Measgaichte / Miscellaneous

Alex MacDonald
Ross-shire, Aultbea
Quotation: Là a’ mhartair a’ dh’fhuiling. Notes: St. Swithin’s Day (?). (Weather connection.)
lannNotes: rivet used in boatbuilding.
làrQuotation: làr fhaisgeanta [ɫɑ:ɾɑʃɡʹɑ̃n̪t̪ə]. Notes: winnowing floor.
lasNotes: loose.
lathaisNotes: slats of wood laid horizontally across rafters.
leabaidh[lʹɛbi] Quotation: “A’ bheil a’ leabaidh rèith?” “A’ bheil am bòrd sin a’ laighe ceart air a’ leabaidh?” Notes: when an additional plank was fixed in the building of a boat, wood was shaved off the one below it to allow an overlap.
leacQuotation: leac a’ righ. Notes: “Ducks and Drakes”.
leamhnadNotes: sty.
leataran[lʹɛ:t̪əɾɑ̃ṉ] Notes: area in front of pulpit where the elders sit.
leth-chasQuotation: Chaneil ceàrr an seo ach a leth-chas. Notes: one strand in a mesh broken.
leumQuotation: Thainig leum caoich ann! Notes: he burst into a fit of temper. [NOTES: the catch-word corrected to ‘leum caothaich’.]
liotach[lʹit̪ɔx] Notes: lisping.
lodanQuotation: Tha sin mar reothadh na lodain làn. Notes: It doesn’t last long.
lùnn[ɫũ̜:n̪] Notes: handle of an oar.
magall[mɑ̃ɡəɫ] Notes: mesh of a net.
maide-coireNotes: stick for stirring porridge.
maide-raingNotes: slat running along the length of the sides of the boat. Seats rest on it.
maol-mhullaichQuotation: Tha maol-mhullaich air. Notes: He has a round bald patch on top of his head.
martairQuotation: Là a’ mhartair a dh’fhuiling. Notes: St. Swithin’s Day. (?) (weather connection?)
màsachQuotation: eathar deireadh-màsach. Notes: square-sterned boat.
masgadhQuotation: Tha iad a masgadh. Notes: mixing barley and water for fermentation purposes.
matag[mɑ̃t̪ɑɡ] Notes: pick-axe.
meallQuotation: meall gaothaidh. Notes: a gust of wind.
meanmhainn[mɛ̃n̪ɑvĩnʹ] Quotation: Tha meanmhainn orm. Notes: “I have an itchy nose” – as when one feels someone is thinking about one.
meuran-na-sìthichNotes: foxglove.
mi-àrdail[mĩ:ɑ:ʴḏɔl] Notes: untidy. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
mi-chumhachdachNotes: extraordinary strength.
mi-fhoiseilNotes: restless (not in Dw. in this form). Usually an-fhoiseil.
moganQuotation: Saoil thu dé thig as a’ mhogan? Notes: used for a purse occasionally. Small roundish object.
moganach[mɔ̃ɡɑṉɔx] Quotation: moganach beag. Notes: a small, tubby man.
moitQuotation: Tha a’ sgadan sin moit. Notes: on the turn, or just turned (with herring, if they hadn’t taken the salt). Also aimsir mhoit, là moit. Used mostly for fish.
mollan[mɔ̃ɫɑṉ] Notes: corn rick on the field.
monadhQuotation: ceum monaidh. Notes: a beaten path through the moor.
mothal[mɔ̃həɫ] Notes: a mixture of anything.
muc-fàileagNotes: rose hip.
muc-làmhaichNotes: monk-fish.
mùchadhNotes: asthma.
rabaisdNotes: rubbish.
rapadaichQuotation: Tha rapadaich gu bhi ann. Notes: it’s going to be wild and wet.
ràthNotes: a raft.
rathad-eiginn[rɑəd̪iɡʹəṉ] Quotation: Tha e rathad-eiginn neònach. Notes: used in some instances. Would not say “Tha e rathad-eiginn mór or beag.” Would use rud-eiginn.
