Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Mrs Christine MacInnes
Barra, Northbay
1986-88, 1993-97
Quotation: na strùthan. Notes: Michaelmas – 29 September.
montQuotation: aig mont. Notes: out courting.
dronnNotes: corncrake.
lethsgoranNotes: a portion of a round bannock cut horizontally with butter and/or jam in between the layers. (leth + sgor)
feachaireachdQuotation: na feachaireachd. Thug e an fheachaireachd aisde. Notes: April Fools’ Day.
na feachaireachdNotes: April Fools’ Day.
doireanQuotation: na doirean. Notes: ringworm.
sìlinnNotes: ‘grain’ (of sugar).
seannlachadhQuotation: Bha mi gu seannlachadh leis an acras. Notes: ‘famished’ with hunger. (? seann + lathachadh)
clamagQuotation: an deagh chlamag airgid. Notes: ‘a substantial sum of money’. Source: essay by Faye MacLeod, Barra, confirmed by Mrs Christine MacInnes, Barra.
biothlathadhQuotation: Tha (’m) biothlathadh orm. Notes: ravenously hungry. (? biadh + lathadh)
sgudalachQuotation: tè sgudalach. Notes: used of weak, watery tea.
strùthanNotes: Michaelmas cake – scone with treacle batter covering.
taigh-studaidhNotes: privy.
tollaigNotes: sultry weather.
tollaigeachNotes: sultry (of weather).
badagNotes: feather brush used when baking.
breothachNotes: ‘Angry’. Not a Barra word – S. Uist, and possibly Eriskay.
breothaich (n.)Quotation: A bheil a’ bhreothaich ort? Notes: anger. S. Uist, and possibly Eriskay word.
bulgaisQuotation: Cuiridh e a’ bhulgais ort. Notes: will make you sick/vomit.
Quotation: Cè dhomh e. Notes: ‘Hand, pass it to me.’ Applecross form: cì.
cnàpladhNotes: noisy munching.
cricketQuotation: Nach e “chricket” i. Notes: bold girl.
dideisQuotation: ‘Dè ’n dideis a th’ort?’ Notes: ?Eng. fidget?
fàlanNotes: party on Easter Sunday or Palm Sunday.
fallaidNotes: remains of flour on the griddle.
garrthadhQuotation: Tha garr(a)thadh air an aodach/air an fheur. Notes: of clothes beginning to get dry. Cf. Applecross sgiath.

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