Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

W. MacDonald
Skye?, Braes, Baile Meadhonach
laighe-siubhailQuotation: air leabaidh laighe-siubhail. Notes: in labour.
laiseadh[ɫɑʃəɣ] Quotation: laiseadh as na creagan. Notes: the sun shining on rocks causing a white reflection. Said to signify the approach of showery weather.
leabaidhQuotation: air leabaidh laighe-siubhail. Notes: in labour.
leabaidhQuotation: leabaidh an uain; leabaidh a’ laoigh. Notes: womb.
leth-bharaille-lìonNotes: size of herring net (17 fathoms long x 8 fathoms deep).
linnseag-searraich[lʹĩ:ʃɑɡʃɑriç] Notes: the film covering a newly-born foal. Kept, dried, and put on cuts if they festered.
lionadhNotes: the packing of sheaves put into the centre of the bottom of a cornstack.
loch-bhlianNotes: flank of a beast.
lonaig[ɫɔ̃ṉeɡʹ] Notes: the right of way for cattle going to the “cul-cinn”.
lorgQuotation: lorg bata. Notes: straight part of a walking stick.
luidheanNotes: fetlock.
lunnNotes: roller under a boat; also used for the supporting props put under the boat to keep it upright.
mac-làimheig[mɑxkɫɛ̃:vɛɡʹ] Notes: monk-fish.
magaidQuotation: A’ bheil magaid aige dhith? Notes: Does he fancy her? (Heard this used by a Kintail woman.)
mam-seice[mɑ̃mʃeçcə] Notes: rupture.
mineagQuotation: Mineag ort! Notes: affectionately to a child.
minidh-cromNotes: awl used for soling shoes.
mogulQuotation: Cum a’ lion air a’ mhogul. Notes: when hanging net on poles – so that the mesh folds naturally.
mogulQuotation: a’ ruith air a’ mhogul. Notes: when net tears in straight line.
mullachQuotation: mullach conntraigh. Notes: highest point of neap tide.
mùsganNotes: spout-fish, found in the sand.
reothartQuotation: Reothart [ˈroidʹ] ’na buille. Notes: high tide (24 hours after new moon and full moon).
ribe[ribə] Notes: rope from net to buoy (herring net).
rotachQuotation: Thàinig e le rotach. Notes: He came at speed.
rotachQuotation: Rotach Bealltainn. Notes: strong ground swell which drove the seaweed ashore.
rùbhanNotes: small stack of peats with 6-10 creels of peat in it (according to WMacD).
druimQuotation: caol-druim. Notes: small of the back.
adagQuotation: adag a’ chinn. Notes: the first few sheaves which stood on the top centre of the bottom of a cornstack to start off the top of the stack. Had to be very dry. (Also cridhe a’ chinn.)
iallQuotation: Iallan fada le cuid chàich. Notes: liberality in giving away someone else’s possessions.
iasgailQuotation: Tha na lìn sin iasgail. Notes: good for fishing.
ìobradhQuotation: Tha e a’ sileadh gun ìobradh. Notes: without cessation.
iosgaid[esɡɑdʹ] Notes: the back of the knee.
nasgQuotation: Chaneil ann ach a’ nasg. Notes: skeleton.
portNotes: stone walls built to accommodate a boat.
putagNotes: dibble.
saighdearQuotation: na saighdearan. Notes: game usually played on the sand. Two teams. Two rows of stones planted in the sand, one in front of each team, the teams facing each other. One team would try to knock down the stones of the other team.
searbhQuotation: Cho searbh ris an dunialas [?].
seile[ʃelə] Quotation: Cha do rug i an t-seile fhathast. Notes: afterbirth (cattle or sheep).
sgairtQuotation: Bhrist e a sgairt. Notes: rupture? Happens through lifting too heavy objects.
sgèileQuotation: “Bha sgèile gu leth ann am baraille.” Notes: a hundredweight.
sgianQuotation: sgianan lianraith. Notes: blades of the wool-winder.
sgoltadhQuotation: Bàrr is sgoltadh. Notes: earmark.
sladhag[sɫɑɑɡ] Notes: a straw rope.