ràthail[rɑ:hɔl] Quotation: tigh ràthail. Notes: very untidy.
reothadhQuotation: Tha sin mar reothadh na lodain làn. Notes: It doesn’t last long.
rìghQuotation: leac a’ rìgh. Notes: “ducks and drakes”.
ròidQuotation: tìde féill ròid. Notes: rutting time.
rotQuotation: (1) rot balaich. (2) Tha e ’n deidh rot a dheanamh. Notes: (1) a big boy. (2) he has grown up to be a big boy.
ròtQuotation: Tha thu na do ròt an sin. Notes: a stretched out figure.
rùdanNotes: knuckle.
athainn[ɑhĩnʹ] Quotation: (1) Tha athainn orm airson mar thachair. (2) Tha athainn orm gun d’thubhairt mi leithid a rud. Notes: (1) Tha mi duilich mar a thachair. (2) Tha mi a’ gabhail aithreachas gun d’thubhairt mi leithid a rud.
athainneach[ɑhĩnʹɔx] Quotation: ’S e gnothaich athainneach a bh’ann a’ sud. Notes: unfortunate. (See athainn.)
aQuotation: Bhiodh e duilich dhuinn gach a chéile a leantainn. Notes: It would be difficult for us to follow each other.
airQuotation: Air do shocair ort! Notes: Just a minute!
ibear[ibəɾ] Notes: churned up mud.
ìobairtQuotation: Tha mi dol a dheanamh iobairt air tigh a thogail. Notes: effort, attempt.
iomagach[ĩmɑɡɔx] Notes: instead of iomadach.
iomradhQuotation: Tha iomradh agam air an duine sin. Notes: Tha seòrsa de chuimhne agam air an duine sin.
irisNotes: for spiris – hen-roost.
òbNotes: a small pool on the ground or in a hollow on a road.
òganachNotes: the young shoot as it appears in spring on the branch of a tree.
othaisgQuotation: othaisg mhuilt. Notes: a year-old wedder.
peircealNotes: jaw-bone.
peitean[petʹɑṉ] Notes: woollen jersey.
piseachQuotation: Piseach ort! Notes: a New Year wish.
plamadhQuotation: Tha plamadh gu bhi ann. Cha chreid mi nach bi sinn ri falbh. Notes: a lull in the strength of the wind. Heard mostly used by fishermen.
plaosgQuotation: plaoisg buntàta. Notes: potato peelings, after potatoes had been boiled in their jackets.
plodachNotes: lukewarm.
plumachQuotation: oidhche phlumach fhliuch. Notes: a dark, wet night. Also “anns a’ phlumachdainn”.
plumachdainnQuotation: anns a’ phlumachdainn. Notes: “In the darkening”.
pollacharNotes: mire.
proitseanach[bɾɔṯʃɑ̃ṉɑx] Notes: a young lad.
putagNotes: tholepin in a boat.
salachar-rionnagNotes: shooting star.
samhair[sɑu̟əɾ] Notes: odour, scent.
sanndagNotes: sand-eel.
seàrrQuotation: Bha thu ga do shearradh [sic] fhéin. Notes: stretching yourself.
seot[ʃɔt̪] Quotation: Bha an saoghal aige air a sheot. Notes: He had everything at his disposal.
sgaoilteachQuotation: sgaoilteach lion. Notes: A place for putting out nets to dry.
sgarNotes: a “scarf” in the planking of a boat.
sgeileid[sɡelɑdʹ] Notes: long-handled pan used for taking water out of a well.
sgilQuotation: Chaidh e thar mo sgil. Notes: It went beyond my understanding.
sgilNotes: shell (verb).
sgileil[sɡilɔl] Quotation: Tha e sgileil air… Notes: He is good at…
sgorQuotation: Bha sinn a’ sgoradh an eathar. Notes: putting supports, usually flat stones piled one on top of the other, under the bilges of a boat to keep it upright.
sgoradhQuotation: Chuir mi sgoraidheannan fon an eathar. Notes: supports, usually flat stones piled one on top of the other, put under the bilges of a boat to keep it upright.
