Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Angus Kennedy
Coll, Ben Meadhonach
ladair[ɫɑd̪əɾ] Notes: ladle.
leacQuotation: leac-an-teinnich.
lunnachan (pl)Notes: for carrying the coffin – three sticks cross-wise under it.
mulan[mũ̜ɫɑṉ] Notes: a round stack.
iomaire-cinnNotes: end-rig.
pàirc[pɑ:ɾiçc] [sic] Notes: a field; can be used of an open field.
pollagQuotation: pollag buntàta. Notes: potato pit.
sgealbadhQuotation: a’ sgealbadh a’ bhuntàta.
sleadhan[slɛɑṉ] Notes: spurtle.
smuisealNotes: muzzle of the plough.
spreigean[spɾeɡʹɑṉ] Notes: a match.
talamhQuotation: talamh connlaich. Notes: stubble land.
taobh-shlat[t̪w:ɫɑd̪] Notes: strap on which boat seats rest.
teineQuotation: leac-an-teinnich [tʹɛ̃nʹıç].
ùireachair[u̜:ɾɑxəɾ] Notes: mould-board.
urrachdagNotes: thole-pin.
bàrrQuotation: bàrr fuadain. Notes: the shoots of potatoes left in the ground and growing the following year.
beingeQuotation: beinge na leapa. Notes: the edge of the bed.
brochanQuotation: brochan feanntaig. Notes: nettle soup.
buntàtaQuotation: buntàta fuadain. Notes: potatoes left in the ground and growing the following year.
buthal[ˈbu̜əɫ] Quotation: buthal na poite. Notes: pot handle.
càthNotes: winnow.
ceannagNotes: a bundle of threshed corn.
connlachQuotation: talamh connlaich.
cosgaisNotes: whisky, biscuits and cheese at a funeral.
crotNotes: short pieces of wood nailed to the oar where it rests between the tholepins. Prevents chafing.
cruachNotes: loaf-shaped stack.
difirQuotation: Chuireadh iad difir air a bhith a treothadh le crann is paidhir làmh ris na cruinn ’s na tractors a th’ac an diugh.
feanntagQuotation: brochan feanntaig. Notes: nettle soup.
fuadanQuotation: buntàta fuadain.
glutadhNotes: packing between double walls.
goillean[ɡɤlʹɑṉ] Notes: a taper.
gualachanNotes: cart drag-chain.

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