sloca-linn[sɫɔxkəlĩ:nʹ] Notes: hole in ground filled with water to soak flax for linen-making.
snàthQuotation: snàth còcrach. Notes: used for net-mending.
snàthad-lionNotes: for net mending.
sreathNotes: outside row of sheaves in the bottom of a cornstack.
sruth-barradh[st̪ɾu̜bɑrə] Notes: when the tide is going into a narrow loch (e.g. Loch Sligachan), there is a current coming back out in the centre of the loch causing turbulence. Have to keep to shore to get advantage of the current.
staire[st̪ɤɾə] Notes: stepping stones across a stream.
straigealair[st̪ɾɑɡʹəlɑɾ] Notes: a disease, akin to a cold, in horses.
saothair-chloinneadhQuotation: Boirionnach ri saothair-chloinneadh. Notes: a woman in labour.
taom[tw̃:m] Quotation: Tha taom uisge anns a’ bhàta.
tarag-sàile[t̪ɑɾɑɡsɑ:ɫə] Notes: in a cas-chrom – up through the heel.
tèim[t̪ɛ̃:m] Quotation: Chaneil [t̪ɛ̃:m] aca gu bheil an rathad cho caol. Chaneil [t̪ɛ̃:m] aca air an obair. Notes: sense, skill.
teinnteanNotes: five peats stood up to dry.
teirmeasgQuotation: Chaidh a theirmeasg [hɤɾɤmw̃sɡ] dha. Notes: more or less same as “Chaidh a bhacadh dha.” (Heard this but not often.)
teumadh[tʹɤ:məɣ] Notes: the “binding” on a cas-chrom.
thigQuotation: duine a’ tighinn ris fhéin. Thàinig i rithe fhéin. Notes: a man committing suicide.
toireisgil[t̪ɤɾɤʃɡʹəl] Notes: peat-cutting iron.
toisean[t̪ɔʃɛ̃ṉ] Quotation: duine gun toisean. Notes: same as “tur” – savvy, sense.
traigh-shiolQuotation: a’ dol dhan an traigh-shiol air an oidhche. Notes: going to look for sand-eels.
tuaireabachQuotation: duine tuaireabach. Notes: a man inclined to cause dissension.
abhrasQuotation: Fear as an druim, fear as an abhras. Notes: the bottom of the herring net.
aiseidQuotation: Chaidh a (woman) h-aiseid. Notes: delivery of a child. Pron. [ɑsɛdʹ] by WMcD.
baraille-lion[bɑɾılʹəlĩɤ̃ṉ] Notes: a size of herring net about 32 fathoms long, 8 fathoms deep. Could say “Tha baraille math lion agam.”
bàrrQuotation: Bàrr is sgoltadh. Notes: earmark.
beartachadhQuotation: am beartachadh; snath beartaich; a’ beartachadh a’ lion. Notes: thick twine used to fasten the net itself at intervals to the line across the top.
blàr-chlachNotes: stone throwing battle between kids.
blàr-phlocNotes: divot-throwing battle between kids.
bocsaQuotation: bocsa nan éildeirean.
bolla-coinNotes: fishing buoy made of dogskin.
bòsdanNotes: a young child’s coffin.
braighdean[bɾ[ɤı]dʹɑ̃ṉ] Notes: a collar of rope on a calf. Kept on it when tied inside. Another rope attached to the collar.
brìgQuotation: brìg arbhair, brìg fheòir. Notes: a stacked lot of corn/hay in the barn.
brochanNotes: used for Scotch Broth.
buainQuotation: a’ buain le gaoith. Notes: cutting seaweed on a day with a favourable wind for driving it onshore.
builleQuotation: reothairt ’na buille. Notes: high tide (24 hours after new moon and full moon).
bun-gonan[bũ̟ṉʹɡɔ̃ṉɑṉ] Quotation: Chaneil ann ach bun-gonan. Notes: when a small prick begins to fester.
caigeannQuotation: Bhiodh caigeann as a’ bhalla airson ceangal a’ chruidh agus na laoigh. Notes: a wooden peg driven into the wall and rope attached or perhaps a wire round a stone in the wall.