sgòrsaireachdQuotation: Dé a’ sgòrsaireachd a th’air? Notes: watching what other people are up to. (When a person is present for no better reason than to see what is going on.)
sgùlanNotes: handline basket.
sgùt[sɡu̟:t̪] Quotation: a’ sgùt dheiridh. Notes: the stern seat in a boat.
siabadhNotes: altering tack when sailing.
siagNotes: a sneak.
siagailQuotation: Dé a’ siagail a th’ort? Notes: sneaking.
siapQuotation: a’ siapadh leis an t-slat. Notes: action of pulling the rod over the shoulder.
siataigQuotation: a’ chuairteach shiataig.
sionnachanQuotation: Tha mi a’ faicinn sgadan air an t-sionnachan. Notes: phosphorescence. The herring would leave a trail through it. Identified as herring on account of the density of the streaks.
siotacot[ʃıt̪əkɔt̪] Notes: waistcoat.
slaodachQuotation: còta fada slaodach. Notes: trailing.
slat-chabrachNotes: a stag with no points on its horns.
smieg[smɛ̃ɡʹ] Notes: chin.
smeuradh[smĩɑ̃ɾəɣ] Notes: smearing sheep with a mixture of tar and butter.
smeuradhQuotation: stòl smeuraidh. Notes: stool or trestle on which sheep were put when they were being smeared with tar and butter.
smugradhNotes: sucking, such as sucking a sweet.
snàgladh[sn̪ɑ̃:ɡəɫəɡ] Notes: the winding of the gut round the leg of the hook. (n + vb)
snàthadagNotes: the bird which accompanies the cuckoo.
sneachdaQuotation: sneachda buidhe. Notes: snow, having lain for a long time and becoming yellowish.
snòd[sn̪ɔ̃:d̪] Quotation: a’ toirt tuilleadh snòd dhan a’ lion. Notes: about one fathom length of rope between the top of the herring net and the bolla.
socairQuotation: Air do shocair ort. Notes: Just a minute.
sòlaQuotation: sòla toisich; sòla deiridh. Notes: pieces of flooring in a boat.
sonaisNotes: whisper (n. and vb). Tha iad a’ sonais.
spliongaire[splw̃ŋɡəðə] Notes: a tall thin man.
sporanQuotation: spòran [sic] cas feannaig. Notes: skate’s pouch.
spreadhQuotation: a’ spreadhadh iasg [spɾeəɡ]. Notes: triple hook attached to a line and pulled through a shoal of fish. (acfhuinn spreadhaidh)
spreadhadhQuotation: acfhuinn spreadhaidh. Notes: triple hook attached to a line and pulled through a shoal of fish.
spuinnean[spũ̟nʹɑṉ] Notes: spun yarn. Often used to bind a splice.
srac-bheòilNotes: top plank in a boat.
stapagQuotation: stapag bharra [st̪ɑpɑɡvɑrə]. Notes: mixture of oatmeal and cream.
stàrnNotes: pride.
stàrnail[st̪ɑ:ʴṉɔl] Notes: proud. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
stiùrraidheannanQuotation: làn [ʃtʹu̜:rıən̪əṉ]. Notes: tantrums.
stobNotes: splinter of wood, e.g. stuck in the hand.
stol[sic] Quotation: stòl smeuraidh. Notes: trestle or stool on which sheep were put when they were being smeared with tar and butter.
strannQuotation: a’ strannail. Notes: snoring.
strannachan[st̪ɾɑ̃ṉɑxɑṉ] Notes:
struthQuotation: struth iochdrach. Notes: underwater current in the sea.
struthQuotation: struth uachdrach. Notes: surface current on the sea.
stuaidhQuotation: duine gun stuaidh. Notes: a passive man, a man without forcefulness, drive.
stùicQuotation: “Bha stùic air” or “Bha e a’ cumail air falbh le stùic.” Bha stùic air a bhó rium. Notes: giving a slanting look, e.g. when there is some awkwardness between two people which makes one avoid a direct confrontation with the other.
