Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Angus MacLean
Skye, Glasnakille
  • [NOTES: in IPA transcriptions, the fieldworker uses [w] for [ɯ].]
leumadairQuotation: leumadair-an-fheòir. Notes: grasshopper.
lionaraichNotes: a green, fine kind of grass growing on sea rocks, in wells, etc.
muirstiachd[mu̜ʴstʹiɑxk] Notes: jellyfish. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
peileagNotes: porpoise.
seòlQuotation: seòl stròineadh. Notes: lugsail.
sgreafagNotes: crust of fine shells like barnacles on rocks.
snàineanQuotation: snàinean-biathaidh. Notes: parallel pieces of twine, placed from top to bottom in the middle of the lobster creel, with two sliding loops on them to secure bait.
spéiligeadhQuotation: a’ spéiligeadh iasg. Notes: splitting fish by cutting it down the back close to the bone.
taobh-stocNotes: the strip of wood along the side of the boat and on which the seats lie.
tollQuotation: toll an fhàsaig. Notes: bung-hole.
ailbheag[ɛlɛvɑɡ] Notes: the mooring ring on the stem of a boat.
aparanNotes: the thin leaf next to the keel, lying on top of it.
bacQuotation: pl. bacan. Notes: fixed rowlock.
biadhtach[biɤt̪ɑx] Notes: raven.
brodragan[bɾɔd̪ɾəɡɑṉ] Notes: robin redbreast.
broilleach[bɾɔlʹɑx] Quotation: am broilleach or am maide broillich. Notes: Bracket at joint between stempost and keel.
càrnagNotes: eel.
clàragNotes: the stern in a square-sterned boat.
cnaimhQuotation: na cnamhan móra. Notes: the large ribs in a boat.
creagagNotes: perch.
cuairt-bheòilQuotation: an cuairt-bheòil. Notes: the top plank.
deiseagNotes: a type of “partan” with a greenish-grey back. Very fast-moving.
eun-giùirneNotes: puffin.
faochag-airgidNotes: silvery, whelk-like shellfish.
fàsagNotes: bung in a boat.
fàsgadairNotes: skua.
garra-ghritheach[ɡɑrəɣɾiɑx] Notes: heron.
gearra-bhreac[ɡʹɑrəvɾɛxk] Notes: guillemot.
giùbhran[ɡʹu̜:ɾɑṉ] Notes: gill of a fish.
gobhlan-gaoitheadhNotes: swallow.
gruaigeanNotes: a flat seaweed.
guilbearnach[ɡwlwbwʴṉɑx] Notes: curlew. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]

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