Blàthan-Leighis / Medicinal Plants

Roderick MacPherson ( Ruairidh Mac a’ phearsain )
Barraigh, Brudharnais [Barra, Bruernish]
A. Plant medicines
1. Diseases in the head area
pionndmint. (Cha robh fios aige an e ainmear f. no b. a tha seo.) Disease: ceann goirt. Part used: every part, dried. How prepared: mint-tea. Sources of information: parents and people around.
piobarpepper. Disease: sore tonsils. How prepared: put on tonsils with spoon-handle. Sources of information: parents and people around.
2. Respiratory diseases
pionndmint. Disease: asthma. How prepared: mint-tea.
3. The blood
cuach Phàdraig(St.) Patrick’s wort. Disease: cuts. How prepared: leaf raw on cut.
còinneachsphagnum moss. Disease: burst blister. Blister caused by back of shoe rubbing back of foot. Chafing between shoe and back of shoe [sic], after blister had burst and left open wound. How prepared: kept wet, and plaster on top.
4. The bowels and stomach
pionndmint. Disease: ruadh (rud sam bith a tha ceàrr air an stamaig). How prepared: tè.
5. Bladder and kidneys
6. Other internal organs
7. Gynaecological complaints
8. Skin diseases not already mentioned
9. Acute diseases
10. The skeleton and muscles
an fheanndagnettle. Disease: rheumatics. How prepared: sting part affected.
B. Treatments which did not involve the use of plants
cnàimh bod an dòbhraindried otter’s penis-bone – chewed to relieve toothache.
sùgh nam bàirneach(am b. air a bhruich) purgative, whether ill or not. Also, to purify the blood.
[bidse]bidse bh’air cuileanan a bhreith reimhid – bha i math gus creuchdan a leighiseadh le bhith gan imlich.
butter and boiled egg mixedfor diarrhoea.
peileir luaidheswallowed whole to cure appendicitis. (Eriskay)
gruthan an èisggood for gut. Cooked in a ‘bonnach’.
stad-mhaighistircured by standing feet in warm water.
stad-uisgecured by standing feet in warm water.
bainne-tethcure for cholera (used in Hellisay, according to old man who lived in Bruernish).
bloineig-circerubbed on strained muscles.
C. Veterinary medicine
[faochagan]faochagan beaga glas gam pronnadh – for constipation in cattle.
D. What do you think is the English name for the plants called in Gaelic:
E. Any further information about your sources
F. Other information not covered above

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