sùigeardach[su̟:ɡʹɑʴḏɔx] Notes: lively. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
sùil-thòinNotes: inkfish.
sàsQuotation: Bha iad ann an sàs nan gad. Notes: locked together in wrestling.
taighQuotation: taigh gaothaidh. Notes: wooden frame on which hay is put to dry.
tharathal[hɑrɑhəɫ] Quotation: Tha e ’n déidh dhol [hu̜ru̜həɫ] [hɑrɑhəɫ]. Notes: It has got all mixed up. [Cf. thuruthal.]
thuruthal[hu̜ru̜həl] Quotation: Tha e ’n déidh dhol [hu̜ru̜həɫ] [hɑrɑhəɫ]. Notes: It has got all mixed up. [Cf. tharathal.]
tìdeQuotation: tìde féill ròid. Notes: rutting time.
tinneasQuotation: an tinneas tuiteamach. Notes: epilepsy.
tobhtaQuotation: tobhta-thilgte [t̪ot̪əhilıtʹ]. Notes: a loose seat in a boat, which could be moved from one position to another.
togQuotation: Thog i ’m bainne. Notes: when the cow lifts her milk and refuses to give it.
toigheachQuotation: Bhiodh iad glé thoigheach air. Notes: They would be very careful about it.
tollQuotation: Toll a’ fàsag. Notes: bunghole in a boat.
toplachanQuotation: Tha toplachan ann diubh. Notes: heap, e.g. of stones.
tórainn[t̪o:ɾĩnʹ] Notes: a heavy, thunderous sound, as of the sea breaking on the rocks.
tormachanNotes: ptarmigan.
treothaire[t̪ɾɔəðə] Notes: piece of wood shaped in a certain way and used to regulate the size of the mesh in a net.
trùsairNotes: full-length trousers as opposed to “briogais” – knickerbockers.
tuiteamachQuotation: an tinneas tuiteamach. Notes: epilepsy.
tulchainn[t̪u̜ɫu̜xĩnʹ] Notes: gable end of a house.
uairQuotation: Tha droch uair gu bhi ann. Notes: The weather is going to be bad (temporarily).
uaircneachQuotation: àite uaircneach. Notes: solitary, isolated.
uallan[[ũ̜ɑ̃]ɫɑṉ] Notes: a loud, wailing noise.
uamhag[ũ̜ɑ̃ɑɡ] Notes: a sheep tick.
uirceanQuotation: Tha e direach an deidh uircean a dheanamh. Notes: said of a person who has become very tubby.
uisgealaichQuotation: ag uisgealadh [u̜ʃɡʹɑɫəɡ]. Notes: spread manure on land.
ullagQuotation: Bha cùisean ann an àird nan ullag. Notes: merriment, glee.
ullagachNotes: lively.
acfhuinn-ginnidhNotes: a vice.
acfhuinnQuotation: achfhuinn [sic] spreadhaidh. Notes: triple hook attached to a line and pulled through a shoal of fish.
adhaQuotation: Bheireadh e an dom dheth an adha agad. Notes: said of a compulsive thief.
àirdeQuotation: Bha cùisean ann an àirde nan ullag. Notes: the height of merriment, glee.
aitheamh[ɑhi] Notes: fathom.
aithghearraQuotation: Nach gabh thu ’n aithghearra. Notes: Will you not take the shortcut.
alchag[ɑɫɑxɑɡ] Notes: a chopping block.
alpagQuotation: alpag cloicheadh [ɑɫpɑɡkɫɔhi]. Notes: a big round stone.
amhran[[ɑ̃ũ̟]ɾɑṉ] Notes: a song.
anaisgNotes: nickname.
ao-domhainn[w:d̪oınʹ] Notes: shallow. See also ‘aodain’.
apagQuotation: apag gun mhath. Notes: useless woman.
arbhaig[ɑɾəvɑɡʹ] Quotation: Dé’n arbhaig a tha sin agad? Notes: disarray, e.g. when a person is working with tools and everything is upside down and in disarray.
arcachNotes: for acrach – hungry.
arcasNotes: for acras – hunger.