caolQuotation: caol-druim. Notes: small of the back.
ceapNotes: cap for a muzzle-loading gun.
ceapadhQuotation: a’ ceapadh chaorach. Notes: separating a flock of sheep into two lots.
cearcNotes: female crab.
cioch-mharadhNotes: sea anemone.
ciofan[kwfɛ̃ṉ] Notes: piece of flannel or paper with grease on it. Used in a muzzle-loading gun. (1) Powder inserted. (2) [kwfɛ̃ṉ]. (3) pellet with flannel on it. (4) [kwfɛ̃ṉ].
cleasQuotation: cleas nan cip. Notes: cap laid upside down on ground. Player walks several paces back and tries to put the ball into the cap. If he misses, has to put his hand up against a wall, his cap cushioning his hand, while the rest of the players would bombard it with the ball(s).
clìcNotes: type of hinge. Pl. clìcean [kli:çcəṉ].
clòthanQuotation: Trì chlòthanan agus an clòthan meadhoin air thoirt as. Notes: earmark.
clòthanQuotation: trì chlòthanan. Notes: earmark.
cnàimh[kɾɛ̃:v] Notes: short stretch left unturned in a furrow due to the presence of stones.
cnapQuotation: cnap feamainn. Notes: mass of seaweed towed behind the boat.
còcrachQuotation: snàth còcrach. Notes: for net-mending.
coileachNotes: male crab.
cragan-feannaigNotes: sea-urchin.
cràigisgeanNotes: the spars extending above the thatch to which the thatching rope is attached.
cridheQuotation: cridhe a’ chinn. Notes: (also adag a’ chinn) the first few sheaves which stood on the top centre of the bottom of a cornstack to start off the top of the stack. Had to be very dry.
cròcach[kɾɔ:xkɑx] Notes: earmark.
cuairtQuotation: Tha dà chuairt aice. Tha dà chuairt gu leth aice. Bhiodh cuairt gu leth de dh’fheamainn aca a’ tighinn. Notes: load, say, of herring, measured in terms of the amount of planking showing above water.
dealachadhQuotation: aig dealachadh an dà rathaid. Notes: fork.
diachdaidh[dʹiɤxki] Quotation: Tha fios agad diachdaidh math. Notes: used in same way as diabhlaidh or diabhalta in Lewis.
dlùthadhQuotation: Cha leiginn a leas dlùthadh a dheanamh as a dheidh leis cho math ’s a bha e air treabhadh. Notes: turning the small bits left by the plough.
dragh[d̪ɾɤi] Notes: the base rope going round the thatch just above the wall and to which the anchoring stones are suspended.
duilleagQuotation: Fhuair mi am beul an duilleig i. Notes: a piece of cartilage (?) in the centre of the chest between the ribs. Above said when a blow was received on the chest in this region.
failmean[fɛlɛmɑ̃ṉ] Quotation: falman [sic] na glùineadh. Notes: knee-cap.
fàireagQuotation: Thainig fàireag as an achlais agam. Notes: gland swelling (?).
fiabhrais-bhainne[fiɤɾiʃvɑnʹə] Notes: milk fever.
fiabhrais-eanchainn[fiɤɾiʃɛ̃ṉəxĩnʹ] Notes: meningitis.
froighneadhNotes: water seeping in through the wall.
froiseadhNotes: threshing.
fuarachdNotes: chilblains.
gàdagNotes: ròp eallaich.
gàmasNotes: mould shaped like a pair of pliers, for making bullets. Hole on top into which molten lead was poured.
gaothQuotation: a’ buain le gaoith. Notes: cutting seaweed on [sic] with a favourable wind to drive it ashore.
gath-drama[ɡɑd̪ɾɑ̃mə] Notes: ridge-pole.
giobairneach[ɡıbəʴnʹɑx] Notes: ink-fish. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
glaodhan[ɡɫw:ɣɑ̃ṉ] Notes: (1) pith. (2) part of cut potato with no eye.
glaothQuotation: Glaoth as mo chluais, cuideigin a’ dol a’ chaochladh.
gnèQuotation: A’ bheil gnè thuradh ann?

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