach air an fhroiseachan an diugh.” Notes: (froiseachan: tied bundle of threshed corn) Said to a visitor who happened to come in at a mealtime when there wasn’t much to eat.
fuasgailteachNotes: Duine fuasgailteach. Notes: a lithe man.
gabhQuotation: Na ghabh i tarbh? Notes: Has (the cow) been to the bull?
gartan[ɡɑst̪ɑ̃ṉ] Notes: garter. (gartan [ɡɑst̪ɑ̃ṉ] as mart [mɑ̃st̪], common in Tiree)
gealachQuotation: gealach a’ ruadhain. Notes: same as “gealach an [ɑpɑxi]” (sic).
geallagNotes: whiting.
gearra-bhonnNotes: half-sole.
gèimhleag[ɡʹɛ̃:lɑɡ] Notes: a crow-bar.
gilbNotes: chisel.
gimleid[ɡʹĩməlɑdʹ] Notes: gimlet.
giùbhrainnean[ɡʹu̟:ɾɑ̃nʹəṉ] Notes: barnacles usually found attached to the hulls of boats. Also on planks washed ashore.
glais-sheile[ɡɫɑʃhelə] Notes: water-brash.
glamaradhNotes: vice.
glanQuotation: Ghlan a’ bhó. Notes: The cow expelled its placenta.
glanadhNotes: afterbirth or placenta.
glocadaichNotes: foolish laughter.
gobQuotation: gob na tuinne. Notes: the water’s edge on the shore.
gradhainnQuotation: a’ gradhainn. Notes: saying.
grapa-cromNotes: grape with prongs set at right angles to the handle for pulling manure, seaweed etc. out of carts.
griuthachQuotation: a’ ghriuthach. Notes: measles.
grùdaireNotes: whisky distiller.
gualannQuotation: pl. guaillean. Notes: shoulder chain.
guirQuotation: (1) Tha a’ chearc air ghur. (2) A’ chearc agus a gur. Notes: (1) The hen is brooding. (2) The hen and her chicks.
guitear[ɡu̟tʹɑɾ] Notes: exit of byre drain through the wall.

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