àrdQuotation: a’ cur àrd air rud. Notes: getting a thing into ship-shape. (see àrdail)
àrdail[ɑ:ʴḏɔl] Notes: tidy. [NOTES: the turned r used for the symbol which is unclear in the original.]
atQuotation: an cuan ag at. Notes: heavy swell appearing on the sea.
babht[bɤu̟t̪] Notes: swathe.
bacachQuotation: duine bacach. Notes: a man with an irregular step due to some disability.
baid[bɑdʹ] Quotation: Can gu robh baid againn còmhla… Notes: Say there was a group of us…
bainneQuotation: Thog i ’m bainne. Notes: when the cow lifts her milk and refuses to give it.
balbhQuotation: Tha mo làmh balbh leis an fhuachd. Notes: My hand is numb with the cold.
balgNotes: bubble; blister.
banabhuids[bɑ̃ṉɑvu̟ḏʃ] Notes: witch.
bana-choileachNotes: bird which isn’t either a hen or a cockerel properly.
bara[bɑɾə] Notes: channel made for a boat at the top of the shore. Boat left in it when not in use.
baranNotes: baby’s nappy.
barganaichNotes: bargain (vb).
bàrrQuotation: stapag bharra. Notes: mixture of oatmeal and cream.
bàrrQuotation: a’ barradh nan lannan. Notes: clinching nails used in boatbuilding.
beudQuotation: ’S e beud a th’ann gu feum thu falbh. Notes: It is a pity that you have to go.
beul-mórQuotation: am beul-mór. Notes: rubbing-piece, fender on boats.
biastQuotation: biast tràghad. Notes: shore flea.
biast-mharaNotes: the sea-fluke on salmon, coming up river from the sea.
biod[bıd̪] Quotation: Tha e air a’ bhiod airson amhran a’ channtainn. Notes: beside himself with eagerness.
bodach-ròcasNotes: scarecrow.
boil[bol] Quotation: Tha boil a’ dol nam cheann. Notes: I’m getting dizzy.
boilich[boliç] Quotation: Sguir a nis, mas tig boilich ort! Notes: (n. + vb.) dizziness. Also used of gibberish, as one talking in his sleep.
boillsgeil[b[ɤı]ʃɡʹɔl] Quotation: Nach e tha boillsgeil. Notes: showery day when the sun breaks through intermittently.
bolla[bɔɫə] Notes: herring buoy. (Canvas or skin with wooden top.)
bràmalaid[bɾɑ̃:məɫɑdʹ] Notes: a large woman.
breacanQuotation: breacan an teine. Notes: the pattern made on the legs caused by proximity to the fire.
brìdeanNotes: oyster-catcher.
briogaisNotes: knickerbockers, as opposed to trùsair – full length trousers.
bristQuotation: Bhrist a’ ghealach – tha ceanna-dubh oirre. Notes: just when the moon is beginning to wane.
brodNotes: bradawl.
brogachan[bɾɔɡɔxɑṉ] Notes: a young boy.
brolaisQuotation: a’ brolais. Notes: talking nonsensically.
brollaich[bɾɔɫiç] Notes: a mixture of anything, often used of speech.
brùchdNotes: male sperm in white fish.
bruideagQuotation: Thoir bruideag air a’ bhó air adhart. Notes: a prod.
buidheQuotation: sneachda buidhe. Notes: snow, having lain for a long time and becoming yellowish.
buileachQuotation: Tha e air a chleachdadh gle bhuileach airson iasg. Notes: used in connection with the word “moit”. It is used very often in connection with fish.
buisneachd[bu̜ʃnʹɔ̃xk] Notes: witchcraft.
cabQuotation: cab anns a’ ghàradh. Notes: opening, e.g. in a wall.
caglachanQuotation: Tha a’ lion na caglachan. Notes: entangled, all mixed up.
caigeal[kɑɡʹɑɫ] Notes: rope made of twisted wands. Used for binding rafters instead of nails.
calgQuotation: a’ cur a’ chalg. Notes: shedding hair (a beast).
camQuotation: duine cam. Notes: one-eyed.
camaranach[kɑ̃mɑɾɑ̃ṉɔx] Notes: a stick put through the hind legs of a carcase for hanging.
canQuotation: Nach can thu amhran. Notes: “can” often used in this way.
caochQuotation: Thainig leum caoich [kwhiç] ann. Notes: He flew into a rage.
carbadNotes: funeral bier.
ceafanQuotation: ’S e an dearg cheafan a th’ann. Notes: cheeky boy, brat (or ceafanach).
ceannQuotation: fos cinn. Notes: above.
ceannQuotation: Bhrist a’ ghealach – tha ceanna-dubh oirre. Notes: just when the moon is beginning to wane.
ceannQuotation: ceanna-cuir. Notes: the rope, at both ends of a small line or great line, to which the “bolla” and “cruaidh” are attached.
ceanna-cruaidhNotes: short shaft of rainbow often seen in the morning. Could expect bad weather from that quarter.
ceanna-caol[cɛ̃n̪ɑkw:ɫ] Quotation: (1) “A’ seasamh air do cheanna-caol.” (2) Ged a sheasainn air mo cheanna-caol cha deanadh e nì a dh’iarrainn air. Notes: (1) Standing on one’s head. (2) Expression used when met by stubbornness in another person. [NOTES: slipped under ‘ceann-caol’.]
ceapan-sgiathaidh[cɛpɑṉsɡʹıɤhi] Notes: revolving frame in a gateway instead of a gate.
ceap-starraNotes: an obstruction or a hindrance.
cearbQuotation: Tha cearb air. Notes: He has a disability.
cearcQuotation: cearc guireach. Notes: clucking hen. [NOTES: slipped under ‘cearc-guireach’.]
céileQuotation: Bhiodh e duilich dhuinn gach a chéile a leantainn. Notes: It would be difficult for us to follow each other.
ceumQuotation: ceum monaidh. Notes: a beaten path over the moor.
cheanaQuotation: Tha, cheana. Notes: used in the sense of indeed, right enough.
cifeanQuotation: cifean gaothaidh. Notes: a gust of wind.
cioch-mharaNotes: sea-anemone.
ciorram[cwrəm] Quotation: duine le ciorram air. Notes: a man with a deformity, e.g. lack of hearing, hand, etc.
claidhean[kɫ[ɤi]ɑṉ] Notes: bolt on a door.
claigeann[kɫɑɡən̪] Notes: the stem of a boat.
claigeannQuotation: an claigeann deiridh; an claigeann toisich. Notes: stern post; stem post.
claigeannQuotation: Chaneil claigeann ri fhaicinn. Notes: expression used in fishing when there were no fish in the nets.
claigeannQuotation: eathar da-chlaigeann. Notes: Zulu-type boat.
clamp[kɫ[ɑu̜]mp] Notes: piece of flat wood put on either side of oar where it passes through the rowlocks, to prevent chafing.
cleòcadhQuotation: Tha am flùr a’ sìneadh air cleòcadh. Notes: The flower has begun to wither.
cleòcachNotes: feeling below par.
cliapadhQuotation: Thug e cliapadh. Notes: lurch.
clibireNotes: clumsy person.
cliùchdairNotes: says this is the hook on which the net is hung when mending.
cliutagNotes: a disabled hand or arm. Could be a short arm.
còcrachNotes: hemp with archangel tar.
còmhnaidhQuotation: Tha e a dol a dheanamh comhnaidh. Notes: a heavy fall of snow which is going to lie.
conasQuotation: Chuir e conas orm. Notes: He annoyed me.
cor-mhagaillQuotation: Tha a’ lion air a’ chor-mhagaill. Notes: term used when net is pulled so that each mesh closes easily. If pulled the opposite way would not do this. 2" mesh etc. measured “air a’ chor-mhagaill”.
corran[kɔrɑṉ] Notes: narrow bank as a promontory, submerged at high tide.
corran-breacaidhNotes: a type of sickle used for cutting seaweed. It was lighter than the ordinary sickle and had a thinner, toothed blade.
corran-spealNotes: ordinary sickle.
crabhatNotes: a scarf.
cròcailNotes: sound made by a person with hoarseness in his chest.
cromagNotes: landing gaff.
cuairtNotes: support in the stem of a boat.
cuairteachQuotation: a’ chuairteach shiataig.
cùdainnNotes: a tub.
cuibhleag[k[ɤı]lɑɡ] Notes: coil of hay.
cuirQuotation: a’ cur a’ chalg. Notes: shedding hair (a beast).
cùlagNotes: surface sod, of which the bottom part is peat, cut for fuel.
cumaideil[kũ̟mɑdʹɔl] Notes: shapely, of good appearance.
cunnlach[kũ̜:ɫɔx] Notes: stubble land.
dall[d[ɑu]:ɫ] Notes: Bung made from hemp and Archangel tar to plug the holes in the herring [?] buoys.
dearcQuotation: Cha do dhearc sin a riamh orm. Notes: That never occurred to me.
deireadhQuotation: eathar deireadh-masach. Notes: square-sterned boat.
deiseQuotation: Cha bu lugha na ’n deise chruaidh a dh’fheumadh a bhi ort a’ seo! Notes: suit of armour.
deochQuotation: deoch gheal. Notes: same as “deoch bhàn”, oatmeal drink. [NOTES: slipped under ‘deoch-gheal’.]
dialtagNotes: a bat.
dìreachQuotation: an fhèithe dhìreach. Notes: the gullet.
doire[d̪ɤðə] Quotation: pl. doireachan. Notes: large warts growing on the underside of cattle.
domQuotation: Bheireadh e an dom dheth an adha agad. Notes: said of a compulsive thief.
dorchnachdainnQuotation: anns an dorchnachdainn. Notes: in the gathering darkness.
dòrnaisNotes: a torch made from a stick covered with rags at one end and dipped in oil. (Also used for a peat lighted at one end and used for the same purpose.)
drochQuotation: Tha droch uair gu bhi ann. Notes: The weather is going to be bad (temporarily). [NOTES: slipped under ‘droch-uair’.]
droigheann-ma-chrann[d̪ɾeən̪mɑxɾ[ɑ̃ũ̜]n̪] Notes: honeysuckle.
drollag[d̪ɾoɫɑɡ] Notes: a swing.
dubhanQuotation: dubhan dùint. Notes: hook with a closed loop at the end.
eadarra-dha-lìnn[ɛd̪əɾəɣɑlʹĩ:nʹ] Notes: half-submerged but floating.
ealla[jɑɫə] Notes: commonly used for a small portion, small amount.
eanstrach[ɛ̃ṉst̪ɾɔx] Quotation: Eanstrach bho’n àirde ’n ear. Notes: East Coast built boat (Anstruther?). Had a perpendicular stem, stern almost perpendicular.
eatharQuotation: eathar da-claigeann. Notes: Zulu-type boat.
eatharQuotation: eathar deireadh-màsach. Notes: square-sterned boat.
fabhradNotes: eyelash.
faisgeantaQuotation: làr fhaisgeanta [ɫɑ:ɾɑʃɡʹɑ̃n̪t̪ə]. Notes: winnowing floor.
fàsagNotes: bung in a boat.
feadailQuotation: a’ feadail. Notes: whistling.
fearail[fɛɾɔl] Notes: vivacious, entertaining in company.
féillQuotation: tìde féill ròid. Notes: rutting time.
fèitheQuotation: an fhèithe dhìreach. Notes: the gullet.
fiacalQuotation: fiaclan tilgte. Notes: false teeth.
fiathaich (sic)[fiɤɣiç] Notes: wild.
fiodhQuotation: fiodh glan. Notes: knot-free wood.
fliùghNotes: lythe.
flodadh[fɫɔd̪əɡ] Notes: floating.
fosQuotation: fos cinn. Notes: above.
frannsQuotation: Bha mi [fɾ[ɑ̃ũ̟]sə] as a dheidh. Notes: enquiring. Also “frannsachdainn”.
frannsaichQuotation: Mar a tha e [fɾ[ɑ̃ũ̟]sɑxkĩnʹ]. (Fhrannsaich mi.) Notes: enquiring.
frifeagNotes: a sheep given to children.
fuaigheil[foɑl] Quotation: a’ fuaigheal na h-eathar. Notes: nailing the planks of a boat together.
gabaireNotes: “tell-tale”.
gachQuotation: Bhiodh e duilich dhuinn gach a chéile a leantainn. Notes: It would be difficult for us to follow each other.
gadQuotation: gad iarainn. Notes: an iron rod.
gadQuotation: Bha iad ann an sàs nan gad. Notes: Locked together in wrestling.
gagachNotes: stuttering, stammering.
gaothQuotation: taigh gaothaidh. Notes: wooden frame on which hay is put to dry.
gathNotes: the barb on a hook.
gathNotes: knot in wood.
gealQuotation: deoch gheal. Notes: same as “deoch bhàn” – oatmeal drink.
géillinnean[ɡʹe:lʹĩnʹəṉ] Quotation: Bha iad làn géillinnean. Notes: They were full of superstition.
geilteachQuotation: Bha e geilteach dheth a rud. Tha collas geilteach air. Notes: He was guilty of the thing.
geug[ɡıɑɡ] Quotation: geug fhraoich. Notes: twig, bunch of heather.
gibeach[ɡʹibɔx] Notes: ragged.
gibeagQuotation: gibeag de phlangaid. Notes: ragged piece of blanket.
gibeanNotes: a small, poorly built man.
gibhtQuotation: gibht labhairt. Notes: “gift of the gab”.
gigeanNotes: sea-urchin.
gille-mireanQuotation: Tha thu na do ghille-mirean aige. Notes: Spinning top. Said of someone who is being used by another, always at his beck and call.
gimleid[ɡĩməlɑdʹ] Notes: gimlet, small instrument for boring holes in wood.
glamaire[ɡɫɑ̃məðə] Notes: clamp used in the building of a boat to hold two planks together.
glanQuotation: fiodh glan. Notes: knot-free wood.
glas-iasgNotes: fish which are greyish when boiled, e.g. herring, lythe, saithe.
gliogach[ɡliɡɔx] Notes: loose.
glòmachQuotation: Tha e glòmach as a’ bhruidhinn. Notes: having a lower pitch of voice than usual, e.g. person with a sore throat. Also used of water if dull or discoloured.
glùin[ɡɫũ̜:nʹ] Notes:
glutaireNotes: glutton.
gòbadaichNotes: retching without putting up anything. (Lewis – gòmadaich.)
góbhlachNotes: bandy-legged.
gogadaichNotes: cackling.
grabht[ɡɾ[ɤu̟]t̪] Notes: a good portion, usually of bread, e.g. oatcake.
greamaisg[ɡɾɛ̃məʃɡʹ] Quotation: greamaisg bhuntàta. ’S e fìor ghreamaisg a tha sin! Notes: used only when lifting potatoes. Potatoes which hadn’t grown to any worthwhile size.
great[ɡɾɛt̪] Quotation: a’ ghreat. Notes: soapy water in which clothes have been washed.
gréim-mionaichNotes: appendicitis.
gròm[ɡɾɔ:m] Notes: very small shells like small barnacles which attach themselves to rocks and to hulls of boats.
gròpanNotes: sac inside a hen where the seed collects.
grùilleagan[ɡɾu̟:lʹɑɡəṉ] Notes: small potatoes.
grùnn[ɡɾũ̜:n̪] Quotation: grùnn [sic] a’ mhara thraigh. Notes: point of lowest ebb.
gucagNotes: empty egg-shell.
guireachQuotation: cearc guireach. Notes: clucking hen.

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